Wedding Candy - Make Your Special Day Look Good and Taste Great

Candy can make an excellent, colorful decoration at a wedding reception, as well as be a scrumptious and exciting favor. Don't be afraid to pass on the usual Jordan almonds or pastel butter mints and look for more unique and interesting candy.

You can use glass vessels of differing shapes and sizes and fill them with a mixture of colorful delights. After choosing your wedding colors, find matching colored candies to fill the glasses. You can even use the candy to choose the wedding colors; this is great if you are looking to do something truly different and like mixing several colors. For an added touch of elegance, vessels may be decorated with ribbons. Place setting cards are a great way to specify the candies for each guest.

Old and young alike will enjoy the treats. Make sure you have spoons and scoops ready for serving. Accessorize with bows in matching colors.

There are endless possibilities if you want to have a candy buffet. An excellent choice would be bouquets of Rose Lollipops in real vases. Who could resist a bag of 120 lollipops proudly displayed in a vibrant mix of yellows, reds, blues, purples, pinks, and greens? The roses are wrapped individually. Chocolate Dutch Mint Balls would make a great alternative. Peppermint mixed with chocolate inside lavender, mint green, pink, and white candy.

If you are creating a candy buffet, you should consider Champagne Bubbles as a different and delightful item to add to your menu. The exterior is made of cream-colored non-pareil seeds while the center has the delectable taste of white grapes. Champagne Bubbles will add a touch of elegance and complement any color palette.

It is a great gesture of gratitude for the bridal couple to distribute wedding favors to their guests. Although candy remains the one of the favorites among wedding favors, there are a wide variety of trinkets and tokens that have been used. Something more distinctive than the generic candies available at the candy buffet should be distributed as a wedding favor to guests.

The chosen wedding favor treats can be elegantly displayed. An ideal holder for these indulgences is an organza bag. Reasonable prices can be found on these at craft stores. You can also create beautiful treats by filling boxes with truffles and adding color coordinated ribbon. Print a picture of the wedding couple with the wedding date and put it on the top of clear treat bags. Tie them with ribbons at the corners or fasten by colored staples.

A favor should include something tasteful and beautiful, such as Gold Amorini Chocolate Hearts, which are coated in shimmering candy gold. With a little creativity it is not difficult to create sweet memories of your wedding day.

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