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SUBWAY® offers foot long and 6-inch sandwiches, made on freshly baked bread and prepared just as you want it, right before your eyes with a wide assortment of meats, cheeses, vegetables and toppings. We also offer wraps, delis and salads, potato chips, freshly baked cookies and choice of drinks to make every visit a fresh one.

Started in 1965, by Fred and Dr. Buck, SUBWAY® restaurants today is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain. We operate more units in the US, Canada and Australia than McDonald’s® does.

For healthy meals, SUBWAY® offers foot long and 6-inch sandwiches, made on freshly baked bread and prepared just the way you want it, with a wide assortment of meats, cheeses, vegetables and toppings to choose from. Wraps, salads and freshly baked cookies are also available.

Craving for fast food yet concern about healthy diet? No worries, Subway is in the town!
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2 Apr 2013 21:19:51
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Craving for fast food yet concern about healthy diet? No worries, Subway is in the town!
Receive $5 extra with every $25 of Subway gift cards
Had a footlong chicken and bacon ranch meal for lunch! Yummy:)
Delicious Cold Cut Trio :)~~
My fabourite combination : ham with hearty italian + sweet onion sauce + veggie soup + diet coke
Had a healthy dinner tonight :) More more veggies!
Always grab subway for a healthier fast food.
L-O-V-E the tuna cheese melt sub at subway! :)
$5 Combo - 5 Choices every day all day!!!!
How i wish it's Halal. Would be good for lunch :)
The chocolate cookies that Subway sells never fail always because it has a standard which is chewy and filled with lots of chocolate inside (as you see in the picture). It is only $1.30! cheap yet it is nice to snack on, with any drinks such as chocolate frap or bubble tea! It tastes so good that i always get it along with my Subway bread as a meal. You can request for it to be heat hot.
Those cookies are nice..! Subway always provide nice and fresh food. I get this because i oreder the combo one. The rashberry cheese cookies is nice. Abit sour and sweet.It\'s softness is just right. But the white choco nut cookies is too sweet for me. Maybe is the white choco.But i like the nut.It\'s hardness make the cookies more crunchy. It\'s a bit like Oatcrunch,but it is tastier.
It\'s been a long time i dint go Subway already.. Actually,Subway\'s breads are really very NICE and healthy.. I like it very much. This time,i ordered the hearty italian. It is very crunchy and it keeps drop on the tray. HAHA..I like to top up with 4 vege:lettuce,onion,tomato and green pepper chilli. It makes the sandwich juicy. Some time,extra cheese also make it taste nicer. The honey mustard sauce is perfect.IT is super nice..!!! But i will try on other sauce next time.
Had been impressed with with Subway cookies ever since i first tried it. Sudden crave for their cookies again so decided to head down to the subway located at jubilee for this temptation. Bought their raspberry cookies as it seemed kinda interesting and delicious to me the cookies is crunchy and not too dry, that\'s what makes me fall in love with their cookies. the cookies contained raspberry jams and white chocolates. The only thing i am not really satisfied with this cookie is that is is too sweet for me!
Seems like I\'m going to Subway every week because Subway is AWESOME! Have you tried Subway melts yet? It\'s really yummy! There\'s bacon, ham and cheese etc. The bacon is delicious and it is a little chewy.I always choose Hearty Italian for the bread simply because it is so crispy after toasting it. I love the crunchy sensation of it! Even after they wrap it with the paper and when it was brought to my table, it will also be crispy.. The sauce I chose to add will always be Barbeque sauce and Honey mustard. These two sauces are so popular among my clique of friends that it became a perfect combination for sauces whenever we dine in Subway !!
The subway sandwiches always delight me with their generous amount of fresh vegetables such as the tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers and sliced raw onion in it.the mayonnise dressing is also quite generous which goes very well with the vegetables and ham slices as well.The ham meat is juicy and tender, which made this whole sandwich a healthier and fulfilling meal to everyone
The different types of sandwiches from Subway has been my option whenever i wanted a light lunch or dinner. It is even more tempting to get a sandwich rather than a proper meal with their on going promotion. My favourite sandwich is Subway Club. It is a combination of sliced turkey breast, sliced roast beef and sliced ham with my choice of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion to go with it. I always opted for sweet onion sauce to enhance its taste. Sweet onion sauce is a good option as the sweet taste added flavour to the sandwich and it is a healthier choice as compared to other sauces available. The amount of veggie added is a good way to eat healthily.
I\'m always craving for SUBWAY! Sadly, there\'s no nearby shopping centre that has Subway restaurant. I love the $5 combos promotions. It\'s all day, everyday and with that, I can save more money. For this promotion, selected combo meal comes with a small drink of your choice. I ordered Cold Cut Trio combo meal this time.The bread I have chosen was Parmesan, and the veggiesI have added was lettuce and tomato. Majority of the time, I will add barbeque sauce and honey mustard to my sandwich because when they are mingled up, it taste fantastic! With this combo meal, adding a piece of cookie is only $1 extra, so I have upsize my meal with a Macadamia Cookie.I love it because it is sweet and chewy!
Once again, I went to Subway. Once again, I ordered Roasted Chicken Breast. Once again, I shared it with my brother. And once again, I took the meal. Always roasted chicken breast and that is a fact that never would be changed. I like roasted chicken breast and the chicken is nice. It isn\'t too hard, neither is it too soft. It is tender and with the melted cheese, lettuce and tomato, my Sub is perfect. I don\'t like sauce so my Sub is always dry. But its nice that way. The cookie I chose was Raspberry Cheesecake and the cookie my brother chose was Double Chocolate Chip. As for the drink, it is the same old ice lemon tea. They got rid of the barley, so ice lemon tea is the usual. Subway also allows us to have extra cheese, extra meat and extra bacon, but I never do get those, although I love cheese. Although Subway can be expensive, I think it worth it as it is healtheir as compared to other fast food restaurants. That\'s why I choose Subway! (:
Normally when I go to subway, I will order their normal sub, it was one morning when I head to subway that I realized they actually had a breakfast menu. I decided to give it a try since you don’t get to eat it after you past the timing. I ordered the bacon and egg. apparently they used the microwave to cook the egg. I would prepare them to pan fry but I guess for efficiency, they microwaved it. The bacon was good, rather crispy. It was very filling and cheaper than the normal subs.
My lunch for today. The tender crisp burger was delicious. The meat is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Be careful, it is a little bit spicy. Except for it being a little spicy, the overall is actually quite delicious. Every bite, there is this crunchy, spicy meat taste. And, their vegetables is quite unique too. I just like it. you will like it to so you should go and try it (:
That morning we went to Tamp early to accompany our mum. As a reward, she treat us subway. we pick the wrap as the bread is too thick and rough. The cold trio was awesome. I like it best with honey mustard and mayo! hahas^^ my sis had the ham one. She added honey mustard and BBQ sauce. it tasted weird and the BBQ sauce is too strong. hahas^^ The wrap was awesome! but at the bottom of it, its all wrap and no ingredients left... Which wasn\'t that nice..
Had their chicken breast wrap here the other day and really enjoyed it! I actually prefer the wraps to the breads whenever i order subway. Love the taste and flavour of the chicken and the abundant supply of vegetables in the wrap! The sauces were very good too and i love it that it is well mixed together with the ingredients! Would definitely go for subway for a quick healthy delicious meal!
Wanted to eat the value meal that costs $5 as i was on a tight budget. I chose the cold cut trio as it is quite similar to my all time favourite subway melt! It was ok but of course i would prefer the subway melt anyday. Generous portions of lettuce was given and the sandwich artist was also friendly and had good service.
My mum and I were shopping around bugis, we decided to have subway for lunch. We decided to order their footlong as it was much cheaper than ordering 2 six inch. We ordered their one of their healthier sub. They claim these subs have fats under 6grams. We chose the teriyaki chicken flavour. chose their honey oat bread. Their teriyaki marinate was very tasty, it made the chicken taste really good. Their chicken was so tender and juicy. We added the chipotle southwest sauce. It went really well with the bread and vegetables. Their vegetables are really fresh and crisp, added some crunch to the bread. It was pretty filling.
subway is always my favourite - the veggie delight is crispy, crunchy and classically delicious. It is tangible proof that a sandwich can be high in flavor without being high in fat. I had the delicious combination of lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, black olives and onions with choice of fat-free condiments on freshly baked bread.
Subway is popular amongst sandwich lovers for its wide variety of sandwiches it offers. It has a range of bread type for customers to choose from such as Honey oat etc. and a wide range of meat as well such as ham, tuna etc. It also has many types of vegetables such as lettue, pepper, tomatoes, onions, olives to choose from to go with the meat and bread. A 6-inch sandwich is quite filling for a meal, however I found the bread a little hard to chew on and the ham was a little too salty. I enjoyed the vegetables though
Bought a piece of white macadiamia cookie from AMK Subway for $1+ after lunch! It is a great snack for me as it is something sweet to munch on and feel delightful after eating that.It is warm when i bite it as i see it is just taken out from the tray left beside the shelves! Therefore the cookie is soft and it falls apart when i had the first bite. The size of the cookie is consistent as the rest of other outlets! Good job, yummy! Love their other flavours too!
I went to NTU for my school camp and we were given 1 hour to have our lunch. My friends and I rushed to the Subway outlet once we were released to avoid the crowd. However, by the time we arrived there, the queue was already very long. Still, I queued to get my Subway meal. I would never sacrifice a Subway meal because of a long queue. While queuing, I decided to read the fat content in each Subway sub. I realised the sub that I always bought, which is the roasted chicken breast, had the highest fat content in the list. But I loved that sub, so I bought that sub despite the high fat content. Nevermind, its just that little amount of fat. I\'m sure some exercise would get rid of it. So I ordered my meal and joined my friends for lunch. Roasted chicken breast is nice and it is the only thing I order when I go to Subway. I just enjoy it too much. The toasted cheese compliments the chicken and makes the sub taste superb. I love Subway and I would certainly want to eat it for every meal, but the price isn\'t that friendly. However, it is a healthier alternative as compared to many other fast food restaurants and I would prefer getting a Subway meal. Regardless, my health is put above money.
Subway offers many different flavours of cookies ranging from the sweeter chocolate cookie to the less sweet ones. Oatmeal cookie is sweet but not too sweet as others. The cookie is chewy and though small in size, it can be surprising quite filling. However, for those without a sweet tooth, you may not enjoy this cookie as it is still sweeter than many other cookies available in the market.
Went there for lunch with colleagues. For those who are looking for something feeling yet low in fat, Subway\'s the one for you. They are generous when it comes to veggies unlike some other outlets. It is affordable and the sandwich is really filling. i like the cold cut sandwich with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onions, and olives. I always choose to go with the honey mustard and sweet onion. I love it. Honey-mustard dressing gives the sandwiches a good flavor. It always take time to savor the sweetness of the taste in my mouth before swallowing it. Subway is awesome. Ovearall, it was great. It would always make me hungry.
Though it might be a little pricey ($5 up), this wrap is a healthier choice in comparison to the bread it usually offers. Wrapped with meat, vegetables and sauce, all of your choice, it is soft and easy to bite. However, the ham is a little salty and the choice of sauce is important too as the yellow mustard sauce that was chosen for this wrap was a tad strong and covers the taste of the bread wrap.
I like the Italian B.M.T because it is more flavourful than the other options that Subway offers. Also, the meat is more chewy and has more fats.I ordered this sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and olives.This time, I also asked for double cheese, however it did not really make a difference to the taste.Next time you are ordering this, try mixing two sauces: sweet onion and mayo.The resultant sandwich is deliciously sweet, salty and creamy.Highly recommended 9/10
It was lunch time and i did not know what to eat but after walking around i decided to head to subway. Ordered the subway melt as usual as it is my favourite sub at subway. They were rather generous with their fillings unlike some other outlets. I do not usually top up to get a meal instead as i feel that the cookies are too sweet for me already.
subway sandwiches are nice, sometimes i will have sudden craving for it. though i couldnt say the sandwich is very special or impressive, i still love the sandwich there! And i always like to put the honey mustard sauce!! for vege, i most likely will put the lettuce, tomato and pickles. And for the bread, parmesan oregano is my favourite. sometimes a 6 inch one will not be enough for me, but i still havent tried the foot long size, coz i think that it will be too full!!
