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Homemade Belgian Chocolate Mousse
Homemade Belgian Chocolate Mousse
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Ras the Essence of India : North Indian cuisine
by Micheline Doray

I have always found it fascinating to see an Indian cook at work, with a palette of spices, gratuitously sprinkling these powders in exact pinches into the dish in front of him/her. One wonders how anyone can be so confident to throw in various amounts of spice into a dish to whip up something absolutely delectable. The variation in Indian food from region to region can be quite staggering. North Indian cuisine however has always been the favourite among Caucasians and in Singapore, there's never a shortage of food from that region. Take a stroll down Boat Quay and you'll be surprised with the number of restaurants that churn out similar dishes. I walked down further to the other end of the Si ... details>>