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Pepper Lunch is an affordable DIY fast food steakhouse with more than 200 outlets in Japan.
Pepper Lunch promises a dynamic and fresh culinary experience for everyone by presenting the novel concept of a sizzling steak. You can enjoy juicy steak with a sizzle at affordable prices.

Pepper Lunch is having special promotion right now. It is offering their Cheesy Omelette Curry Rice with drink at $14.90 each. Head down to any of the outlets across Singapore right now. This promotion is only for limited time.
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15 Sep 2013 23:26:32
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Pepper Lunch - Featuring Beef from Australia and New Zealand, Norwegian Salmon, Japanese Curry and our special pastas, all seasoned with Freshly Ground Black Pepper and served on a sizzling Hot Plate. Sizzle it Your Way!


Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub #01-34, 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 569933
Tel 6752 5886
Plaza Singapura #06-15/16/17, 68 Orchard Road 238839
Tel 6837 0046
Tel 6732 7235
White Sands #01-22/26 , 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 518457
Tel 6584 6079
Compass One #04-14/19, 1 Sengkang Square 545078
Tel -
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Pepper Lunch is having special promotion right now. It is offering their Cheesy Omelette Curry Rice with drink at $14.90 each. Head down to any of the outlets across Singapore right now. This promotion is only for limited time.
Tried their new salmon and chicken combination:)
Triple cheese on my order of peppelunch. Sinful n fatty choice of dinner.
My favourite pepper rice with chicken, corn and egg!
Pepper lunch is well known for their beef pepper rice. Thumbs up! =)
Compare to these outlets located in foodcourt, the pricing were slightly higher when dining in the restaurant outlets. But you can get more promotion or valued-added combo set at restaurant outlets.
It\'s my favourite pepper lunch again. I especially like their styles and dishes. It is very nice and it looks like we cook for our ownself. I like the combination of this dish. Although there is no rice.I still feel full after finishing it. Maybe is the bean sprout. There\'s really lots. Those bean sprout is nice.It dint have the disgusting smell.And i like the corn and the pepper. They really make the dish taste nice..!
PEPPER LUNCH !! It\'s been quite long since I last eaten pepper lunch, probably about 1 month ago. I was always missing pepper lunch as it is absolutely delicious and unique I suppose, because it seems like the only restaurant offering this type of meal. We could D.I.Y and cook our food ourselves and also always keep the food warm during the whole meal.This is Curry Beef Cheese Pepper Rice! 90% of the time I would order this, mainly due to the curry and the cheese. Both of them made the rice taste extremely perfect, leaving the rice with great taste and cheesy! It was always fun dining at Pepper Lunch!! AWESOME!
Ordered the Chicken Pepper Lunch and topped up $2 for the bonus meal, which actually included a drink and one side dish. Anyway,I am actually glad to say that the waiting time for the food to be served is quite short. You can smell the aroma from the sizzling hot plate when the rice is served. Simply stir the rice together with the slices of chickens. Well, you can consider of stirring your rice with the sauces served on the the tables too. But one sad thing is the chicken served is too little. Also, you will be quite smelly after having your meal at Pepper Lunch.
Pepper lunch have the best and affordable beef ever! Never fail to fill my tummy with hot and delicious food. Their sauces are simply irresistable! I had their beef as usual and it\'s served in a sizzling hot plate. Beef slices, eggs, chopped cabbage, long beans and corns. Flip them all over and pour those sauces. Cook with pleasure and eat it all! Ggreat service, great food, what more can i ask for?
Pepper lunch is always a restaurant that will tempt me to walk in to order their pepper rice as meal whenever I passed by. The pepper smell is fragrant yet sometimes may be a bit smelly as the smell will follows you after u went in and finished meal inside. But it doesn\'t stop me from dining inside XD the side dish is not bad too, I ordered their seaweed soup before which is great, and this ice cream is also not bad, I ordered the caramel flavour, it was a bit too sweet but the ice cream taste like the mcd sundae.
Had pepper lunch for lunch. Had the salmon one and it was pretty good! Actually i think that their standard went up a little or perhaps it was just the place i was having it at. Love that i get to cook my food myself. Love that the salmon was fresh too and there was an abundance of fresh corn and pepper sprinkled over the rice. Love it!! It was really affordable too!!!!!!
While waiting for our movie to start, me and my girlfriend headed over to pepper lunch to get our desserts! I had their ice cream drizzled with mango flavour. It was smooth like those from mcdonalds. But tt was more of a syrup and there\'s no real fruit or something in it. It\'s not real!! The place is forever almost packed with people! Personally, it was average and worth the buy!