This must be one of the smallest subway outlet. It is in between two other food stalls at basement one of Jcube, which makes it quite cramped. I had initially wanted to eat there, but decided to takeaway since there are no more seats available. I bought the turkey breast sub sandwich for myself. There are four slices of the meat in my sub and the wait staff was generous with the veggies when I requested for more cucumbers and onions. I have eaten this sub many times, but I never get sick of it because it is a relatively healthy, tasty and filling lunch for me. Although there is quite a number of people in front of me, the queue moved quickly, so it is definitely good for people with little time to spare for lunch.
It is a 12 inch parmesan bread, cold cut trio! (: They give you choices of what type of vegetables you want to add and you can request extra like what i did. And you can choose what sauce to put and get the nicest match of taste! It is very filling and at the same time, it is healthy too! And all their ingredients looks and taste fresh.
I was here a few times to grab a sandwich meal when my dearest Grandpa was hospitalised in a few occasions. It has always been an option when i was left to dine alone. I always go for the \'Sub of the Day\' for only $4.50. They have different type of sandwich for different day. Some of my favourite selections have been Spicy Italian on Wednesday, Ham on Thursday, Turkey on Saturday and Cold Cut Trio on Sunday. It has always been a simple but healthier choice with the large amount of veggies added to make it a healthy choice. I always requested for extra amount of lettuce and cucumber to be added then flavoured by the Sweet Onion Sauce. The above combination went really went with any of the above \'Sub of the Day\' that i mentioned earlier. And, to contribute to the effort in saving the environment, they imposed a charge of $0.20 cents for the usage of plastic bag when taking the sandwich away. An alternative is to order a cup of coffee or soft drink to have the sandwich in the quite Cafe.Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50
I was feeling slightly hungry and yet did not want to eat anything too filling since I am having dinner in just an hour\'s time, so I decided to go for a subway cookie while waiting for my hubby. I chose the white macademia nut cookie. Subway\'s cookies are the crumbly and slighty chewy types which are vastly different from the cookies that I usually have. However, I still find myself snacking at their cookies because I love chewy stuff and I thought it is a very different texture which sets subway\'s cookies from other cookies. The white macademia nuts within the cookie are quite well spread and biting into each of them is a delight. As I feel that its cookies are quite sweet, I will limit myself to only one cookie each time around. Great for those with a sweet tooth!
Whenever I feel like eating healthy sandwiches, Subway is always the best choice on this.Very thoughtful for them to alllow us to choose the kind of bread we want, the kind of fillings we want and also different types of vegetables for us to choose too. Even till the last stage of their preparation, they also will ask you which types of dressing you prefer to have in your sandwhich which includes thousand island sauce, mayonise, honey mustard sauce and many other more.My favourite fillings is to add the turkey meat which is really tender and juicy.A healthy meal can be obtain at Subway which suitable for all age group of people.Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Lunch)
love the cookies here! it\'s huge and soft yet crispy at the edges. and it\'s so fragrant and smells and tastes so home made! some of the cookies are smaller sizes than others so you have to cross your fingers to get the big one! the peanut butter was very good, but the chocolate macadamia was the best! love the chocolate macadamia! can\'t really taste or see the macadamia bits but the oevrall cookies just tasted so wonderful. can be very sweet, so best not to have too many at once! additctive!
if quiznos was more readily available, we would go to quiznos. but otherwise subway is a very good substitute. they make very good sandwiches here with all the toppings of your choice at a fixed price. love the salami italian bmt sanwich here. and of course you have to have the foot long! cost $8.80. best on an oregano bun! love that the bun is cooked fresh and hot in store and you can see it. love the variety of sauces as well. the meat and vegetables are fresh and they have very high standards and very friendly service.
After eating all the unhealthy stuff for the previous ocassions when I eat out, I decided to go for a healthier option by having subway for dinner. I ordered the turkey breast sub on its own, with all the veggies and extra serving of tomatoes since tomatoes are good for the skin. I requested for no sauce for minimize the calories and even without the sauce, the sub is still very tasty, with the natural saltiness from the turkey breast and the freshness of the veggies. Subway is still one of my top choices for healthy meals!
Now that Subway is almost everywhere, it is easy to just drop by to get their awesome and delicious cookies!! My favourite would definitely be the plain chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, Subway has definitely one of the best cookies! They\'re so soft and moist, and I just love how big it is! It definitely complete your meal.
Although it was already 2.45pm when i came to buy subway, there was still a long queue. Ordered the chicken teriyaki sub as i wanted to try something different. It was not too bad as the chicken was in large chunks. Added tomato and lettuce to my sub and complete it with sweet onion sauce. The service was excellent despite the long queue, the staff was really patient!!!
A visit to Subway never disappoints because I know I\'m getting healthy and fresh food! My favourite at Subway has always been the Tuna sandwich. Of course, instead of the regular 6 inch sandwich, you can go for the foot-long if you\'re famished!! My order today is for the 6-inch tuna with cheese, toasted. What impresses me most about this outlet is how the staff manage to divide the work and clear the queue in no time - very commendable indeed! My first choice of bread is Hearty Italian - it is light and tastes great when toasted. I always ask for lots of lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum and olives. My must have sauce is Honey Mayonnaise, with just a little bit of sweet flavour. A dash of pepper completes the creation. It is always a pleasure to have a \'\'DIY made by others\'\' sandwich at Subway Spending: Approximately SGD 6.00(Dinner)
After shopping with love, we decide to have our healthy lunch in Subway !Basically is you order the food as you want, you can choose the vegi, sauce and paste. And we decide to trythe seem like awesome crabby meat ! It taste not bad when we add some tomatoes sauce on it , the vegi taste crispy one feet long bread is a lot, and half feet long bread was just nice.Spending: Approximately SGD 7
I absolutely love subway sandwiches. They\'re really generous when it comes to veggies ... gives a really good crunch. Most people I\'ve observed only take lettuce, cucumber & tomato. Oh well, more olives & jalapenos for me. I always chose to go with the sweet onion sauce, I love it. For those who are looking for something feeling yet low in fat, Subway\'s the one for you. Honey-mustard dressing gives the sandwiches a good flavor, minus all the fat.
I was in the mood for a Subway sandwich, so during my lunch time, I walked into a Subway and saw their recent promo\'s of 5 $ combos. When I reached the counter, I decided on Ham sub,with Parmesan Oregano bread. For greens, I chose lettuce, olives & Jelapanos. Mustard & BBQ sauce was added as well. I chose to have a lemon iced tea. The Ham sub was great, just the way I love my Subs. A normal 6 inch sub is pretty filling. You can also add on a pkt of chips or a cookie for 1 $. Eating a Sub with the right (low cal) sauces is a healthy meal. I think I should visit Subway often, especially with the new 5 $ promos.Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Lunch)
I was happy that the Subway $5 meal that was still on going. Love to have to egg mayo set which comes with a drink. Whats great about it. It is only $5 and comes with a drink. I added a $1 for yohurt. You actually can add a additional for cookie, yoghurt or even chips. Definitely worth it for a healthy meal.
Ordered the promotion set at $5, Ham meal with a cup of drink! Ordered for Parmesan bread and this is how the bread looks like on the inside! The person gave me more lettuce when i requested for it, good! This is very filling already! (: Nice and value meal.
when the $5 deal is on, I absolutely love subway sandwiches. They\'re really generous when it comes to veggies ... gives a really good crunch. Most people I\'ve observed only take lettuce, cucumber & tomato. Oh well, more olives & jalapenos for me. I always chose to go with the sweet onion sauce, I love it. For those who are looking for something feeling yet low in fat, Subway\'s the one for you. Honey-mustard dressing gives the sandwiches a good flavor, minus all the fat. Spending: Approximately SGD 5
Brought a set of the student meal which consist of a tuna honey oat, white nut macadamia cookie and a drink. The bread are all freshly baked daily with a soft texture. The tuna mixture was well prepared and mixed, sufficient seasoning and mayonnaise sauce, able to taste the freshness of the tuna. I have also added lettuce, tomato, capsicum and pickles for extra crunchiness. As for the white nut macadamia cookie, it is well baked, has a soft texture and a slight crispness. This cookie includes sweet white chocolate and macadamia nut.Spending: Approximately SGD 5.50(Lunch)
3 cookies for $3 while 1 is for $1.30! So i rather get 3 of different flavours. One is Chocolate chip, Macademia Nuts and Rasberry white choco cookies! (: When i first bite, it taste really awesome compared to other outlets. Example the Rasberry white choco, there\'s alot of the ingredient inside in the middle! enjoy eating them.Spending: Approximately SGD 3(Lunch)
Nowadays subway has the $5 meal with the sandwich and the drink included. If not , as a student, you can enjoy the $5.50 meal with an addition of cookie. It is affordable and the sandwich is really filling. i like the egg mayo sandwich with lettuce, cucumber and tomato and with mayonnaise and honey mustard added to it. i always take time to savor the sweetness of the taste in my mouth before swallowing it. Subway is awesome !Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Dinner)
It has been quite a while since I ordered the cold cut trio. I chose the honey oat bread as the bread and added basically everything with extra serving tomatoes since tomatoes are especially good for the skin. I also added the honey mustard sauce. The sandwich is very delicious with all the vegetables and the three different types of ham. As the three different combinations of ham used together can be quite salty, I am glad for the extra amount of vegetables to balance the taste.
quite a long time never pass by raffles hospital and did not notice the store has already changed to subway.i gotten the chicken breast meat with hearty italian bread for lunch. subway is definitely the healthier choice compared to other sandwiches especially when you can choose the type of sauces that you can addSpending: Approximately SGD 8(Lunch)
Before heading to scape for our dance class, my friend and I proceeded to Subway at Somerset 313 to settle our dinner (: Both of us ordered egg Mayo with the $5 deal. I \'ve ordered honey oat bread with egg mayo , lettuce and cucumber and my sauces are honey mastard and chilli sauce (: On top of that, with an additional of $1, customer will be able to enjoy cookies or chips to their own choice. The $5 deal inclusive of the bread as well as 16oz of drink from the dispenser. I feel so healthy after eating this meal. So let\'s start eating healthier food (:
The subway of the day special is really good at attracting crowds. I ordered those at $4.50, where the type of subway changes daily. I ordered the cold cut trio with honey mustard. Not being a fan of vegetables, I picked only tomatoes, lettuces and cucumbers. The vegetables were fresh and the bun was crispy after being toasted.Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50(Lunch)
A healthy sub for anytime of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many choicesof bread and sauces caters to different likings of the general population. Price and reasonable and serving is generour. Service crew is polite too. they have a lunch promotion too. $6 for a sub, a cookie and a drink.
Subway is often my choice for my lunch since it is a fuss-free and healthy meal. I have good impressions of this outlet because of the excellent service. I had ordered the 6 inch turkey breast sub for my meal as takeway. I absentmindedly forgot my wallet when I left the counter and the service staff was honest enough to chase after me to return my wallet. It is really great of him, so thumbs up for that. In addition, the service staff preparing my sub is also generous with the vegetables, placing quite a lot of lettuce and green chillis when I indicated I would like to have more. With regards to my sub, I love the turkey ham as it taste more natural without excessive use of salt to process the meat. I always have my sub with the honey mustard dressing, which adds a little taste of sweetness to the sub. Overall, it is a very enjoyable meal because of both excellent service and food.
After a tiring day of work, finally i can have my dinner. Keeping it simple, i dropped by the nearby Subway to my favourite Chicken breast footlong sandwich. It is not expensive, costing me $8.90. I did not order any meals to go along but just the sandwich. It is sufficient to fill my tummy.Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Dinner)
Subway is always my choice for healthy and filling sandwiches. I usually go for the healthier sandwiches with 6 grams of fat and below. One of the favourite sub which I always liked to order is the turkey breast sub. I liked having it with the honey oat bread and then top it up with the vegetables. The service staff is flexible enough to put honey mustard sauce on one side of the 1 foot sub and nothing on the other side as per my request since my hubby wants honey mustard and I don\'t want it. Perhaps it is in Thomson, the crowd isn\'t that much as compared to the city areas, which made having lunch there a more relaxing affair.
