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How The Roads are made
Our Surveying Department uses the following state-of-the-art GPS equipments, Vehicles and devices to survey the maps found in The surveys are conducted both by foot and using Vehicles.
GPS Handheld devices carried by surveyors to capture on the ground attributes & Lat/Long
In Car Devices equipped with GPS to capture road network and road outlines
Fact : Singapore has about 3,500km length of Road
» For every 20,000 km a Singapore driver clocks, he/she
would have driven around the entire Singapore 5 times.
Fact : Total length of expressways in Singapore is 155km
» It takes 1 day to survey the entire Singapore expresssway
Fact : Total road length from Spore Tuas Checkpoint to
End of Malaysia is 820km
Fact : Total length of roads in Jakarta is 11, 500km
Fact : Total length of roads in KL is 14, 500km