Breaker Album by Accept
Number of Lyrics in Album : 10
By Accept, Rollin' just like thunder, tryin' to get you down Mistreatin' ev'rythin', if you
By Accept, Wakin' up on monday mornin' Sunday'd been and gone Reachin' out for
By Accept, I hear a rock'n'roll guitar, screamin' wild on the radio Well, I
By Accept, Fallin' tears, a broken heart Here I sit as time goes
By Accept, Hey, here I am, I'm feelin' good Takin' a ride on
By Accept, You gotta be a strong man And know what you want, And
By Accept, Out I started, late tonight Blinded by the light Strangest feelin' I
By Accept, Run on up, run on down Be a step ahead in
By Accept, You make the stars Illusions and dreams You're what you
By Accept, Know the bright lights of Hollywood Movietowns, a phony world Seen a