Number of Lyrics in Album : 26
By Eels, Blinking lights on the airplane wings Up above the trees
By Eels, Blinking lights on the airplane wings Up above the trees Blinking down
By Eels, I've got something maybe I should tell you I may
By Eels, This is the day that I give myself up cold
By Eels, Ten pounds and a head of hair Came into without
By Eels, Everyone is going fetal It's the dance the kids all
By Eels, Do you know what it's like to fall on the
By Eels, I'm gonna tell you what you need to hear And
By Eels, If you see Natalie send along this message I know
By Eels, In the yard behind the church where Butterflies and blackbirds
By Eels, Was I wrong about the world It's a beautiful new
By Eels, People talking sound like dogs Barking through the trees Making
By Eels, Everyone loves you, nobody cares An awful collection of enemies
By Eels, Feel like an old railroad man Ridin' out on the bluemont
By Eels, Mother couldn't love me But that didn't stop me From
By Eels, You think you'll get under old monsieurs lit And try
By Eels, A feeling of understanding is very rare Of someone like
By Eels, When you called Your voice was so grave I knew
By Eels, It's a beautiful morning The sky is black as ink
By Eels, I can't live in a world that you have left
By Eels, I go to bed real early everybody thinks it's strange
By Eels, Miss Omaly didn't mean what she said Got a heart
By Eels, There's nothing that I wanna do More than get along
By Eels, Dear cousin I got your letter It was more than
By Eels, A knock at the door means Hello Jesus calls A
By Eels, Blue light is flickering through the city streets One billion