After my game of pool with my friend, we decided to head to Subway for our late lunch. We both got the sub of the day which is turkey breast sub. I went for the wheat bread. This particular sub also entitles us for the yogurt and distilled water upgrade at an additional $1. However, I chose not to upgrade since I wasn\'t too hungry. The sandwich is really refreshing since I chose to omit the sauce today. I can taste the crispyness of the fresh lettuce better and also the taste of the turkey breast meat without the sauce masking the taste. Overall, it is a healthy yet yummy meal.
It\'s subway again..! I really like subway\'s sandwich. It\'s hard to find a rich,fresh and nice sandwich. We can find it in subway.I like the smell when they put our sandwich in the oven after we ordered it. It is really nice.I can feel the sandwich is abit warm after put in the oven. The wholewheat bread is nice,soft and rich with wheat. And it is also not too dry.It is just right. The ham and the cheese inside taste nice too. I like the custard too.
Subway\'s sandwich is very fresh. It is made only when we ordered,and we can also choose the ingredient that we want. The ham is abit salty,but nevermind,because of the thick bread,i dint feel much salty. The cucumber is also quite crispy. I like the bread so much,it is so nice,softness is just right. The mustard also increase the tastiness of the sandwich. But it is quite expensive,and i dint feel full after eating it.
Quite disappointed with the steak cheese sub as the beef pieces were in cubes instead of slices and were slightly hard, not freshly cooked i guess and they didnt really blend into the melted cheese. The oatmeal raisin cookie was good though, there were lots of oats in the cookie, though it wasnt crispy, it still tasted fresh and tasty.
I had my lunch at subway this afternoon. The food was taste great and it\'s healthy to eat. Everything was baked no fried food, you can choose the bread , filling, vegetables and sauce. I love the daily promotion, it\'s at a affordable price $4.50 cause usual meal is around $6-8plus. There is cookies too, the cookies is chewy and freshly baked. If you want to have a healthy meal Subway is a best choice!
This is a memorable dining experience for me because this was one of the first fast food joints to offer veggie patties. I was 10years old when I first stepped into subway and one of my best friends brought me here to relieve exam stress! After which, subway has always been one of my favorite places to go to for a healthy sub! It is also a healthier alternative as compared to the rest.The subs are not only nutritious but taste delicious as well. I ordered the honey oat sub (which comes in both half or foot long). I went for the half and requested for the veggie patty. I have been told that it is an excellent substitute for meat. The veggie patty also gives the sub a lot of bulk as compared to the veggie delight (just vegetables). I added lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and olives. I like how the subs can be toasted with the patty as well as cheese before they add on the rest of the ingredients. The sub tastes amazing and the vegetables used are always fresh! they also have a variety of sauces to choose from. One of my favorites is the honey mustard Biting into the sub cased an explosion of flavors in my mouth and the sauces really did compliment the vegetables and the patty! The cookies are also a MUST-TRY (:Spending: Approximately SGD 7(Lunch)
Never knew how much difference it would make your sandwich with an addition of a strip of bacon. Of course it comes with an additional charge but it sure does change the taste of the tuna sandwich. The ingredients were all fresh and I like their onions a lot as they add a certain spice to the bread.
One of the easiest and quickest dinner has always been a sandwich from the many outlets of Subway. And this particular outlet is the nearest to my house. It was one of those days for a really late dinner and the easiest solution got to be my favorite Subway Melt. I ordered a foot long Subway Melt on Hearty Italian bread to share with my partner. My choice for veggies has always been the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion and green pepper. I tried the Sweet Onion sauce for the first time. My partner did not like it but i enjoyed it quite a bit. The warm bread contributed to the tastiness of the sandwich.Spending: Approximately SGD 9.60
Subway is one of my favourite places to go if I wanted to buy something on the go. My choice of sandwich is the roast beef since it is one of the healthier sandwich with only 6g of fats. The roast beef sandwich is the premium sandwich, costing $5.50 for a 6inch sub. Even though I found it expensive, the taste made up for it. The roast beef is very tasty and not more importantly, it is not as salty as the other ham sandwiches. I like having lots of fresh lettuce and onions on my sandwich together with the red wine vinegar dressing.Spending: Approximately SGD 5.50
I had the Sub of the day, Egg mayonnaise in a recent trip to AMK Hub. The shop here is really small with limited seats so I would think this outlet caters more for people on the go. I had to wait a while to get a seat. Subway is pretty much standard across their outlets and this is also the case for the outlet. The bread was toasted well and their vegetables (I usually order everything except jalapenos) were fresh and tasty. Just wished they could be more generous with the egg mayo. Service here was pretty good, though a little slow. The service crew was rather friendly, despite the queue of impatient customers. She greeted me and tried to make small talk.Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50
Long time never had this subway so I decided to have it with my friend. I ordered Classics Ham 12 inches and shared with my friend. When I received the food, it was very tempting. First bite, the bread was very soft in texture with succulent slices of ham. They\'re really generous when it comes to veggies. The veggies was very fresh and good crunch. The only thing I don\'t eat is pickle because they taste really raw and sour. Honey-mustard dressing gives the sandwiches a good flavour. We both enjoyed our sandwich very much.
Love the kuehs here. Service is nothing to comment on. Love the colourful kuehs. But the price is the same as Bengawan Solo\'s. The quality is not as good as Bengawan Solo but the variety is more here. Love the fragrance and the sweetness level is just right. Love their colourful egg agar agar but I prefer my own homemade one. Not sure what this kaya kueh is called but I really liked the taste and texture and bengawan solo doesn\'t sell this. The kuehs here are not overly greasy.
So i was in tiong bahru with my cousin. Followed her to rent dvds. We were so hungry. So we decided to eat at subway since it\'s mean something since i ate in subway. I bought myself a Subway tuna with Honey oats. I have never tried any othermeals. SADLY COS IT\'S NOT HALAL. I really hope they turn subway into halal. Anyway back to my order. I had it with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Oh and also toasted with cheese ya. And with chili, mustard and mayo. I don\'t understand why now we can only choose 3 sauces when i use to have like almost all the sauce last time. But nevertheless when the food tastes good. that\'s all it matter.
the thing, that just keeps me thinking about subway, is there deliciously baked cookies, and their superb breads! the student meal is just $5.50, and you\'ll get a free flow of drinks, a cookie, and a bread of your choice. i must say, i\'ve been going there nearly once a month! the taste is just so unique, and you get to have all the fun making a unique, one of a kind bread for yourself!
beforeAfter prefer the now Sub Of The Day promotion which is an ala carte sandwich on its own, compared to how Subway used to do it in the past- sandwich + drink + cookie. The sub of the day was Cold Cut Trio: basically sliced turkey bologna, turkey ham and turkey salami. As usual, I asked for all the vegetables available except green chili. For the dressing, I chose honey mustard, I love the sweet onion and honey mustard, these are my favorite and two of the healthier options too. The subway was fresh, refreshing and delightful, just like how its constant at most outlets (:
I\'ve always loved subway! It’s so convenient, like you can just grab it and go, have it along the way as you’re rushing for classes or work. Plus its so healthy! Loved their oven roasted chicken and red wine vinegar sauce, together with honey oats bread. Makes a perfect and healthy lunch! Subway, eat fresh!
Cold cut trio meal (plus cookies and soft drink) $7.6 Subway is really the place to go if you want a quick lunch as the service is fast. I got this ham sandwich in less than 5 minutes. With my favourite bread and choice of vegetables toppings, this is a healthy and yummy sandwich I can enjoy everyday. their cookies used to be great but getting really sweet recently which was a discount to the originally great taste. having said that, it doesn\'t mean that the food isn\'t nice but just not as nice. will still patronize as it is a healthier choice of fast food
I ordered the 6 inch italian tuna sandwich with cheese for my lunch after school. I chose lettuce, tomato, and cucumber for my vegetables, and for my sauce i chose honey mustard. The ingredients given were quite alot, and together with the crunchiness of the vegetables, and the tasty sauce, i enjoyed my tuna sandwich lunch. The service crew were patience and listen to our request attentively.Spending: Approximately SGD 4.80
i went to subway at ion for lunch the other day. Apparently this branch shares their seatings with other eateries in the area so it was quite hard to find seat. Kind of regretted buying my subway cos I had to wait quite long for seats. Unlike other branches, there were abundant seats. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my sub. I ordered the egg mayo sub. I love the egg mayo, it is very light and refreshing. The staff was very generous with the portion of egg mayo. I love mine toasted with cheese. I added the honey mustard and sweet onion sweet, it adds more flavour to the egg mayo, the honey mustard gives it a little sourish taste, while the sweet onion gives it a sweetish and light taste. I like it that they allow to add whatever vegetables to our sub, makes it so healthy!
I\'ve always loved subway! It’s so convenient, like you can just grab it and go, have it along the way as you’re rushing for classes or work. Plus its so healthy! As for the vegetables, that\'s the best part. Huge variety of greens to choose from or have everything of each types of greens. Feel refreshed each time having my favourite sandwiches with raisin cookies and an ice lemon tea at subway. Subway, Eat Fresh! Such a great alternative to have a healthier lunch where you can not only choose your favourite vegetables but also your favourite dressing, apart from the different subway.
Yum-Yum subway! One of my favorite fast food went there with my boy before attending my cousins wedding The place is not really clean because the staffs didnt clear the table after customers had finish their meals and there are bread crumbs around to be seen and we have to take the tray away and use tissues to clean it. We ordered our favorite breast meat with veggies and honey mustard sauce. i always make with this few because the meat is tender and with veggies and honey mustard sauce it makes a healthier choice Its comes with a large drinks and 2 cookies and only cost 12$+. Idont really like the cookies because the cookies is a little too sweet. I always ate a few mouth and give the rest to my boy :X. But overall is still my favorite Spending: Approximately SGD 12.50(Lunch)
the photo of food shown above is the subway sandwish. I love eating subway, i chose the parmesan bread and it is teriyaki chicken sandwich. I chose all veggie including pickle, onion, olive, cucumber and tomato. I tried the red wine sauce as it is low fat sauce wont cause me to have excess calorie
I ordered parmesan bread with turkey ham with an additional two bucks for my regular drinks and a piece of cookies. Turkey is simply a healthy food as it is high in flavor and low in fat. Delicious sliced turkey with lettuce and tomato (your choice of fresh vegetables) and ranch and honey mustard sauce added (your choice of sauces).
Priot to attending a recent Study Fair held at Orchard Hotel, my friend and I dropped by Subway to get some cookies for snacks. I decided to try their newest flavour, Raspberry Cheesecake. It was absolutely HEAVENLY! The cookie was soft and chewy, just the way I love my cookies! The raspberry bits in the cookie go so well with the cheesecake. I just couldn\'t get enough of these and finished all 3 cookies within just a few minutes. Simply yummy and it is now my favourite cookie flavour from Subway!
I went to Raffles Place to meet my husband to pass him some documents. We decided to dine in at Subway since it has been some time since we have ate there. We ordered the footer for turkey and ham sub, and we got the wait staff to have one 6 inch drizzled with honey mustard sauce(for my hushand) and the other half dizzled with the red wine vinegar sauce (for me). I must admit this is my first time trying turkey and ham sub and I thought it was quite nice with a nice variety and contrast of flavours.
Subway just introduced a new cookie to their cookie menu, it is called raspberry cheesecake. My friends have been raving how good it was and when my girlfriend bought two pieces for me the other day, I could not agree more. The cookie is the chewy kind. The raspberry gave it a sweetish, sourish taste. the cheesecake flavor makes the cookie even more fragrant. I think it wins the other cookies in my opinion. And most importantly, it is not too sweet.
Was having a quick dinner with my colleague. And has decided not to go to the packed and crowded foodcourt or coffeeshop for our dinner today. Decided to go subway to try out their new item: soup of the day - cream of cauliflower soup with a roasted chicken breast! I really loved the combination of their soup and my favorite subway. Its tasted really yummy, freshly roasted with lots of my favorite veggies - tomatoes, onions, cucumber! And really loved their soup, it was very flavourful and delicious. Their soup is definetly a must try new item @ subway!
i simply love subway’s subway melt. Most of the time I will buy a footlong and share it with my mum. She is also a fan of their subway melt. This time there was nobody at home to share the footlong so I settled for 6 inch. I opted for honey oat bread cos I love the oats that coats the bread. The bacon and ham is so tasty. love the saltiness of these two meat. I always have my sub toasted with cheese. Simply love the melted cheese taste. I will ordered the honey mustard and olive oil as my dressings. The olive oil give the sub a smoother taste. I love subway’s concept of choosing your favourite toppings and dressings. It really engages the customers better.
