Number of Lyrics in Album : 10
By A-Ha, Hurry home Freight train running I’ve been gone Too long, honey Why did I
By A-Ha, Father My wings are clipped See the steps that made my trip Now
By A-Ha, The cold has a voice It talks to me Stillborn by choice It
By A-Ha, It’s the way we feel Tonight As if it’s all unreal All right My
By A-Ha, Hey driver, where we going? I swear, my nerves are showing Set
By A-Ha, (Pal Waaktaar) Dearest... Dry your eyes now Don't you cry It's all right Lie back Leave
By A-Ha, This alone is love No small thing This alone is love that my
By A-Ha, Donna found us in her slow and dreamy way I can’t
By A-Ha, You are the one who has done me in Guess you
By A-Ha, You’ll end up crying With your mothers eyes Pretend you can’t see