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Modesto's Linguine panna cotta gambarreti pizza spagethi cabonara mixed salad caesar salad Modesto's (VivoCity (Vivo City)) Modesto's (VivoCity (Vivo City)) Modesto's (VivoCity (Vivo City))
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With over a decade of serving you the familiar taste of Traditional Italian Wood-Fired Pizzas and Home-Made Pasta that you know and love, we bring you a piece of Italy every time you dine with us. Our specialties include the all-time favourite, Linguine Alla Modesto (flat spaghetti with fresh prawns, squid, mussels, whole crab, anchovies, capers, olives, fresh tomatoes, garlic and white wine cooked in the traditional Italian Cartoccio style), and a wide range of traditional Italian wood-fired pizzas with our signature thin, crisp crusts. Allow your imagination to create your very own 20” pizza… with a multitude of toppings to choose from, there is always something to please even the most discerning palate.

Whether it is an intimate dinner for two, or a dinner for friends and family, we are here to serve all your dining needs. Make every meal an excuse to get together and celebrate life… because to us, it’s the simple things in life that matter most. It's never only about dining out at Modesto's. With every visit, let us create wonderful memories for you.

They have a good selection of pasta and pizza.
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9 Apr 2013 23:28:00
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VivoCity #01-166/167, 1 Harbourfront Walk 098585
Tel 6376 9808
The Elizabeth Hotel #01-05, 24 Mount Elizabeth 228518
Tel 6736 2808
VivoCity #01-166 to #01-167, 1 Harbourfront Walk 098585
Tel 6376 9808
Orchard Parade Hotel (Food Centre) #01-09 to #01-10, 1 Tanglin Road 247905
Tel 6235 7808
Katong V #03-13/14/15/16, 30 East Coast Road 428751
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They have a good selection of pasta and pizza.
Black ink pasta is delicious, comes with lots of seafood!
Drop by Harborfront for some fantastic fine tasting home made pasta and wood-fire pizza!
We had the house specialty...modesto seafood pasta for two and it was fantastic and excellent value for money. Atmosphere was nice sitting outside and watching the world go by.
This is a nice place for dinner and drinks. Head over with some friends after work and enjoy! I recommend the linguine alle vongole.
Modesto\'s at Vivocity serves nice Western/ Italian meals. Mrupupup visited the Modesto\'s in Vivocity during dinner time. The place was not crowded and people were enjoying their meals and having happy conversations. Some sat outside and enjoyed the evening views of the Keppel Harbour area. Mrupupup had a dinner set which comes with bread & olive oil, thick mushroom soup, thin crusted traditional Italian wood fired pizza, vongole pasta with clams, tiramisu cake and glasses of wine. The evening was enjoyable.
If you are like me who do not like to eat pizza which have too thick crust, this version at Modesto\'s will definitely be suitable for you.Very thin crispy crust is used in their pizza which you almost like eating crispy biscults topped with the ingredients on it.Like the ham and cheese toppings which the ham is very fresh and chewy and full of the fragrant from the meat.The cheese used is slightly salty but blend in really well with the ham meat and pineapple slices on top of it.Best to share with friends during a gathering which is a great snack as well.
I\'m not going to lie to you. Modesto burns a hole in my pocket (maybe because i\'m a student). the soft drinks cost $5.. and they charge $5.50 for a bottle of Evian water. anyway, go to this beautiful place during special events like birthdays! (i\'d definitely return here for my birthday, and hopefully my friends will celebrate their birthday here too hehe). with a wide variety of italian food like pizzas.. pasta... and all the names in the menu written in italian words, one must really read the fine-print to know what ingredients is added in.i still think it\'s quite localized so you won\'t get a taste-bud SHOCK! i\'d recommend the brownie with ice-cream (not sure it\'s italian name). i don\'t really like chocolate (yes weird huh), but this is something like rolls royce chocolate where you won\'t get sick/tired of ! please make sure you bring at least $25.... per person.
