10 Albums, 128 Songs e.g After The Love Has Gone Lyrics,  All About Love Lyrics,  All In The Way Lyrics
4 Albums, 86 Songs e.g 1000 Times A Day Lyrics,  A Bigger Meaning Lyrics,  A Little More Time Lyrics
3 Albums, 47 Songs e.g (I Used to Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants Lyrics,  Already Died Lyrics,  Anything 'Cept the Truth Lyrics
1 Albums, 47 Songs e.g Agress Lyrics,  Gommorah's Season End Lyrics,  Killing Brain Cells Lyrics
4 Albums, 41 Songs e.g Are You Still Having Fun Lyrics,  Been Here Once Before Lyrics,  Burning Up Lyrics
1 Albums, 33 Songs e.g (how Could You) Bring Him Home Lyrics,  4 The Rest Of Your Life Lyrics,  All Over Love Lyrics
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27 Songs e.g Happy Alone Lyrics,  Heaven Adores You Lyrics,  It's Ok To Think About Ending Lyrics
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