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Our mapping department keeps the mapping information found at Streetdirectory.com updated by conducting daily surveys around the cities we examine. They are Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Jakarta and Bali. In some of these cities we may rely on third party companies to help us conduct the surveys under strict guidelines by our Mapping Department.

We own the copyright to all the mapping images that are found in Streetdirectory.com. To know more about how our Singapore Maps are created, click the followings;

» How Singapore Level 1, 2 & 3 are created
» How Building Outlines are created
» How Singapore Road Network is Created
» Surveying Equipments Used for Map Making
» Other Unique Datasets

For more info on our maps, visit the followings;

1. User Feedback
Apart from the daily surveys conducted by our surveying department, we believe our users know best about what's happening around their area. If you are aware of any changes to the road network, road names, building outlines, building names, landmarks or addres, please kindly inform us by simply filling the form below. You can also sign up as part of our "Map Watcher" program to get paid for your feedbacks.
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Want to know more?