If you are a pizza lover, you must try modestos pizza ! And if you hven got a chance to try it , you have miss out something delicious ! ~ (feeling sad for you) Got to hear of modestos from my friend when she told me she got a discount coupon to dine at modestos, initially i did not have any anticipation since it was located at vivocity where a lot of good food restaurants were also located. To my amazement, modestos is also one of the hidden good food restaurant ! so glad that my friend bought me here, the must try items is of course their pizzas, big, good, AWESOME ...
Ran some errands at Vivo City with my gf and settled for dinner at Modestos, which happened to be one of the few outlets not packing in the crowd at dinner time. Rather obscurely located at a corner of Vivo City (which might, to a certain degree, explain its lack of patrons), Modesto\'s boasts a nice waterfront view through its floor to ceiling windows (at its Vivo City outlet only) and a cosy brick laid interior that gives it a much welcomed casual intonation. Complimentary Bread - I didn\'t hope for much when I set my eyes on the bread and sure enough, it wasn\'t much. The bread was a little too dry, probably from being left in the open for too long. Quantity wise was also rather pathetic. Fritto Misto Di Modesto - A relatively large platter of deep fried soft shell crab, squid, prawns and silver breams which looked very appetizing the minute I set my eyes on it. However it didn\'t quite meet expectations. The deep fried soft shell crab, though crispy and fragrant, was a tad too salty for my liking while the squids were rather soft and limp, not chewy, giving the impression of being overcooked. The silver breams and prawns were close to tasteless as well - no sweetness from either seafood nor any taste from the light but bland batter. Alright I\'m just being picky and it is still a decent dish. Bang for the buck wise, its still an open verdict. Pizza Quattro Stagioni - Honestly, this is the first time I\'m having such a pizza - one which is divided into 4 different sections, each with a different topping. One part olive, one part seafood, one part ham and one part mushrooms. Presents a rather challenging task if you ask me, as different ingredients require different amounts of cooking time. The chef must have known his stuff as the pizza turned out fairly good. Using tomato sauce as the base, it didn\'t come across as too overwhelming and the crust was reasonably thin and full of bite, but just a little burnt around the edges. Ingredients were generous and cooked just right, complementing the pizza very well. I must say that this is one of the better pizzas that I\'ve tried. Give me this over Pizza Hut or Canadian Pizza anyday. Rigatoni All\' Amatriciana - I\'ve never been a fan of tomato based pastas simply because I prefer its cream base relative and that most of the pastas I\'ve eaten which utilizes such a base tend to have this overwhelming tomato taste. Modesto\'s rendition of the Rigatoni, which is a tomato based pasta, didn\'t have this problem though. The tomato sauce was mild, in fact a little too mild to fall short of tasty and came with bits of pork bacon and onions, which did serve to enhance the overall flavour (luckily). The large tube pasta was a little undercooked though and I seriously think that this dish could do with more ingredients for its price. Tiramisu Modesto\'s - I\'ve been on a Tiramisu roll these few days and so this came as a natural extension to my meal, especially when it came highly recommended. Comparing this to the one I had at Romano Ristorante, this one was actually much finer and definitely more presentable. Though it came across as light and fluffy, the sponge to cream ratio was rather skewed, with the latter being the predominant party. Thus I couldn\'t quite taste the texture of the cake, which is quite sad really. After a 30% discount, the bill worked out to be >$60 for 2 pax, which still falls within my range of reasonable pricing, but do away with the discount and I might have to think really hard before coming back. Service is good though, but I don\'t really fancy paying so much for a casual dinner.
The places was packed with office crowd when I entered the restaurant. The food was really normal to me , and the service was really bad. It took very long for me to get one of the staff to get me some water. We ordered some pasta and pizza to share. But I was already full after eating the creamy pasta which I had ordered. So I took home the pizza instead. I think if I was to eat the pizza instead of the pasta, my mood would be better after I come out of the restaurant.