My girlfriend and I decided to have our dinner at subway after seeing their latest promotion. They have this promotion which is the meltilicious meal. You get to choose one six inch sub from their three choices, two cookie and a Snapple. I opted for the meatball marinara. I love their meatball marinara, the meatballs are very juicy and tasty. I love how they toasted the cheese with the meat ball and how the cheese melts on top of the meatball. It was so worth it to have the Snapple as the drink. Get Christmas promotion!
I wanted a lunch on the go since I was rushing to my sister\'s place. Therefore, I decided on subway and got the chicken ranch sub. I got the service staff to add all the vegetables since I love vegetables and also to add the honey mustard sauce. The service staff was a little too overly generous with his sauce as I thought it was a little too much sauce for my liking, covering the taste of the sandwich. Otherwise, I enjoyed the sandwich.
Wanted something light for dinner, but not sure what to eat.. After roaming around aimlessly @ Holland Village for a couple of minutes, I was leaning more towards cooking a pack of instant noodles to pacify my growling stomach.Then I saw Subway tucked in the usual quiet corner.Hmm..I haven\'t had a sub sandwich for quite sometime.Checked the queue:only 1 pax.Good!I would have sandwich for dinner then!I decided to go for my all time favourite: the 6" Cold Cut Trio on Honey Oat Bread, toasted with cheese.I threw in all the vegs, except for pickles and jalapenos (I\'m not really into sourish stuff).For sauce, I chose Honey Mustard. The vegs were pretty fresh.I loved the extra onions dumped on top (upon request).Together with the ham & melted cheese, the sandwich was enjoyable and I finished it up quite quickly. It\'s definitely a much healthier choice than my otherwise instant noodles! Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50
this outlet shifted over from city vibe which used to have a much bigger space but at clementi mall the outlet is much smaller so is quite hard to find seats during peak time. despite the small size, the sandwiches are still nice. another good thing is the staff are well trained so the you do not have to wait for a long time for the sandwich to be readySpending: Approximately SGD 11.40(Dinner)
this outlet shifted over from city vibe which used to have a much bigger space but at clementi mall the outlet is much smaller so is quite hard to find seats during peak time. despite the small size, the sandwiches are still nice. another good thing is the staff are well trained so the you do not have to wait for a long time for the sandwich to be readySpending: Approximately SGD 11.40(Dinner)
definitely a healthy choice when looking for a meal. but sometime some of the meat tend to be a bit on the salty side so not good to eat it everyday also. my boyfriend like to roast beef sandwich most but i find it just ok. the taste is not bad cause is using beef cubes instead of beef steak or slices so the meat texture is better. this outlet has quite afew seats available so can find seats easily unless during peak hour. however the service is not that efficient, perhaps the staff are still new so the preparation time take quite a bit of timeSpending: Approximately SGD 10.50(Dinner)
one of my frequent dinner place in school cause it opens till late and even 24hr during exam period. the good thing about eating subway in school is that they have 15% discount for student and staff so is much cheaper than eating outside. turkey ham is quite a nice sandwich since is not too salty and it goes well with cheddar cheeseSpending: Approximately SGD 9.50(Dinner)
every weekend, i do breakfast @ Subway :) ... it's really delicious
We always get the footlong. It\'s too moreish to only get the 6 inch. It\'s also cheaper than Quiznos and you get stacks of vegetables in it. The fresh bread baking just makes you salivate when you are lining up. We love the Italian meats with all the vegatables and extra jalepenos! Really fills you up and keeps you happy for a long time when you finish the foot long. Sometimes the cucumbers aren\'t really fresh - maybe they\'re imported from somewhere that\'s not local... Love the olives and the cheese! Bring it on!
Been quite awhile since I had Subway so i had it for lunch today Got myself the Roasted Chicken Breast with Oatmeal N Raisin bread. They toast it too much at some places though.So usually I only toast the meat and ask them to leave the bread as it is. I always add extra cheese(bcos cheese rules) and my choice of vegetables would be olives,lettuce,capsicums and sometimes,tomato. My choice of sauces were Honey Mustard and Chipotle Southwest.LOVELY COMBI!!
As usual, the service is nothing to talk about. But the sandwiches are always good. The bread baking in-store makes the places smell good. This sandwich is Italian on parmesean bread. The parmesean bread goes very well together with the italian meats. There\'s salami, pastrami and some other meat. Very salty and not very healthy but the salad kinda makes up for it. You can add all the salad you want and adding olives and jalepeno is a must to make this sandwich! We always get the foot long and it\'s gone before you know it. The salad really balances the meats in this sandwich. Recommended for a quick meal fix.
Subway, Eat Fresh! Such a great alternative to have a healthier lunch where you can not only choose your favourite vegetables but also your favourite dressing, apart from the different subway. I like the turkey ham and tomato and pickles just adds a tint of sourness to the sandwich, making it very appetizing and good!
subway melts ($5.9)= bacon strip, ham, turkey ham, cheese, hearty italian bread lettuce, onion, pickles, honey mustard.subway club ($5.9) = ham, beef, turkey ham, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, parmesan oregano bread and honey mustard. subway = Healthy, nutritious and filling meal. Esp the refreshing and crunchy veggies are the main highlight. Spending: Approximately SGD 5.9(Dinner)
Had a craving for Subway delicious sandwich so I went to eat with my friend. I had chosen the subway club, which are ham, beef and turkey ham. I choose the Parmesan Oregano bread, with extra cheese for additional $1.. and 3 types of veggie which are lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. Lastly, I asked the person to give me generous spam of honey mustard which I like the most. The combination is good, with flavourful meat slices, refreshing veggies and sweet & sour honey mustard. Spending: Approximately SGD 5.9(Dinner)
I\'ve heard many great reviews about the Chicken Teriyaki from Subway so I decided to give it a try. However, I didn\'t quite like it :S Although the chicken was tender and chewy, I didn\'t quite like the taste of the Teriyaki Sauce though Have definitely tried better subs and shall try something else next time!
in the recent years, subway has gained quite a lot of popularity in sg. i also like to settle a meal at subway cause is a healthier choice compared to other fastfood outlets. although is a healthier choice, one should still be caution about eating too much because the preserved meats have a lot of salt and the dressing can be fattening too. the sandwich variety is quite alot but the bad thing about this outlet is the lack of sitting area so you have to takeaway the food
Turkey ham +tomato + onion + lettuce + honey mustard + hearty italian bread = delicious healthy nutritious sandwich !! D Subway serves fresh and healthy kind of bread type meal which is nutritious and suitable for everyone. And this sandwich is actually very tasty and filling too. I always asks for spams of honey mustard coz i love it !! D
I wanted a quick lunch and decided to try an old favourite in Subway. I tried the trusted Marinara Meatball Sub ($5.50). The Italian bread came out hard and somehow the taste did not quite gel like it did previously. My dining partner\'s chicken teriyaki ($5.90) also came out pretty bland. Subway really never satisfy my appetite.
In a hurry in NUS ! ? HAve a subway to go with you The subway is served in fast and efficient way so that students can quickly packed their breakfast or lunch to class. And of course, student discount is being given to NUS\'s student . As for me , i orderded a large $2.70 drink to quench my drink ! Subway always....Spending: Approximately SGD 3
Instead of getting the usual Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, I decided to give the Turkey Ham a try as it looked really delicious as well!! I ordered the Parmesan Oregano bread and had it toasted with cheese. I got all the veges except for tomatoes as it tends to make the bread soggy really fast. Also, I decided to try a sauce which I\'ve never tried before; Red Wine. The turkey ham sub was definitely a good choice. Generous amount of ham and it tasted great. However, I couldn\'t taste the Red Wine sauce at all! Perhaps I should just stick to my usual sauce in the future or request for more sauce to bring out the flavours!
My friend was studying at the subway here at liang court so we decided to share a subway footlong for the both of us! As we love the subway melt, we decided to order that and chose hearty italian for our bread. We got the sandwich artist to cut it into half for us so that it is easier for us to eat. When my friend requested for more lettuce, the sandwich artist really gave us a lot of lettuce which was a good thing as some other outlets actually gives out really little lettuce. The place was rather conducive even though it was a sunday afternoon and it is very quiet at that outlet too, so it makes a good place to study.
I loooooooooooooove subway\'s Roasted Chicken breast but I decided to get their Tuna Melts today. Added some cheese and every vegetable there was except tomato. My choice of sauce was Honey mustard and chipotle southwest.LOVE those 2 sauces.They\'re really different from the normal chilli sauce and mayonnaise that other fast food outlets serve. Anyway,after i tried it, I came to a conclusion that Roasted chicken breast was still my utmost favourite. I thought the tuna inside was abit too much....BUT other than that,i still liked it
I love to eat at Subway. The Subway at compass point has high quality standards and the food is always sorted for freshness and appearance. The only thing that is tough evil about Subway is the prices. But the price won’t stop me from eating their sandwich which has a very THICK layer of juicy ham.
Always love subway for their healthier choice;D Several choices of vegetables to choose from, and if we like, we can just add all the vegetables available;DCold cut trio is what I usually order, and it is the same for this time. And as usual, I added lettuce and cucumber, with sweet onion and mayonnaise sauce;D I really love the moderately salty taste of the generous ham serving, coupled with the sweet sauces, hamburger between the sub and the vegetables in it. And the cheese included in it brings out a special cheesy and nice taste to every bite taken of the sub.(: So delicious and healthier choice…that’s why we love dining at subway ;D
DESTINATION: SUBWAY,NORTHPOINT On Saturday, together with my boyfriend we went to Yishun to have our lunch and movies We ordered foot-long Classics (EGG MAYO) meal which includes 2 cookies and drink. The bread that we chosen was Honey Oat I love the concept of subway and the staff there was amiable. Firstly, we need to choose the types of bread that we want. Then, the staff will added the ingredients and asked if you want to put it into oven After that, its time to choose the kind of vegetables you would want and lastly sauces. After payment, the cashier will provide us with one cup and we will refill on our own. The bread was crispy and the egg mayo tasted delicious too. For the subway cookies, it was cripsy and chewy I lOVE IT I\'m sure the first bite you will like it.
Went to Subway for lunch.Had this voucher so i use it to redeeem a $5.9 subway melt with honey oat bread. And have ordered all the ingredients except green chilli and pickles. The ingredients were all very fresh and they were rather generous with the ingrdients! Really a satisfying and healthy meal!
These day it is not so difficult to consume a healthy meal. With so many fast food chains entering, do you go for the fanciful want or the long standing one or the healthier choice one? What I like about Subway is that it is not oily and for the price of $6+ you are guilty free. Unlike most of the fast food, Subway meal always give you the satisfaction - you feel very bloated after having it.And at Subway, you won\'t get sick of it as there are different sauces that you can try out during every visit. Also, different kind of bread give you different kind of texture.Your choice doesn\'t end with the sandwich, you can pick your favourite cookies too! The cookies at Subway is always very soft. It is all about choice here at Subway, it is all about you - having what you like!
I personally love the chocolate chip cookies from subway. to be frank, some of my friends doesn\'t like it but i think it is delicious. The cookies is big and chewy with lots of chocolate chips on it. It has a strong fragrance just like the famous amos that we usually eat. i would recommend people to buy them as a set with the sandwich as it is quite expensive just to purchase 1 cookie.
The other day after my shopping at Tiong Bahru Plaza, I went into Subway to buy one of its sandwiches. It was around 3pm and there is no customer queuing in front of me. I got the roast beef 6 inch sub as a takeaway. The service staff was quite attentive to my requests and was quite generous with the veggies. I find the roast beef slices to be thicker than normal. Not sure if it is because I have not eaten it for quite some time. I like the overall taste with the red wine vinegar sauce.
Subway, Eat Fresh! Such a great alternative to have a healthier lunch where you can not only choose your favourite vegetables but also your favourite dressing, apart from the different subway. I like the cold cut trio and red wine vinegrette just adds a tint of sourness to the sandwich, making it very appetizing and good!
