Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant (Tan See Swan & Sons Building) 12) Cold Soba w Yakitori Set 11) Tempura Soba Set 10) Beef Sirloin Set 09) Sukiyaki Beef Set 08) Teriyaki Chicken Don Set 07) Una Don Set 06) Oysters Tempura Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant (Tan See Swan & Sons Building) 05) Grilled Assorted Vegetables
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Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant
Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant is a modern kinda izakaya with capacity of about 20.
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16 Nov 2012 22:05:44
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With over 100 exquisite a la carte dishes, Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant is the Japanese buffet place to be.

Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant recreates the savoury experience of charcoal grill in its menu utilising the finest and freshest hand-picked ingredients from leading chef Roy Ramos.

Our extensive menu will win over your heart: Enjoy Chef Roy's original creation, Salmon Skin Salad (Straits Times Life! Top 100 Dishes in Singapore)

Yakitori favourites such as Asparagus Bacon, Prawn Mint Leaf Bacon and many more unusual items like Chicken Buttocks and Gizzards. With the friendly staff and a cosy and relaxing ambience, Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant gives you a reason to return for more.

A-la-carte buffet includes one drink:
Mon ' Thur
$48+ Fri, Sat & Eve of PH $58 +
Add $20 & enjoy free flow of Soft Drinks, Juices, Beer, Sawa, Shochu
Add $30 & enjoy all the above + Sake (hot & cold) & Red Wine

A-la-carte menu available daily with optional 'free-flow' drinks package
At only $35+ enjoy free flow of Soft Drinks, Juices, Beer, Sawa, Shouchu for 90 mins
At only $50+ enjoy free flow of all the above for unlimited time
Add $10 to include Sake (hot & cold) & Red Wine

Business Hours:

Mon ' Sat 12pm ' 3pm (Except PH)
Mon ' Thurs 6pm ' 11pm
Fri, Sat, eve of Public Holiday 6pm ' 12m
Closed on Sundays

Our Extensive Menu Includes:
  • Salad (4 varieties which includes our very own creation : Salmon Skin Salad)
  • Assorted Sashimi
  • Charcoal Grill Skewers (more than 25 varieties)
  • Charcoal Grilled Seafood & Meat (more than 10 varieties)
  • Deep Fried Dishes (more than 15 varieties e.g. Oyster Mint Leaf Tempura, Baby Crab)
  • Side Dishes (more than 20 varieties e.g. Tako Yaki, Pan Fried Beef)
  • Noodles with 3 variations of cold selection and 6 variations of hot
  • Assorted Makimono
  • Variations of Traditional Japanese Rice Ball
Must Try!
  • Salmon Skin Salad
  • Prawn Mint Leaf Bacon
  • Asparagus Bacon
  • Pork with Garlic
  • Japan Surume SquidOyster Mint Leaf Tempura
  • & many more'
Set Lunches ' Includes Appetizer, Miso Soup, Rice, Fruit, 1 Soft Drink
No Service Charge & Tax for Set Lunches

Yakitori Bento (Vegetarian Set Available) $16

Charcoal Grilled Sirloin Steak $22

Charcoal Grilled Fish Set:
Gindara $16
Saba $12
Sanma $12

Sukiyaki Beef / Chicken $14

Panfried Beef $12
Panfried Kimchi with Pork $13

Garlic Fried Rice $10
Kimchi Fried Rice $10

Donburi ' A main course served over rice $12
Una Don
Teriyaki Chicken Don
Teriyaki Salmon Don
Gyu Don
Ten Don
Katsu Don
Oyako Don

Cold Noodles Set: Cold Soba with Yakitori or Tempura, comes with appetizer, fruit, one soft drink or houji-cha.

Yakitori & Cold Soba $16
Tempura & Cold Soba $16

Hot Noodles Set:
Tempura Udon / Soba $12
Nabeyaki Udon / Soba $12
Kimchi Udon / Soba $11
Nameko Udon / Soba $11
Maguro Udon / Soba $11
Vegetarian Udon / Soba $8
Ramen Tonkotsu / Shoyu $12
Wafu Mentaiko Spaghetti $12

Charcoal Grilled Japanese Cuisine

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Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant is a modern kinda izakaya with capacity of about 20.
Cozy little jap restaurant offers just about anything grilled that you can think of.. Even chicken skin! Love the bacon-wrapped prawn!
A-la-carte buffet: Price: $48+ (Fri, Sat & Eve of PH)
Wonder what's the specialty of them? Their highly addictive signature dish, Salmon Skin Salad! Unbelievable? Try it!
The grilled chicken and pork at Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant located at Purvis Street tastes really good. The chicken and pork are grilled at the right temperature and marinated with the right amount of sauce. This recipe really enhances the taste of the meat. It costs around $30 for the variety of food we ordered.Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Dinner)
I went Yakitori for my valentine's day with my bf. I made a reservation for 7pm, when we reach there, there were not many people around. We were the 3rd table serve at that time. We decided to have a buffet and one of the waitress told us to order more in the beginning so we don't need to wait too long for the food later on. About 8pm then people start coming in, we had like a few plates (a very small portion of food) and the food stop coming. As we have to catch our movie at 9.40, I asked the waitress how long more for the food to be serve. The waitress said ok ok but the dishes never come. At about 9pm then one of the waitress served us only 2 more dishes and sarcastically said to us :"Happy right so many food coming.." We both so pissed at her attitude, so we stood up, pay for the bill and left the restaurant. The whole dinner took us 2 and half hour, we are not satisfied, we still have 6-7 order that they have not serve. I don't think the few pieces of food that they serve us worth the price that we paid for.
I going to bugis later will tried that out...
u guys should try Cold Soba with Yakitori the combo is too good, but tried not to get the Salmon Skin Salad especially when you are hungry !!!!!