Why The Thought Of Candy Cotton Is Sorrounded With Memories

Candy cotton or cotton candy is a form of spun sugar. This is very popularly known as "Fairy floss" and is successfully introduce to the world by William Morrison and John C. Wharton in 1904 at St. Louis World fair.

Candy cotton is made of sugar and food coloring. Nowadays candy machine is technically much improved but it has the same basic structure as older ones. It consists of small ball at the center part in which the sugar is poured and food color is added. Heater is also there, which melts the mixture, then it is spun out through the tiny holes. After spinning it is solidified into air and is caught in a large metal bowl. The operator then twirls a stick or cone around rim of large catching bowl and picks up the candy.

Typically, in the first stage candy cotton will be as bigger as an adult head. The most famous color of candy cotton is pink. However, it is also available in number of colors such as white, orange, purple and yellow and blue. Eating candy is always a kind of attraction, at the same time watching it while it's being made is also fun. It dissolves quickly in the mouth and gives a feeling of wool to touch.

You will find the candy cotton if you have ever been to carnival,amusement park, circus or any special event, this is simply odd yet delicious candy cotton. You may not be allowed to eat too much of this flavor and in addition to it they must have told you the stories of how candy cotton will cause the cavity into your teeth and eventually they will fall down.

Absolutely your parents are not wrong but the truth is that candy cotton is not that horrible as others are making trying to make it. It is purely made of sugar, so take care of your teeth if you have a fetish for candy cotton.In fact the study shows there are about 100 calories compare to anywhere from 130-170 calories in a can of soft drink.

Candy is not only the choice for children but adults also found it delicious till the date. This process of making candy is so old that you can even ask your grandparents when they first came across the candy cotton, and they will tell you the stories of the candy incidents happen with them.

It was once forgotten, but after abrupt mass production, it is now popular as well as accessible everywhere and not only in fairs or circus. Since for many the sweet smell and scent of candy turns them into memories of the youth. Begging to your parents for fairy wheel, meeting friends at the fairy ground were the memorable part of life. May be you fail to remember these memories but the candy cotton is still there in your life which will remind you of the great time you spend in your life.

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