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The first Ji De Chi concept of creating delicious and comforting dessert was conceived from a humble beginning with three partners. Their passion and quests for great mouth-watering dessert that make perfect ending to a meal brought them north to Hong Kong where they learnt the art of double-boling, consistency check and perfect timing.

June Howe Nice place to relax 25 Oct 2012 22:24:02
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Since its inception 3 years ago, Jidechi dessert is growing fast and is now the beloved of many, young and old.

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white funugus sweet soup with lotus seed The menu was quite intensive, with choices for both hot or cold for some of their desserts. Prices were also considered quite reasonable. Come all the way, of course it\'s a MUST to try their durian desserts! We ordered most of their durian desserts, but they were sold out. Still, the ones we ordered were SUPER NICE!!! will definitely visit again!
love this mango snow dessert comes with large chunks of mangoes and chewy white pearls mango shavings are smooth and soft, like that is not as flaky as some other places Makes a good light dessert service is quick though staff can be a bit rushed when I\'m trying to place order we had to pay make payment when our dessert is served. ambience is okay, can be a bit noisy when crowded
Awesome dessert ever! This is so called the durian deluxe because it has the durian puree, durian paste, durian ice cream, and Pamela with sago toppings! The ice cream has rich durian taste but is very nice because it not only sweet but also has a tinge of bitterness. The purée also very fresh, and the paste is like blending the purée to become paste, so very rich and thick wi durian taste. Woe very love durian should try this!
This chicken cutlet cost $3.80 and the chicken was tender with a little bit of juicy feeling. I had it spicy and i find that the spicyness was alright as it did not cover away the real taste of the chicken. However, i find that they could add more powder to add-on to the taste. Also, their portion was pretty huge so it is good to share with someone and also not get sorethroat so fast!
This restaurant actually their main focus are on their wide ranges of hot and cold desserts here.So decided to try their cold sago with mango cream and also their hotblack sesame cream.Both the presentation are quite nice. However I feel the taste for both the desserts are quite bland and the texture is quite diluted as well.The price is consider reasonable but I would still think there are still some rooms for improvement here.Spending: Approximately SGD 3(Tea)
It has been sometime since I had ji de chi dessert so I grabbed the chance after lunch to go there for our dessert after our dinner at Kopitham. I ordered the mango shaved ice which comes drizzled with mango syrup and also served with fresh mango, nata de coco and some big mango sagos. The mangoes are very sweet and juicy. As for the shaved ice, it is also very nice and melts in your mouth. For the taste, it is milky and has mango flavour and it is also not too sweet. The overall dessert is very balanced and it is a great dessert for sharing.
We were back to Ji De Chi again for more durian desserts, this time at the Jurong Point outlet. This outlet is fairly small and packed, but the service is superb! The staffs will take the order when the customers are queuing for the seats. By the time the customers are seated, the food is served in a blink. Efficient! We ordered two durian desserts. Durian with pomelo sago ($6) is definitely a must try! The durian paste and pulps are so rich in flavour, the aromatic fragrant matches so well with the pomelo. Served in cold, this dessert is simply too awesome to miss.
I went to Ji De Chi with my family for dessert after dinner at Plaza Singapura after a long day at work. I ordered the TofuMango which cost about 4 bucks and it never fail to satisfy me. It is actually Mango puree and tofu and the mango was really sweet. I feel happier after eating, perhaps cause I like sweet stuffs and desert makes me happy. My mum and Aunty ordered the ice shave.The taste is softer than ice cream and comes with little bits of jelly. Overall we had a satifying fill of dessert.Spending: Approximately SGD 4(Other)
This strawberry and mango ice tastes average. It\'s definitely a value for money given its portion, sides and generous strawberry and mango pieces. The ice itself is very thin such that when you eat it, it won\'t be too cold for your mouth. It\'s a good blend of flavor between strawberry and mango but it isn\'t too outstanding for me. The service is average since a little of waiting time is needed. The environment is suitable for chilling.
This durian ice is a must try for durian lovers like me! There are generous durian meat at the side of the ice which is sweet and taste very good! The ice itself is bursting with durian favour and coupled with the durian meat, this ice is awesome. Furthermore, it does not taste dull even after finish the whole dish. The service is average since a little waiting time is needed. The environment is good for chilling.
After my lunch, I decided to go to Ji De Chi for desserts. There are a wide variety of desserts there from hot to cold. I ordered the mango custard, which is a cold dessert. The service was prompt and I got my order within 5minutes. It is my first time trying this out, and it is surprisingly good. The mango custard is creamy and is very smooth. The custard has a melt in your mouth feeling. The mango taste is also quite strong which further enhances the flavour and taste of this custard.
