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About Us
Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant has become an endearing Singapore landmark. Here, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea while enjoying your food. Apart from the great ambience, we offer delectable Beijing cuisine. House specialties include the much-loved Peking Duck with the crispy skin of the roast duck wrapped in a thin Chinese pancake, and the tasty Shredded Scallops with Fish and Egg White.

Led by Hong Kong Master Chef Chan, who has 30 years of culinary experience, Prima Tower is one of the few restaurants in Singapore that offers authentic Beijing fare.

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant Father Day Promotion
[ 1/Jun/2013 to 16/Jun/2013. ] Enjoy 1 For 1 Braised Whole Abalone with Brocolli (5 heads) for $50++, Authentic Barbecued Peking Duck for $48++, Double-boiled Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup in Peking Style for $48++ and many more.
Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant Father Day Promotion – Keppel Road – June 1st, 2013 to June 16th, 2013
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31 May 2013 23:35:11
Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant Father Day Promotion [ 1/Jun/2013 to 16/Jun/2013. ] Enjoy 1 For 1 Braised Whole Abalone with Brocolli (5 heads) for $50++, Authentic Barbecued Peking Duck for $48++, Double-boiled Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup in Peking Style for $48++ and many more. Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant Father Day Promotion – Keppel Road – June 1st, 2013 to June 16th, 2013
The view is pretty cool , i still find that its rotating a bit fast . Tim sum is ok not bad . Pretty traditional .
Restaurant on a tower, where it will revolve at a very slow pace while you dine and get to see a different view outside as it revolves. Unique experience for dining in a restaurant!
The Peking Duck that we ordered was done perfectly and was served with both the traditional thick and thin egg type of pancake skin. As it was a revolving tower, the view was good. Kids will love it. **National Day Promotion is on Now. ** Whole Peking Duck @$47++
We had dinner at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant - One of the two revolving restaurants in Singapore, with the other being Top of the M. Established in 1977 and perched on top of a grain silo, Prima can almost be considered a landmark in the Harbourfront area. The lone lift in the silo lobby drops you off on the 9th floor and the remaining 2 floors will have to be covered on foot through a winding staircase. What greets you is an excellent all rounded view of the surrounding areas. Although Prima only stands at 11 floors high, it doesn\'t seem to be dwarfed by Top of the M, which is on the 39th floor (Its probably just perception, but I wouldn\'t know). The rotating mechanism is also noticeably much smoother than Top of the M\'s. Starting off was their famous Shredded Scallop with Fish & Egg White. Flavourful yet light on the taste buds with a delightful tinge of fishiness, the texture was just right and nothing short of wonderful. No doubt about it, this is truly a signature dish of Prima. The Minced Beancurd & Vegetables in Thick Soup fell a bit flat though. Although interesting presented in a bed of white and green, it was rather bland and reminded me of eating mashed up beancurd without any seasoning or sauce. Steamed Soon Hock, a very difficult dish to master. First of all, the Soon Hock must be very fresh and it mustn\'t be steamed over too big a fire or for too long. The Steamed Soon Hock met neither criteria. The fish wasn\'t very fresh and the flesh was a little too soft from steaming the fish for too long. Still decent, but disappointing to say the least. Following up was the Authentic Barbecued Peking Duck. This was probably one of the best dishes that night. Slightly crispy skin with fats beneath it and wrapped in egg skin, it was appetizing and not too heavy. However, it is nowhere in comparison to Min Jiang @ One North\'s superb rendition. The Fried Prawn Balls with Spring Onion & Ginger was forgettable. Sure the prawns were fresh and coated in a light batter before frying, but that was about it. It tasted as its name suggests, fried prawn balls. When it comes to the worst dish of the day, the Sauteed Vegetables with Cream probably takes the cake. The vegetables were soggy and the sweet cream was really quite a misfit with the vegetables, especially when the dish had quite a bit of water in it. The Fried Ee Fu Noodles with Shredded Duck came across as a little too heavy and I had the urge to puke everything out after a small bowl of it. Taste wise, it was merely average and could have done better by adding a little more salted vegetables in. Wrapping up was the Herbal Jelly. I\'m rather neutral about Herbal Jelly because those that I\'ve tried so far tasted more or less the same to me. This one was no exception, but they could have been more generous with the syrup because it wasn\'t enough to go around. An unsatisfying dinner for 8 set us back by >$400++, which is rather expensive considering the average quality of food and the SLOW service (we had to wait for almost 1.5 hrs for our dishes and it would have been longer if we had not reminded the staff constantly. Being packed is no excuse for the long wait I feel, especially when I see alot of the wait staff walking around leisurely). Only the Shredded Scallop with Fish & Egg White stood out but it is enough to make me go back if I do develop a craving for it.
Went there to celebrate birthday.The view was quite interesting and it changes as the restaurant rotates at a very slow pace.The stairways leading up to the restaurant provided a really good ambush area for surprise birthdays.The service staff also assisted to hide the birthday cake and brought it out when prompted.Birthday song was also played.We started the dinner with fish.I am particularly a fish lover and I find dish a little soggy for my taste.It\'s the sauce that was poured into the dish that causes the sogginess.For those who like soggy fish, this is a good try.The deep fried pork rib is great.The batter wasn\'t too thick so you can still taste the ribs.Good to be eaten once it\'s served so that the crispiness will still be there.Authentic barbequed Peking duck is the star of the night.It came wrapped up so you don\'t have to dirty your hands to do the wrapping.A dish of sauce is provided for those who wanted more sauce.Every meal must come with at least a plate of vege.We ordered the sauteed HK kailan.I so love the delicious garlic on top of the kailan and how crisp the vege tasted.Remains of the duck was given back to us..... Spending: Approximately SGD 40(Dinner)
I decided to dine at the restaurant well-known for its design to revolve. The fried fish was really good. It wasn\'t over fried to the extent that the meat of the fish was dry. It was still moist and the slightly fried skin went well with it. It didn\'t come with, neither did it needed any sauce. It is perfect to go with rice. I highly recommend it!
This is the first time I had Beijing Duck. Seen it in TV shows hundreds of times and it is indeed as good as they described. The skin is very crispy and the meat is so juicy and can be sliced off so easily. Its great when eaten alone or when wrapped in the..skin (?). The beijing duck goes well with the skin when dipped in the sauce. Do try both methods of eating it and decide which is your favourite!
Kong Bak Pau are chinese braised pork slices wrapped in those floury wraps of a pau. The kong bak pau at prima tower is outstanding. I\'m not a big fan of pork because of the thick layer of fats and the pork smell. However, the braised pork at prima tower was well-prepared and it doesn\'t have that much fats. There was no unpleasant pork smell either. The sauce went perfect with the pork. The wrap, although looks thick, was actually pretty thin. Its very soft on the inside and I didn\'t get sick of the flour. I highly recommend the kong bak pau!
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