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About Us

Questioning the Status Quo

Driving Improvements in Business Performance

Speak to our customers and our partners. They represent our strongest advocates. They will be delighted to tell you that IncQ Consulting differentiates itself from other management consulting companies with extraordinary delivery, resulting in significant improvements in business performance.

It is part of our fiber to differentiate by quality. We employ high-end, experienced, industry-recognized thought-leaders, backed by world-class technology both through partnership and development by our outstanding IncQ Technology Center of Excellence. Our methods are based only on internationally recognized best practice standards and frameworks.

We work with top organizations to further elevate their Business Quotient with holistic systems consisting of people, process, and technology. These top organizations are able to set more ambitious targets with the knowledge that their organization is able to achieve these targets with efficient operations and improved business intelligence.

We are the trusted advisors of large multinational organizations and small city-based operations across all industries.

Only by questioning the status quo, can you expect to make revolutionary improvements in business performance.

The first question to ask is, how can we help you?

Our Suite of Solutions

Management Consulting

No pie-in-the-sky, vague, or unachievable ideal scenarios here. Maintaining a balanced approach, we are able to offer prioritized roadmaps, achievable quick-wins, and fast returns-on-investment.

Audit Services

Like every other part of your organization, the internal audit capability needs to continuously improve and provide value to the business. We offer internal audit specialist augmentation, training programs, co-sourcing, tactical engagement, and technology to drive performance improvements.


Outsourcing allows organizations to focus on their core business, whilst being assured that their back-end operations are managed by experts. Economy of scale affords tangible benefits such as reduced overheads, faster response times to front-end business demands, and fast alignment with best-in-industry processes.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

With some of the most experienced consultants in the industry, coupled with proprietary technology accelerators, and internationally recognized best practice methods, we implement GRC solutions to facilitate the integration of risk management and compliance into your strategy, planning, and operational execution.

Financial Regulatory Compliance

Offering financial institutions holistic solutions to address major regulatory and compliance requirements locally and globally, including global compliance rules, statutory, statistical, prudential, and transactional needs.

IncQ Consulting Pte Ltd (One Raffles Quay (North Tower)) IncQ Consulting Pte Ltd (One Raffles Quay (North Tower)) IncQ Consulting Pte Ltd (One Raffles Quay (North Tower)) IncQ Consulting Pte Ltd (One Raffles Quay (North Tower)) IncQ Consulting Pte Ltd (One Raffles Quay (North Tower))
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