Chance upon this dessert stall while shopping at jurong point. Thus we decided to seat down, rest our legs and enjoy a dessert or two Ordered this Durian in sticky rice roll and it was like Damn nice ! haha....i know i am over exaggerating but is the fact, so face it ;) one bite and the durian is like oozing out ! oh gosh, who can tahan this kind of scene...and catching up was the second mouth to trap the oozing durian into my mouth Would like to try some other desserts if not for the rushing time to shop for clothes.
I had the Chendol Flavoured Sweet in Heart Snowy Ice from Ji De Chi. It consists of pandan chendol, atap seeds and red beans. The ice, as usual, was fine and melts away in the mouth. I really like the red beans they use. The red beans were much bigger than those used for ice-kachang. It costs $5 and it\'d be a good idea to share it. My friend ordered the mango with passion fruit sawdust pudding. The top of the pudding, as the name suggest, has sawdust toppings. It is surprisingly moist although it looks dry. The pudding is very firm, yet soft. It has a strong mango taste (Ji De Chi is known for their specialty in mango desserts) and it is very sweet. Although delicious, I personally do not think its worth the price of $5 and this will probably be the first and the last time I\'m having it. I\'d totally recommend it to anyone though.
the photo of food shown above is the original milk snow ice from ji de chi dessert shop. I enjoy a lot of different kind of snow ice during this year end. I would order this because there is a offer during this season. I get a bowl of bean curd jelly for free. the green tea glutinuous balls are quite nice to eat with this snow ice! loving it you should try it too
the photo of dessert shown above is the signature durian snow ice from Ji De Chi dessert shop at plaza sing. I love this and i am very addicted to it! i felt so sinful when I finished up the big scoop durian paste and the durian snow ice!! the opaque yoghurt mini bubbles are very nice too!
"Ji De Chi" is definitely ranks top in my list of dessert stalls.It has a homely feel to it, with an array of dessert photos artistically hanged on the walls.One of my favourite desserts from "Ji De Chi"is its mango shaved ice with sago.It consists of a generous serving of mango ice cream, sago seeds, and pomelo pulp.Huge chunks of mango are present in this tantalizing masterpiece too!I strongly recommend everyone to try this at least once.Other than the mango flavor, one could venture further to explore the various flavors the shop has to offer.Personally, I found the durian flavor to be the next best flavor available.
Mango jelly is a dish of ice, mango cubes, grass jelly cubes and sago. Its is very nice and sweet but not something you want to take if you are thirsty because it makes you even more thirsty! Mango snow ice is rather similar in that theres mango cubes and nata de coco cubes and sago, but its topped with some sort of flaky ice that melts instantly in your mouth. I recommend flattening the flaky ice because the flavour is strong when its more compact. When its not as compact, firstly its harder to scoop and secondly it melts before you can really taste the mango.chocolate flake
again after helping out in some work.. we went to jurong try other desserts from this store. this is soursop with slices of banana and mini cubes of mangoes. the mangoes were sweet and slight sour.. it was together with those seeds.. on top of the ice.. overall taste not bad although its my first time mixing it with bananas.
we had this milk pudding.. it was not too sweet. soft and silky. love it when its cold.. they do have papaya with fungus sweet soup.. either served hot or cold.. i love that as well as it taste soothing. usually would order the cold type as the weather is hot. the papaya looks orange in colour.. although i thought it suppose to be not the ripe type due to the need to cook it before consuming.
My friend and I decided to have some dessert after lunch and so we decided to try the desserts at ji de chi. Both of us ordered snow ice, mine\'s passion fruit with mango and hers strawberry. The strawberry flavour tasted quite normally but passion fruit with mango was simply way too awesome. As passion fruit is one of my favourite fruits and that it\'s quite a rare flavour in singapore, ji de chi has definitely won half the battle. Snow ice is very smooth and the toppings - small cut mangoes, nata de coco and passion fruit syrup balls that come along with the snow ice are really good! Ambience was great as well as we dined in during the non-peak hour. Ji de chi is definitely a super worth it dessert cafe!Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Other)
Ji de chi when translated to english just means remember to eat. Indeed, all must remember to eat at this place! They sell a wide variety of desserts, from the hot selections to the cold selections. I was in the mood for something warm and so i ordered their tang yuan to try. Their tang yuan in ginger soup is tasty and warm up your body on a cold day. Delicious! The spiciness of the soup is countered with the sweetness of the tang yuan
I went to ji de chi for dessert. I ordered the mango pomelo sago. It was delicious. the mango pomelo was very smooth. the mango they use are very sweet. the entire dessert was very refreshing and the sago was very soft. I really enjoy this dessert. The menu was quite intensive, with choices for both hot or cold for some of their desserts. Prices were also considered quite reasonable.