The queue here is always very long during lunch and dinner hours. The good thing is, they will only let you in to order food when there\'s seats available. Anyway, we were waiting for our movie to start thus went in for dessert! I had their sesame ice cream. The sesame tasted really fragrant and smooth. It is tasty and goes well with vanilla ice cream. Somehow, the ice cream tasted like those from McDonald just that these have toppings on them.
Pepper lunch is a good place to dine in. It comes in many varieties on their menu. And now they even offer spaghetti. You can also stick to your usual order such as beef, or salmon or chicken. It is nice to be able to cook by yourself on the hot plate. The food always taste flavorful and tasty. The food can be left warm on the hot plate for awhile so you can your time to slowly enjoy the food. Good!
Having had a heavy beef meal the previous night, I decided to opt for the Tomato Sauce Pasta with Chicken.It was served on a sizzling hot plate and did not look appetizing at first. After carefully stirring the sauce into it and making sure the sauce didn\'t splatter outside, it started to look more appetizing. The chicken\'s quality is decent as it didn\'t have the odd taste you get when you have frozen chicken meat.The two options together We ordered for icecream and a drink in addition to the main course and the personnel working that day wasn\'t very experienced. When we had placed our order, he had not mentioned anything about the ice cream not being ready. When we wanted to claim our icecream, he then mentioned we needed to wait a little longer without giving an assertive approximate time. When we mentioned that we were heading somewhere else and wouldn\'t be able to come back, he just said I\'m sorry then. It wasn\'t till we asked if we could have a drink in exchange that this option was brought up. I feel that the service could have been a little better here. While we were choosing our seats, the lady also was very particular with her seating area and insisted that we sat nearer to the outside of the shop though it wasn\'t our preference. The whole fast food format of Pepper Lunch honestly didn\'t look like the seats inside could all be "reserved". Perhaps there could have been a better way of communication.
A rather mundane aglio olio. Ingredients were rather generous though, lots of prawns, scallops and such. It\'s bland if you did not mix in any of their sauces. I recommend you to stir in some garlic sauce and sweet I\'ve tasted better aglio olio. Hmm, I believe it will be better to stick to their rice instead. (:
Had always wanted to try out their Teppan Pasta cause it looks delicious;D So this time I ordered the Tomato Sauce Pasta with Chicken.It was served within 10 minutes and was piping hot in the hot pan. The tomato sauce was separated with the pasta and I could choose the amount I want to add into the pasta…they just make eating more interesting with the various types of hands on cooking, even though it was just a small step of it. The presentation wise was already a great plus point, where the chicken is placed neatly around the pasta in the middle. The tomato sauce was placed in a light metal Aladdin-like pot. ;D I like how we can control the taste of the pasta and the spaghetti was just nicely cooked. The tomato sauce could also blend in well to flavour the pasta and the chicken was tender and delicious! It costs $10.90, with an additional $2 for a complete set which comes with a drink and a side dish. I could also enjoy a student special discount hence it was quite a worthy meal ^^
So my friend and I decided to have dinner at AMK Hub after hearing Mass. Since Pepper Lunch had the shorter queue , we opted to eat there. Anyway, we were going home afterwards so it was OK if we smelled like the kitchen.While queuing, the staff from Pepper Lunch gave us a discount voucher for their new offering (i think): the Burger Pattie. I decided to have that for the pic just looked so appetising. I wasn\'t wrong! They served two big burger pattiethe BBQ sauce. It was so good! The meat was soft and if you let it sizzle on your plate with the sauce, it has that additional smoky flavour. Served on its side are fresh sliced mushrooms and mashed potato which are a bit burnt coz of the sizzling plate. But even so, it was definitely a good meal. Spending: Approximately SGD 14(Dinner)
I like food at Pepper Lunch, but not the price! Food is great. It makes you salivate just by thinking about it. The chicken and salmon are good choices. Today I gave Beef a try today. Beansprouts are not dried even after stirring. Portion is just right for a normal eater. The choice of sauce adds some variety to your visit. Both sauces are great actually, which adds some struggle every time I go. Seats are comfortable. Not too squeeze. Good for even a lonely lunch!
