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Other Unique Datasets
Our surveying department also surveys for additional information such as Building Images, Images of Expressway Exits, Traffic Cameras, Bus Stop Images, ERP Gantries, Car Park Images & Car Park Rates. These images are used in as shown below:
1. ERP Gantry Images
ERP Gantry images taken by our surveyors are implemented in for the public to use. This can be found in Driving Directions.
Enlarge Picture of ERP
Gantry when users click
image above
Click to See Demo
2. Expressway Exit Images
Images of all Singapore expressway exits are taken by our surveyors. Our engineering team then stitches them together using complex algorithms for driving directions applications. This feature makes it easy for users to visualize the driving directions instructions provided.
Enlarge Picture of
Expressway Exit when
users click image above
3. Building Images
Our photography team has taken over 20,000 building images of Singapore (commercial images, private houses & condominiums) over the last 3 years. These images are taken by professional photographers and displayed (below the map and on the right side) whenever a user searches for a location map.
View Map of JTC Summit
  Image of JTC Summit
There are over 9 different angels
4. Car Park Prices & Car Park Images
Users can get Car Park Prices together with Car Park Images in our Car Park Finder application. The information was meticulously collected by our surveyors over a period of 1 year and is still being collected and updated regularly.
Car Park Prices  
Car Park Images