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About Us

Space is a Planning Software. It is easy to use and comes with street-leval maps and database of landmarks and businesses in Singapore. You can use space to analyse the income distribution and demographic profile of any area in Singapore.You can also use space to analyse your outlets distribution vs your competitors. You have the ability to import data into space for analysis and compare where your most profitable outlets are located at.

In Singapore, Space has allowed many companies to improve their services, target better stores to meet their demographic profile and reach a wider yet targetted audience. This software is used extensively by many retailers, government organisations and military.

Space has 4 main layers of datasets as follows;

  • 1. Street-level Mapping Data.
    It comes fully integrated with highly detail street-level maps of Singapore.
  • 2. Streetnames and addresses.
    You will be able to search analayse any location in Singapore by area, streetname or postal-code.
  • 3. Landmark database.
    Database such as major landmarks, schools, shopping malls, HDB, landed homes and condominiuns. There are over 150 different landmarl datasets available in this software.
  • 4. Demographic Data
  • 5. Business Data (optional).
    Through these datasets, business and planners can now analyse and make better decisions based on location-based parameters. Previously this was only available to large corporations and government bodies.

These are some of the questions we can help you answer with Space.

1. Income and Demographics Analysis

  • What is the populaton of this area e.g Bedok?
  • What is the income distribution of people staying in Bedok vs Loyang?
  • What is the income distribution in any area e.g Jurong?

3. Landmark Analysis and Comparision

  • How many landed homes or HDB are there in Bedok vrs Tampines?
  • What is the number of HDB Units in this block
  • Analyse the number of ATMs or bank banches

4. Compare and Analyse businesses

Space comes with business data. You can use this data to analyse your outlets or your competitors outlets. You can also import your own data into space for analysis.

  • How many Starbucks or Macdonalds are there in Jurong?
  • How many of my competitors are near to my outlets
  • Show me my top earning stores by Area

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