Better Dayz Album by 2Pac
Number of Lyrics in Album : 25
By 2Pac, Lookin' for these better days Better days hey, better days Got me
By 2Pac, Hahaha Oh yeah My home boys might squabble but we
By 2Pac, Shit, I'm a changed man, ay, turn the lights out Big
By 2Pac, Ladies and gentlemen! This is a Jazze Phizzile produc-shizzle My nizzle! Ha! Outlawz!
By 2Pac, No, no Picture of perfection, the object of a nigga affection Partners
By 2Pac, And my niggas say "We want the fame" C'mon One thing we all
By 2Pac, You a what? Bad boy killaz (That's right bitch, fuck em'
By 2Pac, For all my niggas in the hood Livin' the life of
By 2Pac, Hey 'Pac, it's yo' boy Hey man, so far I've been
By 2Pac, Young mothers I feel you I know how it is Mama's just a
By 2Pac, Stand in formation My motherfuckin' real troopers Let's do it like soldiers,
By 2Pac, Damn, take a ride to my block My block, that's right
By 2Pac, Now of course I want peace on the streets, but
By 2Pac, Whassup Boo? Swear I'll never call you bitch again You ain't fuck
By 2Pac, Expect me nigga, like you expect Jesus to come back
By 2Pac, Straight muthafuckin' ballin' Part two, still ballin' Westside Now ever since a nigga
By 2Pac, Turn it up in my head phones Coming to a ghetto
By 2Pac, There you go Actin' like a hoe I don't know why I
By 2Pac, This motherfucking life I lead Shit A hell of motherfucking road blocks
By 2Pac, Shit, tired of gettin' shot at Tired of gettin' chased by
By 2Pac, Shit, tired of gettin' shot at Tired of gettin' chased by
By 2Pac, Dear baby, you the picture of perfection Straight from your million
By 2Pac, Hahaha And ugh I started out dumb sprung off a hood rat Listening
By 2Pac, Fugees, Fugees and Mobb Deep tryin to diss now too,
By 2Pac, Let us pray Heavenly Father Hear a nigga down here Before I go