Subway is the way to go if you’re watching your diet. It has delicious cookies, exotic sandwiches with and mouth watering toppings will surely make your day special. I had ordered the Foot-long Cheese Steak Sandwich on Italian bread. The meat was so fresh and juicy.The bread was so soft too, I really enjoyed it. They have different kinds of breads with juicy flavors add a different taste to it. Truely magnificently designed for everyone, subway is perfect liesure place for spending time. Service men are very polite, ambience is too good. Look at the varities there, they have taken care of every segment of society. You have so many veggies as well as so many new non-veg items. Spending: Approximately SGD 15(Dinner)
I decided to satisfy my craving for subway and got the foot long chicken breast. My choice of bread was hearty italian. I got mine with extra cheese, olives, lettuce, mayonnaise, honey mustard and chipotle. It was my first time trying olives and I must say that it tastes really good. The mayonnaise was oozing out from the sandwich. It was indeed a very hearty meal.
I received their coupon so today lunch i had subway melt A set for $5.90 included drinks & 2 pieces of cookies I like the way the cheese melt with those ham Their bread is very soft & tasty I tried before cold cut but it was Super salty >< Don\'t forget to try their cookies which is soft & chewy !! Spending: Approximately SGD 5.90
I personally love to eat subs, and I think Subway serves up great choices. Recently, I kept patronising the place due to their 1-for-1 deal on 14 September, and also because of their weekly coupons that offer a lovely price of $5.90 for a 6-inch sub topped off with a 22oz drink (IT\'S BIG), and 2 wholesome cookies I love their meatballs and the oven roasted chicken breast, but since that week they offered Subway Melt (a mixture of meats, like turkey ham), I decided to give it a go. It\'s a good combination of hams, and I would say it was rather pleasing to the palette. I love it when i ask for extra olives (I love veggies haha..), and the sandwich maker puts an entire handful on my sub! Why not y\'all good people hurry down and grab yourself some subs? From what I know, the coupon promos end on 23 October~
Bought the set meal today ( drinks + two cookies + one sub ). It’s only $5.90 instead of the usual $8.60 ( i think ). They have a promotion whereby you need to have the coupon. There’s two subs on promotion each week. For this week, it’s tuna and cold cut trio. I got the latter. Despite having the promotion, they did not “discount” on the meat given. So it’s very worth it. Their cookie is nice too! My favourite is double chocolate and white chip macadamia. Worth trying!
Had subway melts for my lunch. Bought it at nex-serangoon outlet. Good service. My choice of bread , hearty italian, with the choice of lettuces, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles and go over with honey mustard sauce, mayo, sweet onion sauce, pepper & salt. Usually i will ask for more sauce, so it doesn taste too dry . Bread is freshly bake and soft with turkey hams, bacon, chicken ham and cheese. Ordered the set which comes with the cookies and a cup of drink.Spending: Approximately SGD 7+
Subway cookies tend to differ in taste every time i try it. Not too sue if it’s the branch or it’s just that day. Sometimes, cookies are too chewy, too dry or simply too sweet but this isn’t. It tasted just nice. Got the macadamia nut with white chocolate cookie (though my favourite is double chocolate). The aroma is really tempting and the crunchy nuts brought the taste to a higher level. Can’t stop eating! Best cookies in town( but do watch out which branch serves the best cookies)!
For all the Subway lover out there, now you can avoid queuing and order your Subway online BUT self-collect it at the idea outlet. Just go to http://lioncitysubs.com and place your order and battle the lunch crowd! This outlet I went to is a real disappointment. First they ran out of onion, secondly they had limited choice of cookies to choose - there\'s only 3 flavours left to choose. It was around 5pm when I patronized them and they were already that short! That aside, service was below par. I took away my Subway and that waiter expect me to carry 2 drinks with my bare hand without giving me plastic bag designed to place the drink stably. I had to wait for 5 minutes toget the plastic bag. Subway definitely taste better than any fast food chain! I love it here at Subway because you can choose what you want from the bread to the filling to the vegetable to the sauce.TunaEgg MayoSubway MeltPeanut Butter Cookies The cookies here at Subway is very softly bake.
I was feeling hungry, so i brought my sister to subway to share a footlong with me.i ordered their chicken and bacon ranch. this is my favourite sub cos the chicken is tender and juicy, the bacon is crispy and salty. we added our favourite mustard sauce and olive oil. it brought out the flavour of the chicken and bacon. the honey oat bread is my recommend bread. love the nuts on top of the bread.
Was looking at the menu today on a saturday evening to buy home when i asked the server what\'s the taste and mixture of the veggie and she took a bar of dried brown food and show me this is it but you must try,it\'s very tasty said she. As usual had my honey oats bread well toasted and didn\'t ate it until maybe half an hour later and the bread was still fresh and that veggie stab was really tasty and i think it tastes like tempe(dried fermented beans) I will certainly order the 6 " veggie at $6.50 again as i like the taste.
Located at the corner basement of Bugis Junction,i think people comes here also because the 3 servers /cashiers were all very cheerful.They greet you with cheerful welcome greetings and thanks you compared to other outlets. My favourite tuna on honey oats bun well toasted with all mixture of greens,sweet onions dressing are done prefectly to my liking and with cheefulness from the server. Will surely come back to this outlet more often to "absorb their positive energy..hee..hee.." Spending: Approximately SGD 6(Tea)
I happened to be having sandwich cravings that day and so decided to take a trip down to subway. I ordered a 6-inch Tuna Sandwich. Just the sandwich and it cost me around $5.50. The tuna sandwich did not satisfy my cravings at all. I\'m used to the American style of 3 full scoops of tuna on the bread, but over at this local Subway, they only stuff in one scoop of tuna and spread it around like you would do with jam. Result? Complete failure. I could barely taste my tuna and felt like I was eating plain bread with vegetables in it. Also, they ran out of bread and only had 2 choices left. I think this is something management should work on. The bread was also hard and dry. To make things worse, the service was bad. The staff did not seem happy to be there at all. Lastly, to touch on price, I don\'t think it\'s worth paying $5.50 for a sandwich as pathetic as the one I had. Or really, for any plain old classic sandwich for that matter. I think you might as well go to the grocery store, buy the ingredients, and make your own sandwich. Sure, it might be more work, but the value is there. Personally, I think it\'s ridiculous to be paying so much for a simple sandwich, when you can get Chicken Rice for much less. And Chicken Rice involves so much more work to produce. However, I think this is a problem that is rampant nationwide, not just for subway. Salad and sandwiches are made to seem like high-class food and come with equally high-class prices. Also, they had some broken furniture which was quite a safety-hazard, but yet nothing was done to fix it. So if you still really enjoy Subway and don\'t mind the hefty price, I highly recommend going to the other outlets. You can skip this one and will not be missing out on much.Spending: Approximately SGD 6
I like subway. Subway can consider as healthy sandwiches that you can custom made to your own choice.I like parmesan bread,I can taste some cheese over the outer layer of the bread. The filling i chose was boiled chicken breast. Usually i like to choose with all veggies with little sauce so will be healthier. 6 inch bread will be enough portion for normal siza adult. But if you are big eater, try foot long size. This sandwich match best with a cup of coke and cookies or chips. Many choices for cookies and my favorite is macadamia cookies.
Chili crab is an iconic dish in Singapore and Subway has cleverly added this to it\'s menu and it\'s called the Chili Crab Sub. I\'ve always considered Subway a healthier choice when it comes to the many Fast Food Restaurant available. Not only we can choose the type of bread we can also add on the vegetables toppings. For my Chili Crab Sub, I\'ve picked the Italian bread as I\'m not quite a fan of those oats and wheat bread. Also added the four vegetables - Tomatoes, Lettuce, Capsicum and cucumber. After that I also agreed to add on the cheese. When it comes to the topping, I asked the staff over at the counter to recommend what topping I should choose and she actually told me none would be better. I heed her advice and check out my Chili Crab Sub happily. The overall impression of my Chili Crab sub is that I love it to bites! It\'s nutrients enough with the veggies, cheese, bread and tasty enough with the chili crab toppings. I can now understand why the staff advice me not to add on topping as only this way, I can truly savour the chili crab sauce. Of course it\'s just fake crab meat with a dose of chili sauce and can\'t really compared to those chili crab in a seafood restaurant but it\'s something that is affordable and can be eaten often. Thumbs up for Subway! Spending: Approximately SGD 4.60(Dinner)
This is the best subway chain to go before you hit the road trip exiting at tuas checkpoint!The store is never overly busy, good staff services and very convenient as there is a petrol station for you to fill your tank or buy some snacks before start your journey. What i like about subway is the food is always fresh and healthy. You can request as many vegetable as you can and in different sauces too. Great deal great sandwhiches if you want to lose weight too.
Been to other outlets of Subway and last being at Suntec City where they too serve with free coffee in the morning. Asked the server whether the free coffee is still served and he answered me Yes. Ordered triple trio and when my coffee was not served, another server just jump in and answered me only one question which i asked two. My 2 questions was i had asked the other server before i placed my order about the free coffee and the other outlets do served. He answered me different outlets different boss! Nevertheless, i will still patronise Subways except at City Hall for their good ,afforable,healthy and crunchy fresh sandwiches because i always got my bread well toasted. Also ,since i learned from this experiences that different outlets got different bosses, it\'s better to ask and not take for granted whatever promotions Subway is having.Spending: Approximately SGD 7(Breakfast)
subway cookies is my fav ^^ i always go hougang mall outlet there\'s not much seating,service not that good,there was once i ordered subway melt & i told the staff i want mayo,but he gave me honey mustard,i tot he will redo one more for me,but he just wiped away with tissue then add in mayo my favourite from subway was subway melt with honey oat bread there\'s mild honey taste with lots of oat melt will be abit salty but goes well with their mayo,i always request to add more mayo another fav is their cookies,their cookies is soft type,not crispy but nice i like double chocolate & white chip
I ordered a tuna takeaway sandwich from Subway. Tuna sandwich is my favourite out of so many different flavours. The reason is because I find it to taste superb and the tuna flavour blends well with the melted cheese, and a lot of varieties of veggies inside! One unique thing about subway is that they allow us to customise our bread, which is good as different people have different needs!
I ordered the chicken breast sub as a change from my usual roast beef sub. As usual, I asked for extra helpings of the lettuce, onions and green chilli which the service staff obliged. The sandwich is especially good for me that day since there is no stinging on the ingredients, making every mouthful a delight. There isn\'t much people in the restaurant, probably because it is around 2:30pm on a weekday afternoon, which is after the peak lunch hours.
i was feeling kind of bored from eating the normal filling meal so I opted for a lighter choice, sandwich from subway. I ordered my favourite sub, the egg mayo. I simply love how creamy and milky the egg mayo taste with the sandwich. Subway is very healthy, have plenty of vegetable to add. My favourite sauce is sweet onion and honey mustard. Absolutely delicious!
