Why A Candy Bar Is A Piece Of Heaven

Candy bar is a lovely rectangular piece of heaven that can be enjoyed by anyone. As the name indicates these are long bar shaped confectionary. Candy bar is a broad term and includes sugar milk, cocoa solid and cocoa butter bars. The presence of different delicious ingredients classifies the candy bar into dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. Different ingredients such as emulsifying agents, soy lecithin and vanilla extracts are used in the manufacturing process of the candy bar.

Candy bars covered with chocolate coating are a favorite of everyone. The layers of grains, nuts and fruits have now replaced the plain candy bar. Different forms of candy bar such as nougat, cookie, fudge, fondant, marshmallow, coconut marzipans, and caramel are available in the market.

Candy bar with nutritional value are also available now a days. Different percentage of vitamins and proteins are added in this bar maintaining its sweetness. Power bar is a famous bar that is widely consumed by the health conscious people. Brands like Ferrero, Dolphin, Charles chocolate, Annabelle Candy Company, Hershey food corporation, ION, Ganong bros limited, Idaho candy company, Hansel, Gandour, Ganong Bros limited, Kraft Foods Cadbury Schweppes and many more sell a variety of these candy bar packs.

American chocolate bar is available in three various flavors of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Some are centered with nice creamy soft chocolate nougat. These bars are also known as milky way bar in many parts of the countries. Crispy rice, caramel chocolates bars are low in cholesterol but contain a very high level of fats and sugar. Each bar contains approximately 90 calories. Pink colored diet chocolate bar contains 60 % less fats than any other chocolate bar. The calorie conscious people can consume this bar while still maintaining their weights.

Sugar coated orange flavored chocolates are available in white, yellow, orange and in some parts of the country they are available in green, pink, mauve and brown colors. These are also available in egg flavor that contain tiny egg particles in it. Fruit pieces are also added in the bar and are known as Fruities.

Candy bar enveloped with almond bite with a sweet coating of honey are available in a pack of six pieces in each pack, separately wrapped in wax papers first and then in the wrappers. A bar filled with roasted peanuts and covered with vanilla nougat is an all time favorite of the people who love nuts. Biscuit filled bars coated with caramel and milk is the right bar to increase the energy levels with its glucose contents. Fresh coconut filled bar with a covering of milk or dark chocolate is the perfect bar for accurate sharing as it is available in two halves in the same pack.

Candy bar like breakaway, butterfinger, bourneville, brown pudding, break and a wide variety of candy bar packs is available to light up the occasion or festival. Many of these candy bar packs are available in bulk as well as wholesale rates with different flavors. However, the final quality of all these candies and candy bar depends up on the ingredients used in manufacturing process.

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