Number of Lyrics in Album : 10
By Aborted, Through their eyes, decide their fate Reminding me of the face
By Aborted, Murmur - whisper to me Slithering fantasies of cleaning bones, lucid
By Aborted, Callous aberrations pour into my mind I perceive, I bleed Yet all
By Aborted, [Instrumental]
By Aborted, At last Thy fate be sealed Locked forever within this dirge No mourning
By Aborted, Hereditary, force-fed trauma Subconsciously enslaved to this pattern wrought ...From the day
By Aborted, Worship my name... Known by many and as many or one For
By Aborted, Life - medicated - detruncated Unsatisfied... urges from within Dark chasms of
By Aborted, My fetid obsession emerges at dusk Roaming the streets Releasing my 'humanity' A
By Aborted, Vile - cruel - sadistic Grotesque and depraved Malignant, narcissistic Hypochondriac drama-slave You're the