Subway remains one of my key places to have sandwiches when I am rushing for time or when I am craving something that is nutritious and yet not that filling. I found myself at this outlet one afternoon and I decided to get my favourite sandwich, the roasted beef sandwich. The service staff is quite generous with his protions - giving me up to 4 slices of beef. I think it really depends on which outlet and which staff serves you, since I had only 3 slices of beef in my sandwich before. With 4 slices of beef, there are no complains about my sandwich!
food is good but abit pricey! the set cost around 9 dollars. i like their sandwich as it\'s somehow customized( get to choose the type of bread, the type of veg and the type of sauce). their cookies used to be great but getting really sweet recently which was a discountto the originally great taste. having said that, it doesn\'t mean that the food isn\'t nice but just not as nice. will still patronize as it is a healthier choice of fast food Spending: Approximately SGD 9
I love Subway\'s cookie! Especially their chocolate chip, macadamia and double chocolate! Double choc may be too sweet and chocolatey for some people, but their chocolate chip is godly! The sweetness and chocolate is just about right, and the biscuit is soft yet crispy on the outer region. The chocolate chips somehow melt in your mouth. Yum. Most of the time, I will eat Subway because I\'m craving for their cookies! Their sandwiches are nice and fresh as well. I\'m not a vegetable lover, but somehow, I like subway\'s vegetables. Spending: Approximately SGD 7
When I want fast food that is healthy, I think of Subway instantly.This outlet in Bukit Merah is walking distance from my workplace.It\'s a small outlet (they\'re often small!), so I was fairly surprised when my friend spotted empty seats inside.(I\'d recommend sitting outside cos\' it\'s rather noisy to hold a conversation when there are customers ordering near you and others trying to be heard by their lunchmates.) There\'s always a queue at this outlet, but service is fast, so no frets about this.I ordered a Cold Cut Trio 6-foot sandwich and a Chocolate Chip cookie.My all-time comment on their sandwiches would be - can\'t they beef the meat up in the sandwich, like that shown in the menu?! The thickness of the meat is really pathetic, maybe because they tried to keep it within the healthy limits.Anyway, the meat is fairly tasty - (considering the fact that I managed to taste it amongst the bread and vegetables).If I were to have it my way, it\'ll be x6 layers of the same trio!!! Haha! And so much for having a healthy lunch, I picked mayo.Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! The staff squeezed a great deal of mayo, almost equivalent to 10cm of toothpaste squeezed out of its tube!!! Oh well, it does make my sandwich taste better, blending with whatever ingredients present in the sandwich (Did I mention there was meat in the sandwich? ) I\'ve reviewed about the Strawberry Cheesecake Cookie recently, that it tasted more like a sweet than a cookie to me.So, this time round, I picked a "safe" one - Chocolate Chip Cookie.I made a right choice. We all know Subway cookies are soft and chewey, but do you know that the chocolate chips are melted in the cookie? I like biting on the chocolate chips in my cookies.That\'s not all.My cookie was a little too soft, such that it broke apart on its own and fell onto the table into a few pieces! Spending: Approximately SGD 7(Lunch)
Subway cookies are always welcoming as a tea-time snack! So, off I went to a Subway outlet in the vicinity. I ordered a Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie, instead of my all-time favourite - Macademia, for a change.It was generally nice.You could taste the raspberry in every part ofthe cookie, though it\'s not "everywhere" in the cookie.For personal preference with the sweetness in this cookie, I\'d rather stick to my Macademia one or the Chocolate one.At least, they tasted more like a cookie than a sweet!
Was at Jurong point for some work with a colleague. My colleague was feeling very hungry so he wanted a early lunch and he suggested subway. So we headed subway for our lunch. This subway outlet at Jurong Point is rather small, seems really packed and the queue way rather long during lunch hour. I have ordered subway melt with honey oat bread. And have ordered all the ingredients except green chilli and pickles. The ingredients were all very fresh and they were rather generous with the ingrdients! Really a satisfying and healthy meal!
Subway is always the best choice for the health conscious group!Eventhough they are consider the \'healthier\' choice, the taste and standard of their sandwiches are equally good as well.Attached is their tukey breast sandwich, which is filled up with generous portion of tukey breast meat, lots of sliced lettuces and tomatoes.The also use the best wheat meal bread to use as their sandwich bread.Two thumbs up!My verdict: 7/10 Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50(Lunch)
Had chicken sandwich today. It\'s pretty good. The meat is over-processed but it\'s alright. A but over priced for just a sandwich. But the bread is baked fresh in the store which makes it hot and not soggy. The vegetables are fresh enough but not sure if they wash the vegetables. The sauces are great and makes the sandwich even better. Service is bad most of the time. And if you have the bread toasted, sometimes it\'s toasted too much and becomes too hard, scratching your mouth when you eat it.
Love subway for their fresh breads and you get to choose what bread you want. Definitely go for the foot long. It\'s rather pricey for just bread and some filling, but at least the bread is fresh and you get to choose the meats and vegetables and sauce. Service is nothing to commend as it\'s pretty bad most of the time. Vegetables and foods are relatively fresh but the meats look over-processed. The sauces help make everything taste wonderful and balanced.
Love the foot longs. And it\'s a handy portable lunch that you can have anywhere. Makes quite a mess with the crumbs. When toasted, it can get too crumbly and crumbs fall everywhere around you. Service can be bad sometimes. Over toasting the bread is bad too. Love the freshness of the bread as it\'s baked in store. Love the BMT with the sliced meats. The meats are pretty good and fresh. The Chipotle sauce is the best! The cookies are pretty good but a bit too sweet.
Went for their sub of the day - 6 inch meatball marinara which only cost S$4.50 They serve a generous helping of italian-styled meatballs, tomato, cucumber together with their own tangy tomato marinara sauce and according to the staff it\'s their founder’s mom’s secret recipe! Meatballs are juicy as well... Such a healthy and freshly baked bread served hot ! Definitely good for dinner! Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50(Dinner)
I usually prefer crunchy cookies (like those from famous amos) as i enjoy the crispy crunchy texture and aroma when i am chomping on the cookies. However, i was tempted to try out the chewy cookies by subway and was convinced by my friend to get one. I ordered the standard chocolate chip cookie and did not quite like the chewy, soft texture. However it did merit in taste wise!
This outlet has changed its seating slightly from my last time here which is for the worse, because the seats are quite close to each other, making getting in and out of the seat quite difficult. Luckily, I managed to get a seat since it was still early in the morning at 11:30 before the lunch hour. Subway is really the place to go if you want a quick lunch as the service is fast. I got this ham sandwich in less than 5 minutes. With my favourite bread and choice of vegetables toppings, this is a healthy and yummy sandwich I can enjoy everyday.
I\'ve always loved subway! It’s so convenient, like you can just grab it and go, have it along the way as you’re rushing for classes or work. Plus its so healthy! Loved their oven roasted chicken and red wine vinegar sauce, together with honey oats bread. Makes a perfect and healthy lunch! Subway, eat fresh!
This is such a convenient location to get sandwiches if you work near by. And subway is great for allowing you to choose your fillings, sauces, breads and meat. Love the salami sandwiches and the fresh bread. The smell just draws you in when you walk by. Love their cookies too - they\'re buttery and sugary. The good thing about a subway is that you can eat and walk at the same time. Or eat at your desk. It\'s convenient and you feel like you\'ve had your day\'s vegetables. Great for breakfast too!
Had the BMT footlong. Love the salami, pastrami and ham! And the fresh baked in-store parmesean bread! And the Chipotle sauce. And all the trimmings. It would have been very good, except for they toasted the bread too hard and it scratched my gums eating the sandwich! The floors were grotty with vegetables and crumbs everywhere. Love that you can customise your sandwich and add extra cheese or extra meat! Not good during peak hours as you\'ll be in line a long time! Covenient fast food otherwise.
Love the meat sandwiches. And the fillings. The jalapenos really go well with the meats. And the best sauce would be the Chipotle sauce to go with the meats! Some artists are more generous with the meat and are able to pack more fillings in. Other artists simply make a mess and drop stuff everywhere. A foot long sandwich is a cheap lunch option and very quick meal. Plus it\'s very portable and you can take it with you anywhere. When the bread is toasted, it brings out the herbs in the bread, making it super yummy! Go pastrami!
Love the subway sandwiches. Especially since I can add whatever I want according to my mood. Some days I have more onions, some days I have more olives and some days I have more pickles. Some days the artist is stingy and doesn\'t put much trimmings in the sandwich! The chicken sandwich is alright - a bit dry and the meat doesn\'t feel like 100% chicken. The bread is over toasted at times, making it crunchy! Service and making of sandwiches can be rather inconsistent. Good fast food on the go! Foot long is the best value!
Subway is known for the freshness of the veges. I personally like subway because of the bread. Hearty italian is my favourite. I ordered chicken breast. with cucumber, lettuce, mayo and honey mustard. I love this combination. I shared it with my cousin and it was gone within seconds. Will definitely go back to try the others.
Had the chicken subway with everything on it. It\'s just so great, especially with mayo. And fresh, hot bread. Bread baked in-store smells so good! The chicken wasn\'t that fresh as it looks like it\'s been sitting in some packet for a while. But once the whole sandwich is toasted and slathered with lots of sauce and fillings, it\'s great. I don\'t find Subway to have any great service but it\'s quick enough and efficient. Love the fresh bread mostly, and the variety of fillings and sauces. A different sub every day, every meal!
Had the 12 inch BMT with Chipotle sauce. It\'s great! Love all the salami, pastrami and other meats. Very generous with the meat. Depends on who you get making your sandwich, sometimes you\'ll get more meat. The jalepenos and olives really gives it a balanced taste. The Chipotle sauce really gives it a good kick. The parmesean oregano bread is so fragrant and fresh and baked in-store so it can\'t get fresher! The bread baking is really what draws me in. Nothing to commend about the service. Recommended.
Love going to Subway! So many choices! Love it when it\'s made properly and with lots of fillings. And toasted! Some days the artist isn\'t as good at filling the sandwich, but some relaly good ones pack it all in really well and it doesn\'t fall apart. Love the quick and efficient service and it\'s makes a great fast meal. There\'s soups and drinks to choose from but I\'ll pass on the soups. The cookies are great! Love that you can customise with sauces and change your bread to a wrap as well.
This is one of the place which I will go for my breakfast after my daughter finished her class. I wonder when will Subway come out with a drive thru so that I can get this breakfast easier. I will order the ham and egg sandwich most of the time. The sandwich taste delicious with mayo and pepper. What I like best was that none of the ingredients was fried. It taste so healthy and does not leave me with gulit after eating.
The service at the subway here is good, fast and neat. There\'s no veggies falling all over theplace. And they understand what i said perfectly well. When i ordered for more olives, normally i had to state that 3 times before i can get my desired amount, but not with this outlet. But the thing is, for some reason, the teriyaki chicken on hearty italian tasted weird, even though i had ordered everything that i usually did. And i figured out that, it was too salty, either with the marination of the chicken, which was pre-done since it was in a paper box, or they were simply way too generous with the sauce. Another thing is that, my double chocolate chip cookies were sold out Regrets.
Love the sandwiches here at Subway. In most ways it is better than Quiznos. Quiznos only has 1 sandwich better than Subway (the Rosemary Roast Beef). The service at Subway is very average. Nothing to brag about. Polite and sometimes efficient. They seem to have communication or articulation deficiencies. Love that you can put whatever you want into your sandwiches at Subway! For no extra charge! And you can have it toasted or not. With extra cheese or bacon for extra charge. Everyday there\'s a different Sub on special Great! Recommended for the food.
We have Subway everyday! You can even have a sub for breakfast! Great variety to choose from and lots of toppings and sauces to customise your own sub. it\'s strange that Subway in Singapore does not have the option to add different salts and ground pepper to your sandwich. In USA and Australia, you can choose different salts and peppers to add to the sub. Highly recommended for the food. The service is polite and usually efficient but some times the staff don\'t seem to speak properly and we could not understand them.
We like this location as it is not over-crowded and it\'s convenient. We love Subway! Almost every meal we could be having a sub! You can transform your sub into a wrap for $0.30 more, or into a salad for $1.50 more. Great! And with so many varieties and toppings to choose from, you can have a different sub every day and at every meal! Highly recommended. Food is usually fresh tasting. And the bread baked in-store is just wonderful as it smells great. Wish that the staff would communicate better or brush up on their language skills.
The BMT sub is great! Not sure what BMT stands for. It has lots of salami in it. And pastrami. You can choose what veges you want on it, as well as what suace. It makes it such a tasty, personalised sandwich! Great! Service is lacklustre. Inconsistent service. Depends on the individual. Bread is bake fresh in-store! Great again! $8.80 for the foot long BMT. Highly recommended sub! Especially when it\'s toasted with extra cheese! Extra cheese is another $0.50 per piece. There\'s a different sub on special everyday. Try them all! And you can top up $2.70 for a cookie and soup or drink.
Love coming here for the kuehs! They are so colourful they catch you eye from a distance. It\'s pretty cheap too. Wish they were warm and not cold as the grease is pretty awful when it\'s cold. Otherwise, there\'s a great variety to choose from and they all taste pretty good! Great for a quick, convenient snack. Convenient location. Nice, polite service. Most things tast pretty fresh. Usually the popular items get sold out and that\'s it for the day. So get it quick! Recommended. there\'s another branch at Wisma, next to the MRT entrance. Only 2 in Singapore!
