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Lai Wah Restaurant
Cuisine Chinese Food, Restaurant
Address (S)
District Bendemeer
Phone : 62949922 | N/A SMS Restaurant Address
Overall Rating : 1 x VRS 0 x
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Date of Visit
27 Feb 2007
By Thomas
About the restaurant:
Opened since 1964, Lai Wah Restaurant serves delicious Cantonese cuisine. It doesn't advertise as it has a large following, because it believes the best form of marketing is by word of mouth and reviews.

Frequently visited by Makan Sutra Guru Seetoh, it was also given top ratings by Straits Times food critic Teo Pau Lin in the Sunday Times on 25 Feb 2007. The review by Makan Sutra can also be located at:

Other than the mouth-watering food, the ambience is extremely unique. In the midst of the ratrace in modern Singapore, Lai Wah has retained its rustic charm and retro decorations. To enhance its laidback yet efficient settings, it has also many long-service staff; the longest-serving waitess has served for >30 years!
Ordered Food:
Lai Wah Restaurant was, in fact, the 1st restaurant that invented Chinese New Year Yu-Sheng (raw fish) in 1964 and other favorites like crispy Yam Basket and Imperial Pork Ribs. The Venison Hor-Fun, Chilli Crabs, and Yin-Yang Fish (half fried, half steamed) are among the most popular signature dishes nowadays.

Fried Rice is simple to cook but hard to master. The Yangzhou Fried Rice is deliciously yellow and the grains are shimmering with steam and egg, with not much oil stains. It captures the optimal 'wok hei' or the
essence of the wok.

Venison hor-fun is found nowhere else locally and the venison is tender and smooth, never overcooked. Rich in gravy with black beans, the hor-fun is tasty even by itself. Together with the venison, you are guaranteed to get 2nd helpings.

Crabs here are intentionally small to medium sized, as the rationale is that large crabs will not be tasty evenly without being overcooked. I agree totally and you will too, after you have licked off all the delicious gravy and the golden buns or "man tou". This is one of the very rare restaurants that will beat most other seafood restaurants hands down, when it comes to crabs.
My verdict:
One will not regret coming here! And will definitely come back for more!

Despite the excellent food, prices are very affordable (
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