ordered the chicken with salmon pepper rice for lunch. when the staff served me the rice, the aroma from the sizzling hot plate was really nice. i like to let the rice cooked a little more on the hot plate before stiring so that it may have a little chared taste. but the sad thing was the small meat portion, the salmon was really small and thin and the chicken most of them were the fats part which could not be eaten
seldom frequent pepper lunch since the price was not cheap but the outlet in school seem to be slightly cheaper than outside. but the waiting time for the food was not much faster than outside due to the long queue during lunch break. i ordered some chicken with corn thing, the taste was not too bad, chicken was quite tender too
There is so much of restaurant in NUS. At the end,my decision is have my lunch at pepper lunch..! I like pepper lunch..! This is beef pepper rice, it taste nice. The beef are fresh and tender. There are two types of sauce, sweet and salty. The sweet one is nicer because the sweetness is just right. I love to mix the rice,because i like the pepper smell. It is very nice. The rice really match well with the corn,beef,pepper and the sweet sauce. I like it so much.But the soup they give just taste normal.Nevermind,after finish the rice,i already feel fulled.
It was during lunch hour so there were so many many people. The queue at pepper lunch was long. It wouldn\'t be worse if pepper lunch restaurant is big. It was actually very small inside. Another mistake would be that i didn\'t make myself clear, i ordered curry beef pepper rice. When i mix the curry beef with the rice,the smoke and the nice smell come out. I like that moment.It is really nice,i always enjoy to mixing the rice with friend.I also steal some corn from my friend , because i really like the corn,
This curry chicken is quite nice. The curry is not very spicy and i like to mix the rice with the curry. The chicken is quite tender and soft. And it is really nice to eat with some pepper and corn.This mashed potato is not bad. Very smooth and i like the sauce. It is really smooth and a bit sticky.
It\'s pepper lunch again. I really like to have my lunch at pepper lunch. Because i like the fragrance of the pepper. And i also like to mix the rice with corn and pepper. The chicken is quite nice,tender,soft and flavourful. But i most like the one is the corn,the corn is sweet,and it really mix well with the pepper rice. And i can feel that my mouth is a bit spicy after finish the dish.I like the feel.
THe pepper rice is great!! i like the beef pepper rice but I think the photo i took is the chicken pepper rice. But I like the honey sauce especially, it goes well with the rice! and if you add $1, you can get an ice cream, there\'s like 4 or 5 flavours to choose from too! drinks is included in the set too.Spending: Approximately SGD 6(Lunch)
This is a memorable dining moment for me because our first time eating at this outlet at Suntec after church service together! (Pepper Lunch) When ordering, i realized there are more varieties than the outside outlets, so we ordered these :(Looked delicious\'?) It even taste more delicious! HAHA We would definitely go again to this outlet! * Do remember to goes with a dessert, example: Salad, my favourite! I took away as i was it was filling, and i ate it later on before my dinner, healthy lifestyle.
Student will have discount here~~ I often go to pepper lunch for my main meal. Either Lunch or Dinner. And I\'m addicted to the Curry Chicken Rice Add Cheese. I would always up size with the peach tea. It would be very nice if you add the honey sauce because It would be more tasty!! Well the chicken is very tender and the rice is always nicely cooked. I love how they decorate the dish. Just look at it, You already feel YUM! I would definitely go there more often! CHEER!Spending: Approximately SGD 10
1.5x thick steak with Japanese onion chillies, add egg and included drink $16.40 The steak is really thick and nice! But you must be skillful in cooking.. so that the steak is not too raw or overcooked. The mashed potato is nice, very creamy taste. The sauce I choose is Japanese onion chillies which is quite nice. The bowl of rice given is very big in portion.. after finishedthis, I feel very full..Curry gravy pepper rice (beef slice + hamburger) $11.90 The curry gravy is nice to mix with the rice with some sizzling sound. But the rice is too sticky and a bit wet so i feel greasy after eating half of it.
1.5x thick steak with Japanese onion chillies, add egg and included drink $16.40 The steak is really thick and nice! But you must be skillful in cooking.. so that the steak is not too raw or overcooked. The mashed potato is nice, very creamy taste. The sauce I choose is Japanese onion chillies which is quite nice. The bowl of rice given is very big in portion.. after finishedthis, I feel very full..