Not sure about the service. Very average. It\'s always a struggle to get my order across. Why can\'t Subway train their staff in communication and pronunciation? And some staff are able to wrap the sandwich so that it doesn\'t spill or fall apart, but some staff wrap it loosely so that everything falls out! Inconsistent standard. Other than that, the food is great. You can get all the toppings you want and different sauces. And a couple of cheeses to choose from. And you can have it toasted or untoasted. Very quick and convenient! And healthy and fresh! Their breads are baked in-store so there\'s no travelling and getting stale. There\'s a variety of fillings too and you can eat a different sandwich everyday. I had the tuna here, which is the special for Tuesday. It\'s great! I love the jalepenos and olives as well! The bread is very fragrant as it is so fresh and warm from the oven. The fillings are not super great but good enough. Could be better, but for convenience food, it is good enough. For example, they could have used tuna slices instead of mashed tuna? Can\'t wait for meatballs day - that\'s another great sandwich! The foot long is so worth it! You can top up drinks or soup for a couple of dollars more. Recommended for the food.
I had never tried Subway breakfast neither did I have any clue of what\'s on their breakfast menu before this, but with some positive word of mouth from friends, I decided to give it a try. I walked in to see some Subs such as Egg and Cheese, Bacon and Egg, Ham and Cheese...... I was hoping that the staple for breakfast would maybe be something more interesting like croissant or bagel but to my disappointment, they would once again be served on the various types of 6-inch loaf, just like lunch and dinner. I wanted to leave, honestly, but my boyfriend persuaded me to stay and I did.. bad choice, because the next thing I knew, I was biting onto a 6-inch Egg and Cheese Sub with veggies and honey mustard sauce for my first meal of the day. Healthy definitely but have I mentioned obviously tasteless, bland and too raw for a morning feeling for tastier food? That sandwich could also be made at home with a much better taste- like adding tomato based pasta sauce. Not anyone\'s fault of course, since I made that decision myself. But never again would I step in for Subway\'s breakfast again, I\'ll be much safer with their lunch/dinner menu.Spending: Approximately SGD 3.50(Breakfast)
After a tiring morning, my classmate and I stopped by to have brunch at subway. Fortunately the seats were not all taken up and we could find a place to sit in the restaurant. I decided to order the chicken teriyaki since my friend recommended and boy, it tasted good! The tender chicken pieces dressed lightly with teriyaki sauce made me crave for more. It is also under 6 grams of fat which makes it another of my favorite subs!
On a weekday afternoon, my friend and I were shopping around the vicinity and decided to grab a sub for lunch. This subway outlet is really small compared to most of the other outlets we\'ve been to. I ordered a meatball marinara which was one of their popular favorites! For the vegetables, I only selected lettuce and cucumbers. The meatball with the tangy tomato sauce was really yummy. Would love to order this on Wednesdays!
The good thing about subway is that theres so many of these outlets conveniently located around Singapore. This afternoon, I decided to try their \'subway club\' because I\'ve tried most of their every day subs. The club was a delectable sandwich with a combination of lean and tender meats. I selected all the vegetables to go with it except for onions and jalapeños. The taste was fresh and delicious. yums.
My friend and I were hanging around Serangoon and felt hungry even though we just had lunch a few hours ago. We decided to get something light for tea break and I thought of getting a sub since its healthy and not too filling. I ordered a premium flavor- roast beef, since I\'ve never tried anything under that range before. The roast beef was served with my choice of vegetables and I selected the honey mustard dressing to pair with. Definitely a healthier choice for tea breaks.
This outlet is small and the sitting area is really cramped. There was quite a queue during dinner time, but they were pretty quick to serve. I chose the Subway Club with parmesan bread this time. The parmesan bread is my favorite and I like how they toast it to make the cheese even more fragrant. The Subway club consists of various hams and roast beef. I think there was only a slice of the beef and the taste was covered by the other ham and vegetables. I think it is pretty healthy too. And you can never go wrong with Subway!
I prefer the now Sub Of The Day promotion which is an ala carte sandwich on its own, compared to how Subway used to do it in the past- sandwich + drink + cookie. It was a Friday night and it was nearing 10pm, most restaurants and food outlets were closing but I had not taken my dinner yet. Subway was one of the few choices left but it\'s not that bad of a choice, I personally like Subway anyway, it\'s a healthy fast food option. The sub of the day was Cold Cut Trio: basically sliced turkey bologna, turkey ham and turkey salami. As usual, I asked for all the vegetables available except green chili. For the dressing, I chose honey mustard, I love the sweet onion and honey mustard, these are my favorite and two of the healthier options too. The subway was fresh, refreshing and delightful, just like how its constant at most outlets (:Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50(Dinner)
I think i would be one of the few that goes subway for the wrap and not the bread. Truth to be spoken, i love the bread but wrap is much better. From the look of it, the wrap looks totally unappealing. And yes i do realized it, that was why i was having doubts when i first tried it. But surprisingly, it taste good. It is just like the normal bread, but instead of being crispy, it is more of chewy and soft. The best part about the wrap is that, it skin itself is huge. So, i can actually order more vegetables, like asking them for extra of everything and they still fit into the wrap. I ordered the roasted chicken wrap, and with honey mustard sauce. It might be wise to ask them for more sauce, its more tasty that way. The only problem is that subway always clear up their table quite slowly. Which means that if i want to get a seat during lunch hours, it is faster to clear up the mess on the table left by the previous customers myself.
With so many subway outlets in singapore, it is really easy to have a healthier meal if you do not wish to pile on too many calories. I was here at lunch time and I decided to go for the roast beef footer for both my friend and myself. The roast beef is labelled healthy with only 6g fats, similarly with the turkey breast and chicken breast sandwiches. As usual, I requested for red wine vinegar as my sauce to go with my choice of bread. I also ordered the healthier upsize, which comes with a meiji yogurt and a minute maid orange juice. My ideal kind of meal - if only it isn\'t getting more and more expensive.
My favourite Subs from Subway will be the Cold Cut Trio, Italian BMT and Subway club. I like it when the staffs toast the bread really well to make it crispy. Each meal comes with a drink and cookie. If you are a lover of soft cookie, you will love the cookie they offer! My favourite of all time will be White Chips Macadamia. Subway is relatively expensive considering that they are selling sandwiches.However they do have the meal of the day from Monday to Sunday, offering different sandwiches priced at only $4.50. Most of the outlets have student meal as well. Students will be able to purchase certain meal, for example the Cold Cut Trio, at a much lower price.
Was feeling extremely hot recently, so hope to dine in a air-conditioned restaurant rather than non-aircon coffeeshop. So decided to have subway for my lunch today. I have ordered the sub of the day - ham. The bread and ingredients were all very fresh and they were rather generous with the ingrdients! The picture tell you everything, isnt it?
The healthier fast food choice! I ordered the subway melt this time round The menu says that it has less than 6 grams of fat, though I\'m not sure if it is true. The subway melt consists of various hams and roasted beef. I ordered my sandwich with the parmesan oregano bread - my favorite bread. It is very fragrant with the cheese on top. I added loads of vegetable to make it a really healthy sandwich.
The weather has been crazily hot lately and it affected my appetite indirectly. I do not usually go for a heavy meal during the hot days. Today, happened to be one of those days that i wanted something light. I was a big fan of Subway during my student days in US but i haven\'t been visit as often when in Singapore as there are too many delicious foods around. My usual favourite has always been the Subway Club. The calories level is either very low or free in some sandwiches. Subway Club came with sliced turkey breast, sliced roast beef and sliced ham with my choice of fresh vegetables of slices of tomato and cucumber as well as onion and lettuce. A good combination to give its the best taste. I do think eating sandwiches is an alternative way to get healthier by not putting extra weights. Recommended.Spending: Approximately SGD 6.00
My father got this subway cookies back for us after work. It costs $2.80 for 3 cookies. As there is only the white macademia cookies left, there isn\'t much for us to choose from. The cookies are soft - those who like chewy/soft cookies, subway cookies are the ones for you. For me, as I have mentioned, I like things to be crispy, so it was average tasting for me. That said, besides that, the taste of the macademia with the white chocolate is awesome - it goes very well together. If only they have a crisp version!Spending: Approximately SGD 2.80
After having my nasi lemak in the food court,I decided to have something sweet. The first thing that came to my mind is Cookies. Without a second delay, I proceed to subway to get my cookies. While I was waiting in the queue,I was thinking of what I heard in the radio an hour ago. The DJ said that the person who started subway was a 17 young chap! He started this business with purely only US 1000 dollars. And now I have thanks to this young chap for the delicious cookies.
Subway currently has the Italian 4-course meal, which basically the new addition to the family of a sub, cookie and drink is just the soup. I chose the meatball marinara, also Wednesdays\' special for a long time. The meatball marinara sub was good, it was my second time having it, however the meatballs were rather small I reckon, smaller than Ikea\'s. The soup I had was minestrone, not too bad, not too salty. I chose the double chocolate cookie and ice barley for my drink.
subway\'s sub seem to be getting cheaper than it used to, along with their ingredients. Though you can see that my sub is rather flooded with greens, I did not order a vegetarian sub. My roast beef turned out to be like this. Do the cheaper prices actually mean you\'re getting lesser value too? Overall the sub was a tad too dry, nothing to shout about. I sure hope not every outlet is like this
Had the roasted turkey with honey oat, one of my favourite combi! Was served by this guy called Moorthy should be nominated as the most interesting employer at Subway. He is like Kumar. You know Kumar? LOL Service was really good with such a confident guy behind the counter. He asked “eh girl, want any soup blabla or add cheese or extra meat?” Good that he asked because I said yes to all the above. A complete meal at subway with soup, lots of veg (I asked for everything except pickles/jalepenos and extra green pepper) is freakin cheap and healthy IF i choose a low fat red sauce and black pepper. Fyi Subway has become the default meal for me whenever I hvae no idea what to eat. It’s a nuisance deciding what to eat sometimes. Isn’t it?
Have been thinking to try out the Egg Mayo Sandwich from Subway for quite some time, and finally I got to taste it on last Sunday. Personally I feel that the vegetables given was too much and the egg given was too little. I was not able to taste the creamy taste from the egg mayo. Overall, I can only say that this is a healthy meal for that day.
The sandwich of the day was Cold cut trio, along with my favorite parmesan cheese bread choice, it comes with several slices of ham.Ingredients are fresh and as usual you can choose from all the different vegs and the honey mustard and red wine vinegarette sauce completes a fast food that never makes me feel guilty eating.Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50
MY FAVE SANDWICH IN SUBWAY! I dare to say nobody can dislike such an amazing meatball sandwich. It ate it over and over again! It\'s cheaper during Wednesday but sometimes you cannot wait until Wed to come. THE CHEESE AND THE MEATBALL GO SO AMAZING WELL TOGETHER. MUST TRY! I always add all types of veggie. ( they look overwhelming in the photo, opps) It turns out good as well. For healthy eater, just request veggie even though it doesn\'t really come with veggie if you see the photo. Really good.
I love subway because of it\'s delicious sandwiches. I dare to say it\'s the best sandwiches in the world. Because other than that, i only eat sandwiches made by myself so .. never mind.I prefer Chicken ranch sandwich than the rest because the breast meat is amazing. I never like breast meat because it\'s always so hard and dry. But the breast meat in subway tastes nothing like the normal ones, it tastes more than drumstick meat. Soft and chewy. ( i am not sure if it\'s definitely a breast meat but i do remember reading it somewhere..) I order all the veggies and makes it more worthy to eat it. I like the taste of everything. On a side note, it doesn\'t look appealing though and it requires lots of skill to eat it because all the ingredients will always try to escape from the bread. But it never fails to satisfy my appetite. Oh, it\'s a little bit pricey as well. But i still love it.
One of my favourite healthier fast food around and I practically have this at least once a week.The sandwich for that day was Turkey breast sandwich, at S$4.50, and you can always choose to add a drink, 2 cookies or pack of chips to make a meal.Ingredients are fresh and you can choose from a range of vegetables including tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, olives, onions, capsicum, green chilli peppers. I usually select Parmesan cheese bread and honey mustard + red-wine vinegarette sauce.Yummy.
