The History Of Jelly Beans

Jelly beans have some pretty interesting facts buried in their history. These are a favorite confection that have been around for quite some time, just over a hundreds years or so. While info about the exact time and place that jelly beans first came on the market is not available we do know that they began to emerge in the early 20th century. They were sold at stores as a penny candy and they became quite popular.

Back then there were different colors of jelly beans as well but unlike today each color was sold separately. Instead of selling a jumble of colors they would sell batches of red or white or some other color. This made them very popular during the holiday seasons because they could sell specific holiday related colors to consumers.

Jelly beans remained the same, with their semi hard shell and soft chewy center until the mid 1970?s. That is when the Herman Goelitz Candy Co., Inc. created a whole new era of the jelly bean and changed the history of the jelly bean forever. This company made the jelly bean into a delicacy by making unusual flavors. Now jelly beans could be found that tasted like pears or watermelons or even tutti fruity.

Not only did these jelly beans taste different they looked different too. Some of them did not even have the classic clear chewy center, they had colored and flavored centers.

According to the history of jelly beans they became a popular favorite in the Reagan White House. Of all the famous people who loved the jelly bean throughout history none loved them more than Ronal Reagan, or at least none were so public about their love for this wonderful little candy bean. Back in those days it was not unusual to find Jelly Belly brand jelly beans in just about every room of the White House.

Once of the most interesting facts buried in the history of the jelly bean is the fact that many of these little babies even went into space. One of the space shuttles took up a bunch of jelly beans for the shuttle crew to snack on while they were up there. I guess that even astronauts need to satisfy their sweet tooth now and then.

The history of jelly beans is not finished evolving as of yet. Every year more and more creative flavors of the jelly bean hit the market. In a few years time there will be a whole new history for people to talk about and record.

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