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Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer) Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer) Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer) Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer) Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer) Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer) Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer) Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer) Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer) Gelatissimo (Singapore Flyer)
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Gelatissimo's branding fully recreates the Florence gelato experience incorporating Italian music, photographs and a romantic Italian experience. It serves authentic Italian gelato, gelato shakes, it's signature Bambino cones and quintessentially Italian sundaes to the delight of customers young and old.

Gelatissimo's new product lines include Italian coffee, traditional Italian biscotti, light meals and chocolates made in Australia with Italian heart.
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Singapore Flyer #01-14, 31 Raffles Avenue 039804
Tel 6338 7133
Shaw House #01-01, 350 Orchard Road 238868
Tel 6736 1618
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I\'m an avid fan of all things ice cream, so when I passed by this store by the SIngapore flyer, I was very attracted to its colourful and vintage furnishings, and decided to try their gelato. I had their Chocolate Truffle, in a cone, and I ordered a small. Honestly, the small is good enough, as the scoop is very generous and big. The chocolate was very rich, and super chocolatey-good, so if you\'re in need of a chocolate fix, this gelato flavour is sure to hit the spot. There were some chocolate truffles in the gelato as well, so along the way, you\'ll get some extra punch of chocolate. I love this flavour a lot, and I am definitely going back for more!Spending: Approximately SGD 6
My friends and I were eager to have dessert after dinner at town and as we were walking around aimlessly, Gelatissimo came across my mind. Good tasting ice-cream, fresh, a wide variety of flavors, low-fat and healthier choices as well as friendly staffs and the kiosk has seats available to chill and enjoy the marvelous ice-cream together. While we were there, we actually had to take some time to decide what flavors to fill into a Large cup which has a limit of 3 choices. Eventually, however we only settled for 2 as we loved those two, Smooth Chocolate Hazelnut and Creme Caramel. The caramel flavor turned out sweet in comparison to the hazelnut chocolate. The latter was my pick as I\'m a deep chocolate lover and the "90% fat free" description just simply spoke aloud to me. Both flavors were creamy, heavenly and yummy. $7.90 for a large cup was rather worth it though I hope they could be a little more generous and increase the cups sizes in future. Wouldn\'t mind a return visit.
Being a huge fan of chocolate, I usually order anything chocolatey when it comes to desserts or ice creams rather than something fruity. However this time around, I had so many options to choose from as Gelatissimo has a huge variety of unique flavours to choose from. After much deliberation, I chose the Lychee Gelato instead and was thrilled by it\'s rich, creamy consistency! Also, the Lychee gelato comes with little chewy fruit bits in it! However I felt that the gelato was perhaps a little too sweet as it left me rather thirsty after!
One hot sunny day, my friends and i decided to buy an icecream to cool down our body temperature. So we bought one big cup of Gelatissimo with ferrero rocher flavour. Taste fantantic. I saw there is a very unique flavour, chocolate with chilli. Such a special combination that i ever seen. Hopefully next time i can bring my hubby and try on other flavours.
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