The Sugarless Candy Weight Management Secret

Most of us have been on a calorie-reduced diet before. For a few days everything is Jim Dandy, until you start dreaming of a trip to the candy store to buy lollypops, peanut brittle, Snicker's bars, peanut butter cups and chocolate truffles.

You don't have to give up sweets to stay on a weight loss program. Your weight management plan just has to include a little sanity in the form of sugarless candies, natural chocolates and healthy alternatives.

Chocolate lover's diet

Several years ago, the major diet guru Jenny Craig had a special weight loss menu option called the Chocolate Lover's plan. It meant dieters could choose a small chocolate cake for dessert, chocolate peanut butter bars for snacks and a few other chocolate treats. Even this weight loss giant knew eating a few small treats throughout the day could not stand in the way of weight loss.

However, therein lays the problem. How to have just one chocolate or candy anything and still lose weight?

Enter the sugarless candy. Note, I did not say "sugarfree." Candy made the proper sugarless way promotes better health and can actually enhance your weight loss! Sugarless candy and chocolate, properly made, means you never know the difference, but your bathroom scale will.

Think about how much more effective and healthy your diet will be when you incorporate sugarless candies and chocolate.

The key to weight management is usually moderation. Choose natural, organic foods along with sugarless treats. Traditional sweetners have that traditional sweetner aftertaste. Sugarless candy need not.

Sample diet plan

Your weight management plan should include five to six mini-meals or maxi-snacks a day.

Start off your day with a balanced breakfast of eggs, sprouted grain bread and fruit. Then, a few hours later, have a morning snack containing protein such as yogurt. At that time, feel free to indulge in a piece of sugarless candy.

After a lunch such as soup and salad with a small amount of lean protein such as chicken, indulge again in a piece of sugarless chocolate.

After a healthful dinner of fish and steamed vegetables, you will stay happy and content on your diet by eating yet another piece of natural chocolate or sugarless candy for dessert.

Dieting need not be painful. Sweets' lovers the world is yours!

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