My friends brought me to try out this dessert place which serves both hot and cold dessert. Their shaved ice desserts are fantastic, especially this durian flavoured one. The durian flavoured ice shaving has a very strong flavour and furthermore as a side topping, there is durian puree served too! A really great dessert if you are craving for durians. The other topping is fruit bubbles which burst in your mouth when you bite on them, a really good combination together with the durian ice shaving and puree.
This bandung ice is rich in flavour and its sweetness is right for my taste. But it is not to the very sweet extent. It is refreshing and light. The sides with the ice goes well with the bandung ice. The portion given is suitable for sharing by two after a meal. The environment is suitable for chilling and the waitress are attentive.
This green tea ice is not too sweet with a hint of bitterness. This is suitable for green tea lovers. The ice is refreshing and light, and goes well with the other sides with it like the red beans. This would be a healthier choice for a desert. The environment is suitable for chilling and relaxing. The waitress are attentive too.
Had awesome dessert at Ji De Chi Dessert. Ordered the mango pomelo while my friend ordered the durian dessert. Wow i must say, they both taste great! The durian wrap has a generous serving of durian! These 2 were really the highlight of the dessert ordered on our table. We enjoyed it so much that we ordered another one.Spending: Approximately SGD 5
Hot day = ICED DESSERT! Snow ice is something that you must try from this store, as it serves a generous variety, ranging from mango&passionfruit snow ice, all the way to even black sesame snow ice! Whatever you like, you\'ll find a dessert that suits your unique palette! My mum chose their ginger milk pudding, and the ginger was a tad too much, but overall, it was quite palatable
Ji De Chi is a small chinese dessert cafe in Jurong Point. It sells hot desserts such as sesame paste and peanut paste, cold desserts such as mango jelly and mango snow ice. (there are other flavours such as durian and passionfruit). Mango jelly is a dish of ice, mango cubes, grass jelly cubes and sago. Its is very nice and sweet but not something you want to take if you are thirsty because it makes you even more thirsty! Mango snow ice is rather similar in that theres mango cubes and nata de coco cubes and sago, but its topped with some sort of flaky ice that melts instantly in your mouth. I recommend flattening the flaky ice because the flavour is strong when its more compact. When its not as compact, firstly its harder to scoop and secondly it melts before you can really taste the mango. As the place is rather small, there might be queues sometimes but it clears really fast. i waited for less than 10 minutes in a queue of 3 couples before me.
Green tea flavour snowy ice at $5 and i add $1 for extra 7 pieces of green tea mochi and it\'s the best most heavenly dessert i ever had. The green tea snow flakes is another version of ice kajang but it is very smooth so you don\'t eat any crushed ice.It is served with big azuki red beans,nata de coco and small green tea mochi and we never get enough of it even with additional $1 for 7 pieces which is very reasonable.Spending: Approximately SGD 6(Tea)
mango& strawberry snowflake Mango sauce and strawberry sauce are full with mango nad strawberry flavour. There are some mango and strawberry fruit cubes and the juicy tasty balls besides the snowflakes.watermelon + lychee snowflakes The lychee and jelly and juicy balls are great to go with the snowflakes. I like the combination of watermelon and lychee. So refreshing and cool.
