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Fullerton Hotel Chocolate Buffet: Looking for a slice of heaven?
Reviewed by : Jane Ng. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
It is the fantasy of chocolate addicts all over the world to be let loose in a chocolate heaven. Imagine inhaling whiffs of chocolate aroma made up of an intoxicating combination of clean, creamy fragrance of white and milk chocolate and the bittersweet scent of dark chocolate. Then, indulge in your decadent affair with an extravagant assortment of delicious chocolate cakes, truffles and more as warm, luxurious melted chocolate cascade down a delightful fountain before your eyes.

Now, almost like a prayer answered, The Courtyard at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, offers a rapturous buffet of chocolate desserts Thursday through Saturday from 8pm to 11pm at S$32 per adult or S$40 with a glass of dessert wine, and S$16 per child. For a blissful end to your hectic week, come down to The Fullerton's famed chocolate buffet to fulfill your fantasy!

  • The Vibe
    Relax to the enchanting musical notes of the pianist and violinist as they present an eclectic selection of soothing and harmonizing pieces. The interiors of the hotel exude a majestic aura, with floors tiled with Italian marble, soaring coffered ceilings, and impressive pillars and archways. The courtyard lobby where the chocolate buffet is located is grand, with skylights above and the windows of Courtyard guest rooms lining the inner face of the building. The setting emanates a tranquil and inviting feel, ideal for a tête-à-tête with your girlfriends or a romantic evening with your beau. A ubiquitous five-tiered chocolate fountain greets you at the entrance of The Courtyard, as if warning you that you are in for an unforgettable, sinful treat once ushered to your table to begin your chocolate rendezvous!
  • The Buffet
    Release the chocolate lover in you as The Fullerton Hotel Singapore's experienced pastry team presents to you their freshly prepared delectable creations using premium quality Valrhona chocolates. The sinful treats include signature Fullerton cakes, Jivara Chocolate Tart, Espresso Coffee Cake, Cognac Chestnut Chocolate Gateau and many others! Special mention would go to the Fullerton Chocolate Cake. An indulgent treat for the true chocolate connoisseur, the smooth and full-bodied bittersweet fudge cake paired with a layer of crunchy nutty bits and dressed in a shiny chocolate glaze leaves you swooning in ecstasy.

    Perhaps a good strategy to experience the variety of chocolate treats is to go for the larger slices of cakes before moving onto the smaller delicacies. Mini individual desserts are also available, such as the Green Tea and Chocolate Brulee, White Chocolate Mango Cheesecake, Café Noir Tiramisu and assorted Valrhona pralines. The unique concocotion of Café Noir Tiramisu is a perennial favourite as it consists of espresso-rum soaked mascarpone cream which had an intense liqueur taste. Truly awesome!

    Make your way to the Chocolate Connoisseurs' Drink Station where you can choose from a mouth-watering array of premium chocolate of varying percentages of cocoa to be blended on the spot for your delectation. You may begin with a cup of Café Noir hot chocolate, which is undeniably rich and smooth. However, if you are a fan of dark chocolates and love the lingering bittersweet taste in your mouth, the chef will be glad to help you whip up a cup of hot chocolate using chocolates of a higher percentage of cocoa or a richer version with less milk.

    Of course, save a little of your palate for the multi-tiered, metre-high Chocolate fountain at the entrance of The Courtyard which have been tempting your taste buds and vying for your attention at the corner of your eye since you arrived. Fill your skewers with a wide assortment of strawberries, marshmallows, fresh fruits and profiteroles and drench them with moist, velvety melted chocolate overflowing the fondue set. Totally divine is the combination of large, juicy strawberries bathed in rich luxurious chocolate which melts in your mouth!

  • The Service
    The service stuff at The Courtyard is impressive. The service staff at the drink station is patient in assisting the diners by explaining to them the selection of chocolates and allows the diners to take their time in deciding on their choice of hot chocolate. The assortment of chocolate is also neatly tagged with some brief explanation so that diners can have an understanding of how the chocolates taste like – an effort which displayed their thoughtful and meticulous service in ensuring that diners enjoy a smooth and effortless chocolate experience.

The SD Food Advisor's take on The Fullerton Hotel Chocolate Buffet
The Fullerton Hotel Chocolate Buffet truly lives up to its name and satisfies its diners with its delightful repertoire of chocolates. Even though I would consider the treat quite an extravagant affair, it may be worth reaching deep into your pockets for such impeccable taste and exceptional quality. Remember to make a reservation to avoid disappointment as The Courtyard receives overwhelming response all weekends.

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