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»Tuesday, 05 Dec 2006
 Beachside Dining @ Uluwatu CafĂ©
by Sophia
Cuisine : American
Uluwatu Café is located along the Kedonganan Beach and it uses that advantage by providing beach side dining to its patrons. Its ..
»Wednesday, 29 Nov 2006
 Queen's Tandoor: A different taste ..
by Emma Kwee
Cuisine : Indian
Queen's Tandoor has over the years become legendary for its authentic Indian cuisine. Established in 1986 by now it serves as a re..
»Tuesday, 28 Nov 2006
 Uniquely Antique Restaurant
by Sophia
Cuisine : International
Many might miss the calling of Antique Restaurant due to its relatively secluded location, as well as the lack of a noticeable sig..
 Artful Dining @ Lamak Restaurant & ..
by Sophia
Cuisine : Fusion
Opened in March of 2002, this restaurant brings both good food and fine art together. Lamak's chef, German-born Chef Roland Licker..
 Casual Chic @ D’Glow Lounge & Eat..
by Sophia
Cuisine : European
D'Glow Lounge & Eatery is a secret treasure that lies along Jalan Raya Seminyak in Kuta, Bali . This delightful place offers a..
»Friday, 24 Nov 2006
 Warung Enak @ The Gift of Authentic..
by Sophia
Cuisine : Indonesian
Cashing in on Indonesia 's different cultural make up, Warung Enak is a gastronomic celebration of the different traditions and re..
 DeMemedi Restaurant: Absolute Food ..
by Sophia
Cuisine : Indonesian
Located at the hilltops of Uluwatu is DeMemedi Restaurant, one of Bali 's premium dining outlets. It is situated within GWK Cultur..
»Tuesday, 26 Sep 2006
 Getaway of India
by Galuh Wulandarie
Cuisine : Indian
There's an authentic Indian restaurant here in Bali and it's quite full on most evenings. I've never tried Indian food before. Int..
»Tuesday, 19 Sep 2006
 Kopi Pot, Where Good Food’s Brewi..
by Galuh Wulandarie
Cuisine : International
Imagine owning your own villa in Bali, tucked away somewhere in Legian Street, Kuta. The early morning sunshine greets you and aft..
 Cafe Sendok: A Spoonful of Happines..
by Galuh Wulandarie
Cuisine : International
Having no plans on a Saturday night, I immediately accepted a friend's invitation to go to Café Sendok. Café Sendok is at the Le..
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