Some of the food is slightly inconsistent - a bit too salty, too spicy, etc but yummy enough for my standard! They have dozens of branches around so do check if its around your neighbourhood!
the chili crab is awesome. ^^ the spicy level is acceptable.
Hmmm...Ming Kitchen at Queens Street is just one of the many branches around the island and I was not expecting anythiing great but standard tze-char fare.Nevertheless, it did a decent job of the XO Fish Soup Noodles and when the steaming bowl of hot soup was placed in front of me, I almost went drunk immediately because of the potent dose of XO in it! The dish itself looked rather bland and I had to dig up the greener veggies to take a nicer-looking photo of the noodles.Boy!When I took a sip of the soup, it was an \'alcoholic\'s delight\'.They definitely did not stinge on the XO and too many a spoonfuls would surely render a weakervessel drunk.It is definitely NOT a dish for children or those allergic to alcohol. They were not very generous with the fish slices and just as well cos they were a tad too fishy.I also found the fish skin rather rubbery, a sign that the fish was not fresh. I would recommend this dish if you just want the booze in the soup Spending: Approximately SGD 6