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Go India By Ivory Kitchen)
Cuisine Indian Food, Restaurant
Address VivoCity (Map)
1 Harbourfront Walk #01-152/155
Singapore 098585
District Telok Blangah
Phone : 63769644 | N/A SMS Restaurant Address
Go India: Curry, my love?
Reviewed by : Viviane Then. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
The emerging popularity of Indian cuisine catches on in Singapore as Indian restaurants spring up around the island. A branch off Ivory – The Indian Kitchen located at Clarke Quay, Go India spices up VivoCity upon its recent opening on 8th November 2006, mixing traditional Northern Indian fares with new dishes for today's tastebuds.

  • The Vibe
    Seated on a wooden platform overlooking the sea, one cannot ask for a more magnificent view while dining alfresco at Go India. While the sea breeze whets the appetite for more, those who choose to dine indoors will be impressed by the contemporary minimalist style the restaurant has adopted for its interior. Contrasted against white-washed walls, sand-coloured decorations and silver linings, the buffet display became an array of colours and smells for the diner.
  • The Food
    We were offered the lunch buffet which was freshly prepared by the chef from Calcutta . Displayed in silver tureens, there was a selection of curries and stews, each of a different flavour and combination of spices. The lunch buffet, priced $20++ per adult, is available at Go India on both weekdays as well as weekends. Of course, customers may also choose from the ala carte menu on top of the buffet to satisfy particular cravings.

    Highlights of the buffet include Methi Fish, their Chicken Sweet Chilli and Gulab Jamuh, a standard dessert of Northern Indian fare. Seafood is usually a tricky dish due to its tendency to emit an unpleasant fishy odour, but Go India dished it out right. With Mahi-Mahi fish as their main meat, its fishy smell was well masked by its accompanying curry. A buttery blend of cream, ginger, cumin and other spices, the distinct flavour of cumin (a herb commonly used in Indian fare) further brings out the soft, flaky interior of fresh fish meat.

    The Chicken Sweet Chilli is a cold dish made of tandoori chicken kebab blended with other Indian spices. The salty taste of tandoori chicken mixed with chilli spice, sweet sauce and a sour tinge of lemon slices creates an explosion of flavours in the mouth.

    Other meats, mainly chicken and lamb are served in stews and curries conjured up by the chef. Soups served at the buffet were a little bland and diluted, but the meats and other dishes were satisfactory to the more sensitive palate. Though not astoundingly impressive, these dishes together with their tandoori chicken kebab provide a feast good enough for one seeking an authentic Northern Indian fare experience. The restaurant holds back on its chilli but instead adds in flavour through mixing and matching of traditional Indian spices to cater to the local tastebuds, as well as to other foreigners.

    Not to be missed are Indian's traditional desserts. Known for their utmost sweet tasting doughs, one such example includes the Gulab Jamuh. Golden-brown and shaped like a tennis-ball, Gulab Jamuhs are milk balls dipped in honey syrup. Served warm, its soft and cotton-like interior oozes sweetness onto the tongue and down the throat. It provides a refreshing and different sensation to the main dishes of curry and stew, ending the meal on a complete note.

  • The Service
    Ever quick to offer their services, friendly waiters readily offer information when asked about the traditional dishes that Go India whips up. Sensitive to individual needs, the staff at the restaurant made dining at Go India a very pleasant and warm experience.

SD Food Advisor's take on Go India
The restaurant's stylish interior design and its magnificent sea view nail a positive first impression, and their prompt service makes up for the average food served. It was unfortunate that ala carte dishes were not available for us to try, for the menu had several classics, must-tries, popular favourites as well as unusual fusions of old and new put together. Nevertheless, Go India provides a pleasant experience for those unfamiliar with Indian fare.

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