The Popsicle - A Brief Overview

The Popsicle, referring to a frozen treat made of ice and flavoring on a stick, is the common name in the United States and Canada. If you were in England or other British territories, you would ask for an Ice-lolly. In Australia, it is referred to the icy pole when ordered.

The first Popsicle was created in 1905 by accident. Frank Epperson, 11 years old at the time, left a glass of soda powder and water outside with a mixing stick in it. The temperature dropped over night and when Frank found his cup the stick was frozen in the drink. He then took it in the house and had hot water running over the sides of the cup.

The water loosened the frozen drink and Frank eat the frozen chunks. Even though many frozen juice bars were around at this time, the Popsicle was the first form of frozen products to be marketed to the public. Today the Popsicle sells millions of frozen treats yearly. The Popsicle was introduced to the public in 1922. Epperson got his idea patent as the Popsicle and it has been the name of many products ever since. Good Humor now owns the rights to the Popsicle and has made the Popsicle the big company that America knows it to be.

A variation of the Popsicle is the Fudgesicle. A Fudgesicle is just a chocolate ice cream formed on a stick. It melts in your mouth and it is one of the most popular types of Popsicles. A type of Fudgesicle is marketed by Popsicle and they are sold in stores all over the country. The nutrition facts of a Fudgesicle can be found on the box. They are relatively low in fat.

They are perfect for anyone who is watching their wait. You get to taste the creaminess of the ice cream and you get a taste of chocolate all rolled up in a sixty-calorie dessert. If you purchase Fudgesicles, they are even marketed as a kosher food.

Another Popsicle product that has been found to be successful is the Pudding Pop. It combines the goodness of pudding and ice cream. You get this rich ice cream pop that brings back all those memories of being a kid.

They come packaged with three flavors. You can decide between chocolate and vanilla, and if you canâ€t decide which, go with the twist. The twist tastes like a soft serve cone from the local shop. Itâ€s creamy and filled with good chocolate. Itâ€s hard to eat just one, but with ninety calories a pop, it may not be a good idea to have seconds.

Say that you want the ice and the cream; a Popsicle and fudge pop. If thatâ€s the case, you may want to try the new Popsicle product known as the Firecracker: Banana and Double Fudge. The bottom of the pop is the banana Popsicle and the top gives you the enjoyment of a fudge pop. Itâ€s a great mix because many people love chocolate, frozen bananas. Thatâ€s exactly what it tastes like.

You get to indulge yourself with the chocolate and get that great burst of banana ice at the same time. For those who are on a diet, you can enjoy one or two of this Popsicles and be guilt free.

Rather you like the icy Popsicles or the creamy Fudgesicles you can always find the perfect something in your ice cream isle by looking for the Popsicle brand. They sell millions of Popsicles a year and they know exactly what to mix to give you the best-frozen dessert.

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