Of all the fast food here, Subway is a healthier choice with its generous lettuce and other toppings.Stimes when the outlet is not v popular , the food is not v fresh.But the one here at Whitesands as the turnover is here, ingredients kept fresh. Honey Mustard is my fav sauce for toppings. Cookies are lovely - soft and moist.Love Macadamia white choc.Warning though, cookies have fair bit of calories. Spending: Approximately SGD 5
I love subway. This branch is very convenient to access. There is parking nearby and even cold storage and some bars. It is spacious indoor and the ingredients there are always fresh. I like it\'s turkey breast sandwich as it\'s healthy and delicious.You can always ask for extra ingredients like tomatoes, veggies and the staff will always serve you with a smile.Spending: Approximately SGD 8
Having the 6-inch sub in Subway made me feel I am eating in healthier way. I almost forgot how to order in Subway because it’s has been a long time I never buy anything from Subway already. Let’s go through the steps again. 1st step– selects your meal (sub, salad or wrap). 2nd step – Choose your bread (Italian, Wheat, Parmesan Oregano, Honey Oat or Hearty Italian). 3rd step – Choose the size (6 inch or foot long). 4th – Choose your extra (add bacon, cheese or meat?). 5th step – Choose your veggie (Onion, Tomato, olive…).6th step – Choose your sauce (mayo, honey mustard…). 7th step – Make it a meal or not? I always love the veggies they stuff into my sub, always fresh and juicy. Do not choose too many sauces because the sauces’ taste will overtake the taste of the veggies and the meat or cheese that you choose. I like to complete order to a meal set that come with a drink and 2 pieces of cookies/ chips. Of course, I chose the cookies. Their cookies are not too hard to chewy but it’s nice. Not too sweet and not too hard. The serving crews there do not look so friendly might caused of the crowed peak hour during lunch time. They do not give you much time to think of what you want and they will give you the fierce look if you take long to decide. Spending: Approximately SGD 8(Lunch)
i was passing by golden shoe car park when I spotted a subway. Since my friends and I were feeling kind of hungry, we headed in for a six inch sub. One thing I like about this branch of subway is that it is very quiet on weekdays during office hours. However, it is mayhem during the lunch break. I ordered the steak sub, the steak was really juicy. It really hits the spot. We kind of hang out there and chatted for a couple of hours. Great place to chill out with friends.
Have a break, have a cookie from Subway! I had a really nice cookie from Subway this afternoon. It was a big chocolaty cookie with some chopped nuts and nicely moist inside. If you are running outta idea of what to have for snack to go along with your coffee or tea, you might want to seriously consider getting a cookie from Subway. Other than nice sandwiches, Subway has really nice cookies too. Some of the really nice one are double chocolate cookies, chocolate chips cookies, oatmeal and raisins cookie etc. Think of cookie, think of Subway! Spending: Approximately SGD 2.00
Decided to eat subway since I had cravings for it. There wasn\'t really a queue since it was off peak hours. My favourite subway would be Subway Melt consisting of italian bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers topped with mayonnaise. It just taste awesome. The outlet is quite quiet and i really like it because I actually spend quite some time there to do a bit of studying and they did not chase me away too. Service was ok too and when i asked for more lettuce to be added to my subway, they were ok with it too instead of some other outlets that has servers who add so little lettuce to my subway. I love subway!!
Groupon recently had this deal that allows us to buy any 6-inch subs for $3.25. Seeing that it was quite a good deal, I purchase it too but it is only for 7 outlets around singapore. Chinatown point was one of the outlets so I decided to head there with my coupon in hand. I went at like 8pm on a sunday night, there was quite little customers at the outlet. But i had to queue for a while cause the woman in front of me had 5 coupons so it took quite some time. But the service was alright too. I ordered the cold cut trio as I wanted to try out something different. It turned out not too bad although i still prefer my subway melt. I topped it with cucumber, tomatoes and pickles. Enjoyed my subway.
I love sandwiches, i love almost all type of sandwiches. It is not difficult to guess i must be a fan of Subway, a big one actually. And, this is the nearest outlet from home that i usually hangout. My favourite is Subway Club, i love the sliced turkey breast, roast beef, ham with only cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuces.I do like to have onions at times. My usual preference for dressing is honey mustard and mayonnaise. One good thing is the calories count is still pretty low, so sandwiches can be a great choice if i want to lose some weights. Sandwiches from Subway is another great choice when i want a quick lunch or quick dinner! Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50
average subway outlet at novena in terms of pricing and quality.Good chill out place. Went during lunch, ordered sandwich. Nothing special or great about it, the standards are the same as other outlet (equally fresh) Quite pack during afternoon (Alot of students came after school) but leftovers were cleared up fast. The staff were friendly too.
I\'m a fan of subway. Theres lots of healthy salad ingredients, and everyday you get to have a different taste. It\'s a good idea to have for a quick lunch if you can\'t make up your mind. The value meal deal at $4.50 would be better if they included a drink. My favorite sub is actually theirteriyaki chicken and meatballs marinara. This clementi branch is normally less crowded. It was a pleasing discovery to avoid the long queues after school. The staffs here are also quite polite in handling out my orders.
nothing special about this outlet at united square in term of food quality and pricing. When to this outlet during tea break, ordered sandwich. Nothing great about it, the standards are the same as other outlet (equally fresh though) but this outlet surprises me, they clear up leftovers super fast during afternoon time when the stall were filled by students from neighbourhood. The serving is fast and service is alright.
Been there to takeaway for dinner after school one day. It was quite empty there which is a good thing for me but the service is not so good. Staff were trying to rush thing over wanting to be done with it as soon as possible when there isnt even anyone after me. However food was still good and fast(due to the rushing). Taste the same as other subways but service wise, not that great. Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Dinner)
Subway at northpoint has a cosy corner forr student to do their work while having the subs. I always ordered the tuna sandwiches and have a student meal to complete my order. I don\'t know if other outlets have student meal but this outlet gave student the priviledges to order student meal at $5.80. The meal consist of a 6" sandwiches, a drink and a cookie but note that student meal is only till 5.30pm from Mon - Friday. Hint: if you miss that period of ordering, you can also order the sandwich of the day at only $4.50Spending: Approximately SGD 5
Subway has been having their meal of the day promotion for $4.50 per 6-inch sub. On Monday which I came along with classmates across my school. I ordered it, it was roasted rhicken breast, with parmesan as the bread, and red wine vinegar. It gives a refreshing crunchy taste, tidbit of saltiness and a ckick of sourness from the vinegar based sauce, which you don\'t feel guilty compared to mayonaise dressing and its creamy base. And did you know (or if I\'ve read wrong) The sub is only like 240 calories for this 6 inch? Talk about healthy and guiltless. I\'ll top up to be a foot long to stay till dinner!
So, lent season means to stop eating big and try to control on what you like most or in another way just to show your belief. Anyhow, I tried not to eat all big meals and just eat small meals. But then instead of eating a 6inch and stay away from famous bak kut teh around the neighborhood, for my little snack for the evening, I decided to waste my last calories of the day with their ultra GOOD GOOD CHEWY GREAT COOKIES. Macadamia white nut is seriously the best best best. I bought 2 cookies to limit myself , at 80c each. The gooey, chewy and melting macadamia nut is best when eaten warm (sadly I got quite a cold one).Spending: Approximately SGD 2(Night Snack)
nothing special about this outlet at bishan in term of food quality and pricing. When to this outlet during lunch time, ordered sandwich. Nothing great about it, the standards are the same as other outlet (fresh) but this outlet surprises me, they clear up leftovers super fast during lunch time when filled by students from neighbourhood. The serving is fast and service is alright.
It was during the IT show event, we went to Subway to pack some food. I had the cold cut trio again since it was the promotion item on Friday. This time round, I had the honey oat bread with all veggies and topped with red wine sauce. The sauce was qute okay but I still prefer the honey mustard sauce. The veggies and the bread were fresh. With such fresh ingredients, the subway sandwich was very nice and delicious. So healthy. I also topped up my meal so that I have a drink and 2 pieces of cookies too. The cookies were nice and I always love subway\'s cookies. The place was not crowded at all, perhaps it was after the lunch hour. Very quiet environment.
My brother was at West Coast plaza this Sat noon, so I told him to buy lunch home for mom and me when he is on his way home. He bought one Subway sandwich for us to share. I think this is the longest inch (length) that subway is serving, but i am not too sure of the exact length. Anyway, its really yummy with my favourite onions, cucumber, tomotoes, ham and lettuce! It is so fulfilling, yummy and most important healthy! I love their cookies as well, which goes very well with their coffee! But my brother bought soft drink that day instead, so I have to make my own coffee to go with the cookies! Its equally yummy! haha
This subway is at the corner of plaza sing, their service is alittle poor than other subway maybe they got not enough of manpower. Their shop is very small and the table and chair is put too near to each other and i got problem sitting and getting out. Food wise is good as the bread they toast it to be just nice and crispy, the only problem with this place is the shop is too squeeze and uncomfortable sitting there as people getting out from their seat will cause some irritation for me because of them hitting my chair and so on
One thing I like most about subway is there generous portion of fillings and sauce. I ordered the cold cut trio and the hams were practically overflowing out.I love their sauces as well, I can’t seem to find similar ones outside. Their sweet onion is really good, not too sweet and yet adds a special something to the sub. There honey mustard is equally good.and you dun nid to wait long before you get your food.
What I love about subway cookies is that they are absolutely addictive food which one can eat on the go. The flavours available are also very interesting but my favourite would have to be white chip macadamia. The cookie is also not too hard, soft at times which makes eating enjoyable. The size is also reasonably big for the price. I would always save the best for last and have my cookie after my sandwich.Spending: Approximately SGD 2.70
Frequent this branch as it\'s near to my school. The staff were nice and friendly but slightly blur at times when I ask them about the student promotion they were having. They were too generous on the sauce and I always have to remind them to reduce the amount. Loves their cookies Overall good.
This is quite a small outlet compared to the rest, but nevertheless, the food is still as good. I ordered the Subway Club with parmesan cheese bread. The toasted bread is warm and fluffy, with a hint of cheese on the top of the bread. The sliced cheese in the bread is melted, we infused with the rest of the ingredients. Subway Club consists of lots of different ham, which I do not exactly know what are they (they just have to taste good together). I did not order my sandwich with any sauce this time, and you could taste the melted cheese more. I like it this way better. I added pepper, which gave it a little spiciness, but not too overpowering. The service is quick and prompt, and the place is usually filled with students. There are not many seats around, so either order takeaways, or be prepared to wait. Spending: Approximately SGD 7
I love subway but this outlet in funan is really very small and cramp. It is quite crowded at lunch hour. We were quite early, before the lunch crowd so we managed to get a table. I had the cold cut trio as this is one of my favourite sandwich from subway. The service was quite good. I had the honey oat toast and all the veggies available topped with honey mustard sauce. It was delicious and healthy. The veggies are very fresh and crunchy. Together with the cold cut ham, you will experience the different texture and taste.It is more worth it to top up a few dollars to get their set that will come with a drink and either chips or cookies.
This should be one of the worst subway outlet I have seen in terms of cleanliness at dining area. Trays left uncleared, and bread crumbs and veggies dropped by the previous diner. Only occasionally will there be staffs coming out and clearing the tables. And there will always be a long queue at lunchtime, more than 15 people during school term. The only comfort would be that food standard is still there. I love subway cause it allows me to choose the vegetables i want and extra of it without having to pay extra for it. Tried the wrap with teriyaki chicken for an addition of $0.30, and i didnt regret it. Instead of toasting in an oven with cheese, they microwave the wrap for me so that the cheese would still be melted. The wrap is soft and slightly chewy, a stark comparison with their crispy toasted bread. They are generous with the honey mustard sauce too. There is a permanent discount of 20% for all staff and members of NUS. The ice dispenser machine and cooler was spoilt that day. And it was not the first time that it had happened. Its time for renovation of the NUS outlet. Spending: Approximately SGD 6
Ordered this cold cut trio. It\'s really value for money. Unlike other branches, here really give you much more ingredients! There are 3 different kinds of ham i think. I added more cheese and chose mayonaise, sweet onion and bbq sauce all in one. For vegetables,i had cucumber and lettuce only. The mixtures are heavenly delicious..
My brother bought a set of breakfast from subway westmall which is nearby our house recently when he was on leave that day. That is the first time i tried their breakfast meal. Usually, i will have some quick lunch or dinner instead, but not their breakfast because I dont really have the habit to wake up that early to have my breakfast, i usually have brunch instead. Haha. Anyway, felt that its really quite healthy and delicious to have as breakfast. Worth trying out.
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