Chinese BBQ cuisine restaurant. Nice place to hang out with a group of friends, to eat, drink and chit chat. Their food is nice where all the dishes are fresh, especially their meat. Personally love to eat their beef, great tender. Nice place to visit, you won't regret.
Reunion BBQ Restaurant serve us fresh and delicious BBQ. If your plan to have a bbq gathering with mate, here will be a good choice for you. Strongly recommend their beef, its tender enough.
Great place for dinner with friends at Reunion BBQ Restaurant with all the great variety of food! Fabulous taste and definitely must try :)
Fresh and delicious chinesse style bbq. Had a dinner with my friend here and it was setisfy. The beef was very tender and the side dished was very tasty.
Just a great hearty place to get your BBQ spirit and share with your friends! And don't forget the side dishes. Omnomnoms~
Indulge in perfectly grilled BBQ food at the Reunion BBQ Restaurant. With mouth watering delights, BBQ food has never tasted this good.