This Is How You Can Mix The Basic Ingredients Of Cotton Candy

Imagine an amusement park, fair, circus, any carnival, or for that matter any "type of outdoor" big public events then, you are sure to picture crowd of people, small children, stalls, games and yes, the candy vendors or the cotton candy stalls. The fluffy cotton candy stalls are the main attraction for the children and also enjoyed by the elders. The cotton candy or the candy floss as they are popularly known is sweet in its taste and appears like colored cotton which makes them attractive. The cotton candy is a form of spun sugar and was first invented by William Morrison and John C.Wharton in 1904, from that period till date, cotton candy is the favorite, world wide.

The basic ingredients of cotton candy are sugar and food color. Making a cotton candy is simple. There are many cotton candy machines available in the market, but one can even make these candies with the help of simple equipments and commonly found instruments.

The cotton candy appears fluffy because of the sugar which is made "cottony". One can also easily make home made cotton candy without the need of professional machines. For home made cotton candy one needs to melt the sugar turning it into liquid by heating. Use a "spinning head" to sling the liquid out through very small holes to deliver small threads of sugar. Use a bowl or any other deep utensil to "catch these threads".

A professional cotton candy machine melts the sugar into liquid and this liquid is then thrown out through the "tiny holes in the head". They take the form of threads when they cool down and "re-solidify", on coming in contact with the outside air, which is then collected on a stick or the "paper cone". This sugar cotton is extremely light in weight and also dissolves easily in water. They appear fluffy because of the "air portions" that they majorly consist off. The entire cotton cone contains round about only 100 calories, so no worries. A cotton candy or the cotton floss is also made available in different color with the use of artificial food color, favorite being the pink, and also in different flavors.

There are over 20 different types of cotton candy machines available in the market which can be used for home purpose or for professional or commercial use. A regular cotton candy machine is manufactured in stainless steel which is easy to clean and also convenient to transport. For the spinning purpose, this machine is fitted with a "1/3 horse power motor" and also with a "solid state heat control". With the advance in technology, even electric heat controls are used these days.

The smell, taste and the cottony appearance of the candy is simply inviting and hard to resist. Watch the candy being produced and you are tempted to buy one. A cotton candy is sure to make any day of yours a perfect one, great to be enjoyed at any outing or picnic.

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