The Scoop On Americas Ice Cream Habits

It's no secret that Americans love ice cream-but getting the scoop on when, why and how they love this frozen treat takes a bit more investigation.

According to the new "Real Dish on Ice Cream Survey," 87 percent of Americans keep ice cream in their freezer and 19 percent are fanatic enough to hide containers in the back of the freezer where family members won't see them. Seventy-one percent have up to two flavors in the freezer at any given time.

Moods can heighten ice cream cravings. After a breakup, some Americans say they are more likely to curl up with a carton. While both men and women enjoy ice cream when they are happy, women are twice as likely to crave it when stressed.

Ice cream is also a favorite snack when watching TV. When it's off to the morgue for the victims of "CSI," it's off to the freezer for ice cream for the 39 percent who like to watch the crime drama while eating their cold treat. Interestingly, "CSI" beats hits like "American Idol" and "Desperate Housewives."

While Americans enjoy eating their favorite frozen treats while watching some serious dramas, they are always on the lookout for lighter versions that taste richer and creamier.

As a result, Breyers created Double Churned™ ice cream in Light, 98 percent Fat Free and No Sugar Added versions. Since the unique churning process made the light flavors so much creamier, they decided to apply the process to regular flavors-with delicious results.

According to Shannon Jackson Arnold, ice cream expert and author of "Everybody Loves Ice Cream," Breyers' unique Double Churned process makes the ice cream even more luscious. "This ice cream reminds me of ice cream that you could typically only find in ice cream parlors and is so creamy that it truly tastes as though it is homemade."

The Breyers Double Churned family includes a line of regular, Light, No Sugar Added and 98 percent Fat Free offerings, as well as a line of frozen novelties. The addition of the regular flavors marks the first time a national brand has applied the process of mixing ice cream twice to regular ice cream. The new line of regular products includes Creamy Vanilla, Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry, Strawberries & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Caramel Brownie.

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