Take A Bite From The Chocolate Of The Month Club
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All the time I get invitations to join one club or another. Even If I want to be a member of all these clubs, it would be impossible as there is not enough time to belong to all the clubs available in the community. As a birthday present from my sister I got a membership to a wonderful club named chocolate of the month club. I will definitely keep my membership in this club as I love chocolate and I found my sister’s idea for such a fun gift just brilliant.

My favorite day is the day when I get the package from the chocolate of the month club. Each month the members receive different chocolates, delivered directly to their doorstep. Sometimes the chocolate treats are based on a holiday theme while most of the time they are just a different kind of chocolate.

In December as it was largely expected the chocolate treats were centered on Christmas while in February they were celebrating Valentine’s Day in lavish style. What is really great about the selection of chocolates from the month club is that they don’t deliver the ordinary chocolate treats you can see in stores. Each candy is presented in a special way and has unique taste.

The membership my sister gave me as a birthday present lasted for three months. My husband and I have enjoyed so much getting candies from the chocolate of the month club that we decided to extend the membership. We were quite surprised to find out that there are several chocolate of the month club available to join in. My husband and I thought it would be a nice idea to join another club so that we could make a comparison with the one we’ve already tried. Each club offers different chocolate as their provider companies are different and they all come from various areas of the world.

Chocolate of the month clubs have different membership prices based on the items that are send each month. Of course, the shipping, handling and quantity vary, as well. Each club would like to keep a consistent cost from month to month but this is almost impossible bearing in mind that the weight of the chocolate and its price in different countries vary significantly. Consequently, the amount that the members of the chocolate of the month clubs receive is different each month and the costs for shipping and handling are not consistent, either.

We are eagerly anticipating trying out new chocolates being delivered by different chocolate of the month clubs and seeing what we will like best. After we get general idea about all the clubs available and try out their products, then we will select one and get a membership. Giving a membership to a chocolate of the month club is a fun idea and I am sure the recipient will love it, as well. So, it is worth considering buying a membership to the people you love, especially after you can pay for what ever period of time you choose.


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