Huge chunks of fat juicy tender beef or sweet crunchy carrot, there is simply goodness in every bite, how can you just not order that!The mash potato tastes like those instant sachets you can easily find at supermarket. There is a distinct difference in taste between a whole potato and that found in the dish.However, the mash potato still tastes as great, or maybe even better, than a whole potato.Ribeye steak dominates almost every western menu, but the Japanese indeed does it differently.With it\'s DIY cooking, diners are provided with a virtually customizable doneness of the meat.Perfect for diners who love that perfect tenderness!
the photo of food shown above is the salmon pepper rice lunch set. I love the salmon rice lunch a lot. it is very worth well and cheap for student price. i bought this salmon rice and one soft drink by just paying $4.90. I would definitely recommned my friends and family to try the salmon rice here too
I always attracted by the taste of pepper lunch when i passed by it. I like the seafood aglio olio very much. It is very tasty.There are few of fresh prawns,mushroom and fish.I like the sauce,spaghetti and the seafood. It is quite worth for $9.90. I also like the chicken pepper rice and salmon pepper rice. It is really nice..! i like the pepper taste very much..! I like to eat the corn,it is very sweet and juicy,and it is very special to mix with rice and pepper. I like the spicy feeling in my mouth after ate those dishes. The chicken is quite tender and flavourful.It really mix well with the pepper. The salmon is also nice but it is too few for me.They should be more generous.
Best ice cream ever. I repeat, best ice cream ever. I brought my friend to eat it and she agreed it immediately so I can confidentially say it\'s awesome. I bought and I love caramel ice cream. There is another name for it so do not panic if your receipt says otherwise. At the top of the ice cream there is a powdery caramel thingy, awesome sweet. And the syrup and stuff. Then you find surprise at the bottom. SWEET Caramel Syrup too.
Dessert after main meal! The dessert was nice! 4 different flavors that are green tea, choco and nuts, caramel and passion fruit. Eating these after the main meal was awesome. The choco and nuts ice cream is not too sweet for people who dont have a sweet tooth. In addition, having to bit the nuts among the icy cold ice cream was a good enjoyment. The green tea ice cream is a must-try too.Spending: Approximately SGD 8(Lunch)
seldom frequent pepper lunch because personally i do not really enjoy their food and i find the price a bit too high when i have to cook the food myself though a lot of people find it entertaining. recently, they have a new promotion for the beef stew set and i think the taste is just average. i felt is a bit hard to really cooked the meat thoroughly with just the hot plate so i felt i am eating 80% cooked food but i agree the smell of the food on the hotplate is really nice
i went to pepper lunch with my mother for lunch. We both love the food there especially the diy cooking and seasoning it yourself. I ordered the salmon and chicken pepper rice. the portion of both was quite a lot. when they served me, both my chicken and salmon was cooked about 90%. All I had to do was to continuously flipped it. after ensuring everything was cooked, I added my favourite brown sauce and garlic soya sauce. the brown sauce is on the sweetish side, while the garlic soya sauce is quite salty and garlicky. The salmon is very sweet and fresh while the chicken is very tender and juicy! love the amount of vegetables they added.
chicken pepper rice ($5.9 for student price) Pepper lunch rice is quite creative i would say coz their meal is all easy to prepare and allows the customers to mix and add flavour to their own consistency and taste they like. And what i like the most is the corn they put really added freshness (in terms of taste) and crunchiness (in terms of texture) and vibrant colour (in terms of looking) to the plate of rice.
I like the way of this restaurant\'s idea of presenting and serving, we can have the chance to "cook" ourselves and decide the cookness of the meat (esp beef). I like the Curry Chicken Pepper Rice with Cheese the most coz it has nice curry flavour and after I mix everything around, the cheese was like sxticky on every rice grain and gives a bit of tangle feel. The pepper rice was definitely plain without the corn inside. I\'m so loving the corn!!!
It is always the student meal whenever we came to pepper lunch to have our meal. As usual, I ordered the student meal salmon pepper rice.(:Since the first time I tried pepper lunch, I had always liked the concept of flavouring your rice to our own satisfactory taste Me and my friends would always fill our rice full with pepper and add moderate amount of the garlic soy sauce and the honey sauce!;D I love how the rice taste so nice and aromatic ^^ Considering it cost $5.90 for the student meal, I would say it is worth the price.(: The salmons are also fresh and the amount of salmon is reasonable. If there is one thing I have to say I dislike about pepper lunch, it would be the nice but yet strong smell in their restaurant, which never fails to leave my hair full of the smell of pepper lunch :x
PEPPER LUNCH IS EVERYWHERE. There is the restaurant outlet, the express one and those in foodcourt. I really love pepper lunch, although the price is abit more expensive compared to those normal food court food however it\'s really nice. They have special sauce for the rice and it\'s very fun when you blend in the sauce and cook your own food. All of them has a special taste but i love the chicken cheese and salmon one the best! Their caramel icecream is also very nice! Students will also have discount @ only around 7 dollars ++
went there to tried salmon pepper rice set not much queue during weekday i like pepper lunch as we can cook the food ourself,seem like quite fun i also like their caramel ice cream $1.20 to $1.50 but is a bit sweet & ice cream melt quite fast but still was niceSpending: Approximately SGD 15(Lunch)
Pepper lunch is a DIY restaurant where you will get to cook your own food. The dishes will be served to you on a hot plate and you can add the amount of seasoning that you like. I think this a very good concept as you will get to choose the level of saltiness, spiciness and even how well you want your food to be done. They have daily lunch promotion and student meal on weekdays. You can save up to $5 or more depending on what main course you have ordered. I like how the outlet at IMM operates. You won’t need to fear that there are no seats available as seats are assigned to each customer before they order their food at the counter.
