Ballbreaker Album by AC/DC
Number of Lyrics in Album : 13
By AC/DC, Breakin' balls, bangin' walls Work hard and tough, and I want
By AC/DC, Some people say I'm only out at night Maybe those folks
By AC/DC, Burnin' alive, set my soul on fire Runnin' with a gun,
By AC/DC, Runnin' round with the wrong crowd Goin' out on a last
By AC/DC, I like to slip into something good I see a young
By AC/DC, He be the count of Monte Cristo Could be a quake
By AC/DC, A Rollin' rock, Electric shock She gives a lickin' that doesn't
By AC/DC, Honey roll over, lettuce on top Strap you to the bed, and make
By AC/DC, Love bomb love bomber It's a comin' on strong I can't take
By AC/DC, Kick the dust, wipe the crime from the street Await the
By AC/DC, I've been drinkin' all night long So long baby, I'm gone Bloody Mary
By AC/DC, [here comes the furor] Kick the dust, wipe the crime from
By AC/DC, Honey roll over and lettuce on topStrap you to the