Tips for Making Candies


Put the almonds into a saucepan, cover with cold water, and bring to boiling-point; then remove from the fire. Drain and run cold water over them. Turn out on a coarse cloth and rub off the outer skins. Blanched almonds may be cut lengthways in shreds or strips, or they may be cut crossways in thin slices. They may be chopped by cutting across several times. Collect the pieces in a chopping bowl or on a chopping board, and with a broad-bladed knife or a chopper chop them as coarse or as fine as required. To split almonds, insert a pointed knife at one end and the nut will split in two.

To grind almonds put them through a nut mill or a chopper, or pound them in a mortar, occasionally adding a few drops of rose-water or orange-flower water to prevent the paste from becoming too oily.


Blanch two cupfuls of almonds; let them get cold and wipe dry; put them into an earthenware dish, and pour over them five tablespoonfuls of olive oil; let them remain for one hour, stirring occasionally, that all may be equally covered. Put them into a frying-pan or a baking tin in a hot oven till they are evenly colored brown; turn out on grease-proof paper to dry.

Chop some blanched and dried almonds, then spread them on white paper, add a few drops of whatever color is desired; rub them together until they are all colored alike, then dry carefully and keep for use.


Put some fine or coarse granulated sugar on a piece of stiff white paper; sprinkle over a few drops of the desired color, and rub with a wooden spoon or between the hands till evenly distributed.

Dry in a moderate heat, occasionally separating the grains by rubbing them between the fingers, and keep for use in a dry bottle or a tin box. Lump-sugar may be used, but it must be broken up with a rolling-pin and sifted.


Keep confectioners' sugar in a dry place in an airtight tin or jar, and before using rub through a fine sieve.


Take a quarter of a pound of gum Senegal, three gills of warm water, three ounces of lump-sugar, and one and a quarter gills of spirits of wine. Dissolve the gum in the water to form a rather stiff mucilage; put the sugar into a clean saucepan with five table-spoonfuls of cold water; set it over the fire till reduced to a syrup; then boil up to 228° F., taking care to skim off all the scum that may rise to the top; remove from the fire, and when cooled for a minute, mix in the spirits of wine. When quite cold, stir in the gum and bottle for use.

This varnish is perfectly harmless, and can be tinted to any color. If too thick when required for use, thin with a little spirits of wine.

Apply the varnish to the candy with a soft camel's-hair brush.


Allow the pieces of angelica to soak in boiling water for a few minutes to soften them and remove the sugar. The angelica is then ready to be cut up.

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