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Warung Italia: Italian cuisine at an affordable price
by: Galuh Wulandarie
I often hear people talking about Warung Italia. In fact, even my friends from Jakarta who vacation in Bali are familiar with this dining spot. All these conversations made me wonder, “What's so great about the place?”

Days later, I planned on going there myself. Knowing that Warung Italia is in Seminyak area, the hub of upscale and bars and restaurants, I prepared extra cash in my purse so I could truly have a feast without worrying about the bill. I went there with a friend for a late lunch, around 3 pm. A middle-aged Italian gentleman greeted us warmly and ushered us to seats facing the street. It's easy to be comfortable with Warung Italia's cozy ambiance. There were no high fences separating the restaurant from the main street … just lush, green plants to make us feel right at home.

At Warung Italia, you can choose to order dishes from their a la carte menu or from the buffet table. There was a varied selection of hearty Italian food, including vegetable and meat lasagna, macaroni, tortellini, fresh salads, and other dishes whose names I could hardly pronounce! I ordered meat lasagna, salad and spaghetti bolognese while my friend, on the other hand, requested for seafood fettuccine.

The food was delicious, served in a simple and straight-forward manner. Warung Italia dishes had all the flavours our palates easily recognized as a standard Italian fare. There were no rich, distinct seasonings that would have made these unforgettable, yet they were still tasty nevertheless.

More than 20 minutes later, my friend's meal was served — a sizeable plate of fettuccine topped with shrimps, clams, and a crab still in its shell. Grinning, my friend dug in. The dish looked and smelled so tempting that I couldn't resist grabbing a fork and having a bite myself! Its thick and cheese-y Alfredo sauce was so good, it was worth the long wait. Not a disappointment at all! My friend later told me that the dish was in fact not listed on the menu and was just recommended by other people.

After sampling so much food, I assumed that we would have to shell out more than Rp 100,000. But in spite of its chic location, dining at Warung Italia was easy on the pocket. My spaghetti was only around Rp 15,000, the lasagna was Rp 8,000 and my friend's incredible sea food fettuccine cost about Rp 50,000. Not bad for such a filling meal!

Warung Italia
Kunti road no.2, Seminyak, Badung District, Bali , Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 737437

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Address : Warung Italia,
Jalan Kunti No. 2

About The Author

Galuh Wulandarie, Writer, Indonesia, Bali
Achieved her bachelor degree in Communication science, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Galuh Wulandarie is a seeker in adventure. Having worked in Bandung and Bali to start her journey, now she finds her true passion writing articles for Streetdirectory Indonesia  and so her journey continues.

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