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About Us

Let our leading stylist, Ken Fong, with experience in Europe & Asia, to provide you with exclusive hairstyles that you deserve while our leading pet groomer beautify your loved ones.

Recent research and studies done by overtly bored social scientist in England found an alarming trend where members of the public could distinguish the type of dog someone has, just at the mere sight of the owner themselves. There must be some sort of competition for the best look-alike or something along that line. Either that or these look alike duos have been regulars at Singapore’s latest two-in-one grooming centre, Pinky Parlour!! Pinky Parlour is a cozy little niche in Upper Thomson Road, where lush greenery are abundant, creating a relaxing haven for your and your pet to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Pinky Coiffure is both a salon & at the same time provides pet grooming services. Meaning, you can have your hair cut done while your fur kid is being groom. How nice!
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30 Dec 2013 09:19:23
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Reaching out to more and more canine lovers dotted around the island, Pinky Parlour aims to provide a one-stop grooming haven for both owners and their friendly fur balls. While dogs are treated to a top to toe grooming by their in house grooming specialist, owners can indulge themselves in a hair cut plus an Age Recharge Collagen Treatment too! After, you can even enjoy a cup of tea and a serving of tapas while you wait comfortably on their big comfy couch, for your pooch to be done with his or her grooming!

Kill two birds with one stone and leave Pinky Parlour looking your best, even your pooch will be preening like a peacock all the way home.


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