Modesto’s @ Elizabeth Hotel is a quaint pizza restaurant located off the road from Orchard Road. This makes it a really good place for relaxing after a long day of shopping because its so quiet and cozy here. The downside of this is you probably should get transport in because you don’t want to walk all the way in wearing your 5 inch platforms and carrying your countless bags of clothes.Service here is impeccable, the staff are always ready to attend to your every need. The pizza here may not be very filling, but its tastes fantastic. We had a woodfired Diavola (all their pizzas are wood fired) and the crust wasn’t too thick like those from pizzahut and California pizza, neither was it too dry like the thin crust pizza fromWheelock place. The toppings were not stingy either. I also ordereda bloody mary, though I did not find it as impressive as their food, it could have been a little bit stronger.
We bought a $19 voucher for $35 worth of food and drinks at http://www.urbanjourney.com/. Indoor and outdoor seats are available and as usual, we busted the voucher\'s value and top-up almost $50 ;p Service is prompt and courteous even on a full house Friday night. The food is served promptly also and most importantly food is served HOT ! I hate cold food ... Another good point is they served iced water at no charge ;p Complimentary warm bread with olive oilThey also served butter to us upon request and with smiles - no twitches at all. Fritto Misto (S$21.50)An assortment of deep-fried soft shell crab, squid, silver bream and prawns, served with tartar sauce It would be better if the food are fried for a longer time ... The fried platter just looked plain and dull ~ Tasted average ~ Can do without this dish ... Regular Pizza (S$21.50)Tomato, mozzarella cheese, scamorza cheese and pork sausages Pizza is good especially it is toasted with wood fire. I was expecting small, round slices of pork sausages decorated over the pizza. But it came in the form of lump pork sausages @_@ Oh well ~ We brought half of the pizza home as we cannot finish it and the crust is still crispy after some heating in oven! This is how a good pizza should be ;) Erm, there are 2 sizes of pizza available to order ... we should have ordered the mini version but found it not worthy since the regular version was just a few dollars more ;p Ink Pasta (S$29)Fresh home-made black ink pasta served with sauteed scallops, prawns and diced tomatoes in a shrimp bisque sauce I have eaten this ink pasta few years before but today\'s ink pasta has a strong squid smell which is rather disturbing if one has to finish on own. Doubt I\'ll have ink pasta again .. I\'ll try other pasta next time
It was a nice dinner at Modesto\'s as we got a table outside facing Sentosa, which was pleasant. The food was good too! We ordered the Chicken Sausage pizza. This was awesome! One of the best I\'ve had so far, and I was really impressed with their pizzas. Modesto\'s really knows what it takes to make an excellent pizza. Keep up the good work Modesto\'s
i brought my girlfriend to modesto for lunch, we love their restaurant layout where it was alfesco style seating. I like their Caesarsalad, it was so refreshing. the vegetables were so fresh and crunchy. the dressing was to die for. the service was really good and we did not have to wait long for our food to be served.
I liked the food from Modesto\'s. They serve really good pizzas but I was craving for spaghetti so I skipped the pizza. The spaghetti is really good and I really liked the strong taste of garlic and chilli. The serving is big and the place is also very comfortable. A good place to dine in!
I actually like Modesto\'s. My friends and I were at Vivo City and when our initial plan to dine at somewhere else for my friend\'s birthday dinner failed, I was asked to come up with an alternative and the first place that ran across my mind was Modesto\'s. I like its al fresco area and dining by the sea, of course I like their pizzas too. The birthday girl and I shared a large beef bolognese pizza. It was really tasty and succulent, the beef added full flavor to the pizza, superb. The important part was that their pizzas are of thin crust! Modesto\'s also gave us a complimentary birthday tiramisu. That\'s really great customer service.
I was keen to try the pizza at Modesto\'s as it has been promoting its pizza as the traditional italian wood-fired pizza. We had the set for two at $48 net. This includes an appetizer, 2 main courses and a dessert. We chose cesar salad, spaghetti alla carbonara, amatriciana pizza and tiramisu. All the servings were huge and we were full at the end of the salad and the pizza. We thought that the set menu for two could have easily served 4 people. The cesar salad was not bad. The pizza was good. However, the pasta is disappointing. It\'s bland. The tiramisu was also very disappointing. It is more like a block of cream. I would probably go back again, but only for the pizza.
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