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At Superdog, Freshness is the key

Our burger patties and sausages are never frozen. The beef patties are made from 100% pure premium beef, air-flown from Australia, free of additives, fillers and preservatives of any kind. Superdog's beef patties are made from only chuck meat, no other beef parts used.

Another hot dog lover paradise. The food here are basically fast food concept. The restaurant ambience is nice and spacious. Their service is fast and very polite. Love to dine in here as the foods are nice and delicious, and so far not very much people yet. Do try them out, you won't regret.
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21 Nov 2014 22:57:38
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Inchcape Marketing Building #03-21A, 1557 Keppel Road 089066
Tel 6376 9379
White Sands Shopping Centre #01-22, 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 518457
Tel 6581 2806
VivoCity #B2-40/41, 1 Harbourfront Walk 098585
Tel 6376 9379
Downtown East #04-101, 1 Pasir Ris Close 519599
313@Somerset #B3-21/22, 313 Orchard Road 238895
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Another hot dog lover paradise. The food here are basically fast food concept. The restaurant ambience is nice and spacious. Their service is fast and very polite. Love to dine in here as the foods are nice and delicious, and so far not very much people yet. Do try them out, you won't regret.
My second time At superdog,not much people during i went,waiting time about 5 mins Their hotdog bun was a bit pricy & tasted normal ,i don\'t it that nice,just tasted ok Their fries was abit soggy ,hotdog was tender i dont pay so much for such a normal hotdog bun Overall i rate 5/10
I was shopping around vivo city with my girlfriend. We were really hungry so we decided to head to kopitiam for food. However before we could stepped near there, there was already a large crowd there. we got no choice but to u-turn and head elsewhere. We turned and saw superdog was empty so we decided to give it a try. Their hotdog and burgers did not come in a set meal. The cheapest hot dog was $4.50 and it was just the dog itself. We added their fries and ice lemon tea. It cost us quite a bit for a fast food meal. The only positive thing was that the hotdog was not bad, very juicy. we were kind of disappointed their potato salad had sold out. They already had so little thing on sale.
Before the Superdog in White Sands closed down, I would always frequent Superdog when I go to Pasir Ris. Love their sandwiches and special sauce and chilli cheese fries. A great value for money with friendly staff that are always smiling and extending their warmth to us. Great impression of the food quality and service. Keep up the great work!Spending: Approximately SGD 8
I had never stepped into SuperDog until recently, I decided to give it a try, and ordered a chilli dog. It was OOMPH. The chilli fries is a must-have! The hotdog itself was BIG and juicy. Excellent! Other than being absolutely delicious, it\'s downright filling. I couldn\'t even finish my drink! Very worth the price, and I will definitely visit again.
I went there a few weeks ago and decided to have a go at trying out the hot dog buns at Superdog. I ordered their onion hotdog bun with their onion rings( not that i really like onion but it happened that i order those two! ) I liked the texture of the hotdog as it was chewy and had just the right tinge of saltiness. The onion rings were hot and crispy and it was a delightful dining experience overall.hotdog!onion rings
After eyeing this place for years, I finally had a chance to try it on my most recent trip to vivo. they also have another branch at somerset 313. They have a large selection of burgers and hot dogs, but after tried on it, its just an average hot dog. i ordered a bacon chili dog and upgraded it to a valuemeal which cost me about sgd8.70±+ together with a drinks and fried.. Nothing you couldn\'t make at home with the basic fixings you have in the fridge, or chili you might have in the can. it wasn\'t particularly delicious and prices here are a little higher than most fast food chains. Not a place i will opt for if i have a crave for fast food.
Something like a fresh face to us, this fast food outlet is located on the food basement of 313 @ Somerset, a rather quiet branch. When my boyfriend and I were there, the whole restaurant was completely empty excluding the two of us and Superdog staffs. Apart from hot dogs, they do serve burgers as well, but I went for the hot dog anyway. I got the Chili Dog (ala carte). It was rather normal, crispy hot dog skin, neither hard nor soft/fluffy bun with some chopped onions and chili on top. Nothing fantastic but edible.Spending: Approximately SGD 4(Dinner)
Worth the price. My first time trying superdog. I would say it\'s pretty decent, the burger is really fresh, love the veg, mayo and the oh-so-tender grilled chicken. Definitely worth it for just $4.50. I ordered the grilled chicken burger for $4.50 and topped up an additional $3.50 for onion rings with a drink. So it\'s roughly about $8 in total.One thing that I love about the burger is how "Springy" it is. It has this stringy texture that I almost thought I was having enoki mushrooms/mozerella cheese. Really nice. Even better than MACS imo!The bread is soft and fluffy, and the vegetables are quite fresh and crunchy. No pickles nor tomatoes to spoil the burger. Awesome-ness.Onion rings were mediocre though, tasted better ones outside. Should have taken the chili fries instead! ):Oh, I chose Iced Lemon Tea for my drink. It\'s really nice, sweet, but not too sweet to my liking, just right. Will patronize there again!
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