We went to have a try at this innovative flaky ice kachang in chendol flavour. The original price was $5. However, there was this offer on group buying site, so we paid $3. The shop space at JP was quite limited, especially after meal hours when many people go for dessert. Because of this the waitresses are like rushing for time. The portion of this dessert is big, enough for 2 pax. The shop is rather generous with the ingredients like red bean, ah tap chee, chendol etc. The flaky ice seem to make of milk, already tasty by itself. However, they could have go easier with the sugar syrup. Overall, nice dessert to round up a meal. Spending: Approximately SGD 2(Other)
I dine at Ji De Chi frequently and their "sweet in heart snowy ice" desserts are my favourite. They are like a different version of ice-kachang and there are many flavors. One of the latest flavors I\'ve tried is the black sesame with almond flavor, which apart from the ice, consists of nata-de-coco, almond seeds and sesame sauce. The ice is very fine and has a strong sesame flavor to it. The sesame sauce adds on to the sesame taste which is perfect for sesame lovers. However, a small part of the sesame ice was actually bitter..anyway, the almond seeds actually have an almond smell (some almond seeds taste like regular nuts). Also, on the inside of the ice, there\'s almond flavour ice that looks extremely sticky. When you scoop it, it\'s like the cheese of pizza. However, it isn\'t that sticky when you try it and it\'ll just melt in your mouth. The nata-de-coco is very chewy and sweet plus juicy but I wish they had given me even more It is $6.00 for it and I\'d recommend people to share it b/c it is a relatively big serving. Spending: Approximately SGD 6.00
Had deserts at ji de chi today! There was quite a long queue, but heard so many good reviews about it that I was tempted to try with my friends. The place was surprisingly quite cramp, we were even having problems moving around in the shop. Oh well, other than this aspect, the dessert was good. The durian with pomelo sago was SUPERB! the durian was so thick and good that it felt like you were eating a bowl of awesome durian flesh. Haha. The mango pomelo with sago was good too, very smooth, just that it tasted slightly bitter due to the pomelo i think. Overall, I thought the dessert was really good, definitely worth a try! Spending: Approximately SGD 5
I met some friends at ji de chi for our monthly gathering. There was a slight queue but it did not take us long to get a seat. I ordered the bandung snow ice. Instead of normal ice kachang, where they pour the syrup on top of the shaved ice, this one, they shaved the bandung ice instead. It was really smooth and delicious. They added mini rice glutinous ball, atap seeds and lychee pearls as the toppings. It was really awesome!
i brought my girlfriend to ji de chi for some dessert. We ordered the sesame shaved ice to share. we were very disappointed. The snow ice tasted very dry. the snow ice was not flavoured evenly, when we ate to the centre of the dessert. It got so dry, and the colour of the snow ice was much lighter than the outside one. We were so disappointed!
Ji De Chi better known for its Bugis branch, and its success apprently extend to its branch in Jurong point. The place was packed, and there was no seats so i was forced to take away instead. I had the Black Sesame paste, and to my disappointment, it was not as smooth as expected. Paste is supposed to be thick, but this is more of a intermediate between a paste and a soup. The price is steep for a chinese dessert shop, and guess i wont be visiting it any time soon again.
I love the shaved ice at Ji De Chi. This outlet is the most convenient for me and I usually suggest this place for desserts if I am shopping with my friend in Jurong Point. This time I ordered the sesame and almond shaved ice. The shaved ice is topped with almond flakes and paired with the green mochi balls (glutinous rice balls) and the wong coco. I love the green mochi balls. It is chewy and has a hint of green tea flavour that makes it absolutely delicious. I just love munching on chewy mochi. The sesame and the almond flavour pairing is also divine. Black and white, something like yin and yang but this is really good. Do try it if you love sesame and almond!Spending: Approximately SGD 6
OH MY GOD. Everyone, please go to ji de chi and order this durian snowskin thingy. Alright, I am sorry I do not remember the name. But there are photos to guide you. It\'s everywhere on the menu and the walls of the shop. This durian shave ice is freaking amazing. The best thing ever, even better than ben and jerry. Maybe on par with each other. I like it so much. It costs $6 and can be shared among two. Two. It has quite a big serving. It tastes like ice cream with strong durian flavor. There are chewy pearls or tang yuan at the side, and sweet sour fruit balls that burst in your mouth. I don\'t know what those are called. But this dish is AMAZING. Everything goes well together. I give 1000000 points!Must try!
Decided to give Ji de chi a try! It was crowded for a weekday night, but then again Jurong point is always crowded! They offer a wide variety of hot and cold desserts, but their desserts are more towards chinese type. Eg Herbal jelly, Steam milk egg white, Barley beanstick with gingko, Ginger moo, Beancurd. I ordered Mango with pomelo sago with herbal jelly. It tasted okay. The herbal jelly is a little bitter for me. My friend ordered Yin yang, which is a mixture of both sesame and almond paste. It was good! Will go back to try more desserts in the future!(:Spending: Approximately SGD 3(Other)
I usually go to the ji de chi @ bugis area. But when i saw this outlet, i couldnt resist. It is much spacious and the best part of it is that it is airconed. After having your dessert, you could go shopping. As compared to the one at bugis, that one is situated along roadside and is not easy to find. I go for my favourite mango ice and my friend ordered the black sesame. Both are good. I must say that the ice is rather unique, it\'s smooth and not choppy. It feel like snow more than ice and is nice to melt in your mouth. Im trying the durian flavour on my next visit!!Spending: Approximately SGD 5
The desserts here are highly recommended especially the almond paster, beancurd and the mago with sago. The prices are affordable and it's a great place to bring a small group of friends to share the large variety of desserts.
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