Curry beef set. I went to imm and decide to settle lunch at pepper lunch. It was during lunch hour so there were so many many people. The queue at pepper lunch was long. : ( It wouldn\'t be worse if pepper lunch restaurant is big. It was actually very small inside. Another mistake would be that i didn\'t make myself clear, i ordered curry beef without cheese. : ( I love it with cheese. I thought it usually comes with cheese.
YUMS! Lunch at Pepper Lunch is always good just that we will end up smelling like BBQ beef after that. HAHA. Anyway that is a small sacrifice for DIY juicy premium beef made my way! Lots ofgarlic soy sauce and freshly grounded black pepper!!!! I always go for the beef pepper rice or pepper steak because i love meat! Only complain was that I hope to have more veg... but was told that they only have standard servings and do not have top up option. Seriously? Why not include this top up option so diners like me can pay extra for more veg. Dear Pepperlunch, do consider!
This is new outlet within NUS. It is near Yusof Ishak House or YIH for short. It is one of the stall by Food junction. The prices here are typically $0.50 cheaper than outside due I tried their curry beef with cheese for the very first time...got some curry taste. Cheese taste is mild and the amount of beef is enough. Spending: Approximately SGD 5.40(Lunch)
Pepper Lunch\'s concept is this: rice, meat, on hot plate. Sauce you add yourself. Stir the dish yourself. Whether or not you enjoy Pepper lunch will depend on how much you like the taste of their selection of add it yourself sauces, and your tolerance for paying for the hot plate gimmick. When you order your dish, it will come in a sizzling hot plate that will be surrounded by a paper wall warning you to be careful and providing instructions on how to eat your Pepper Lunch. Simply add the sauce and mix. The rich will usually come with stuff like corn or vegetables, and set meals come up with salads or drinks or whatever the special offer is at the time. The main course is rarely filling unless upsized (not value for money) or turned into a complete meal with sides and etcetera. This outlet is a highlight of the Junction 8 food court, a frequent haunt of mine during my schooling years. Yet, this Pepper Lunch outlet pales in comparison to standalone Pepper Lunches, like the one at AMK Hub, which provide a better atmosphere for eating and chatting. This one is crowded, you have to bring it to the table yourself, and its not any cheaper. Oh well. Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Lunch)
Had a terrible experience at this Pepper Lunch branch. First, the food is just barely ok, and price is totally not worth it. Next, the service is really bad. The cleaning auntie just moved my tray without asking for my permission when she attempt to rearrange the tables and seatings. Worse thing is her hand actually comes in contact with my food. Overall, I will never dine in Pepper Lunch again. Spending: Approximately SGD 12(Dinner)
Since the day I was introduced to Pepper Lunch, I fell in love with it I am not a person who loves rice, but Pepper Lunch makes me finish my rice! Shocked my friends too when we were there. and another reason why I brought my friend there is because she claimed that pepper lunch is not nice with small serving (that\'s cause she ate at Pepper Lunch Express), but after that day, she agreed that pepper lunch is awesome! If you love pasta, they have pasta too, but I would still recommend rice. As a noodles and pasta lover, I think that their pasta is not as satisfying as the rice. The fragrant rice with sauce of your choice! Love their cheese that melts in the rice! Love their salad with crunchy vegetables and sweet little corns. Love their soft and smooth ice cream available in sesame, green tea, choconut and caramel flavour. Try it when you are in town, near Isetan!! *But I would not recommend Pepper lunch express as the serving is smaller and does not taste as good.Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Lunch)
yummy hotplate rice and meat! Especially love their pepper beef rice. it's really delicious. Also, the price is relatively affordable though the portion could have been bigger.
Dinning service at this outlet is very fast and efficient. For hygiene purpose the sauces used are clean and changed everyday. I would love to eat there anytime and introduce it to my friends
I love dining at the pepper lunch store as the food is very delicious. You could cook the dish in your own way and add in the sauce provided at the table.
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