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We present an assortment of scrumptious and creatively designed Japanese gastronomy - appealing to the delight of aficionados of Japanese cuisine. Our menu features Japanese offerings and innovative dishes illustrating the emerging influence of Asia on modern Japanese cuisine. A revolving selection of appetizer, dinner, sushi specials guarantee a new experience with each visit to our restaurant outlets. More than often, seasonal themes sprung up to unleash the inquisitive mind of our customers with the likes of Hokkaido's promotion and more that has yet to come following the changes accordingly to Japan’s season, Salmon harvesting season, Autumn's special the coldest season, Aburi Spring season special, etc.

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Just trief their prawn and scallop ramen with spicy miso soup base! Yummy:)
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16 Jan 2013 22:20:19
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Just trief their prawn and scallop ramen with spicy miso soup base! Yummy:)
The Saba Shio grilled mackerel with salt was fresh, moist and soft, with nary a hint of fishiness as most freshwater fish usually do.
had their spicy ramen for dinner and it wasnt really as spicy as i had hoped. good desserts they have though!
has contemporary decor with plenty of cosy seating, and a stylish menu to go along with it :))
Sushi Tei is one of the best sushi restaurant in town. You must try before you regret!
I have tried many Salmon Don in various sushi outlet in SG and found that here in Sushi Tei it's the best of them all!!! Really no joke. The rice is superb with the sesame seeds toppings and fresh salmon. I normally pair it with the Chawanmushi and eat with the rice. Do try them out.
love their sushi and the cold soba!!
The little shrimp tempura is so nice!
Shio ice cream is one of very nice and healthy dessert! Recommended :)
When we there, there was a long queue outside the Sushi-Tei in the Paragon. I thought, hmmmm, the foods must be very good here since a lot of customers were waiting patiently just for them to be able to eat here. And we were not disappointed. I was skeptic at first of eating Japanese foods, to be honest, because I did not like raw foods, but after I tasted their foods, I became a convert. =) I like, especially, the California Maki and the Tempura. And I must commend their staff for being polite. =)
Sushi Tei at Nex Mall always has a long line of people waiting outside. Mrupupup was not sure why Sushi Tei has many people waiting and so decided to try their food. Well, ate up their Japanese food served at Sushi Tei and totally enjoyed it. Mrupupup had Char Siew Noodle Soup Ramen, soft shell crab sushi roll, sashimi (raw fish) rice, croquette (Japanese potato), Squid (ika) grilled and green tea (to detox my body!). Pretty nice food and ate so much that Mrupupup was very full! The service at Sushi Tei at Nex Mall was fast and good.
Had unagi don today. Wasnt very good but wasnt that bad either. The unagi fish was quite well done and the sauce and egg too. We shared the sashimi salad. I think the sashimi isnt very fresh. The chawanmushi wasnt very tasty either. I think its just the sushi tei at bedok point that is bad. The one at orchard is quite good and i usually enjoy my time there. But for this, i think its just bad. Food wasnt great and service was just an ok.
A dinner place chosen after work! If you love chawanmushi, don\'t forget to order theirs, soft and tender egg that melts in your mouth! If you love maki, try their soft shell crab maki! If you wanna try a new fushion of sushi, try mango lobster roll! With sweet mango that enhances the taste of the sushi! If you love raw squid, try theirs If you are mentai lover like me, their mentai salmon is awesome except that the salmon is a little tough. If you love matcha and yuzu try their matcha ice cream and yuzu sorbet. Super love their yuzu sorbet!
I love love sushi tei! Been here a few times already and their sushi never fails to fail me. Love the tanginess and taste of the sushi and it isnt very pricy so we can order a few variety to sample!Their desserts are also to die for! Love the green tea ice cream and the red bean ice cream pancake!!! So so awesome!! It isnt exceptionally sweet which is why i like it too! Oh and they have this waffle ice cream thing, it is really good too!! love the texture and the taste of the ice cream which literally melts and \'dances\' in your mouth!
The Shirasu tamagoyaki ($8) is a delicious starter to kick off our lunch. The egg omelette with steamed baby sardine has a good texture, the flavour of sardine is quite mild but matches so well with the egg.The pork-base soup with ramen ($8) is pretty ordinary. The soup base is not rich enough, and I reckon the presentation is a bit plain.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
I am attracted to these colour dumplings on their dessert menu and decided to give it a try.The presentation was alright, only that it is really colourful which may get the attention from the kids and the youngsters.The dumplings are served cold and is with no fillings in it. Only different colours will have their respective flavours in it such as purple will be rasberry flavours, pink will be straberry flavours and yellow will be the mango flavours.It is cooling and taste really special but may not be a all time favourite desserts for everyone out there.Spending: Approximately SGD 20.00(Tea)
Suppose to have some western food but I was craving for chawanmushi and fresh slamon.So I, somehow, convinced my dining partner to go for Japanese food instead.He suggested Sushi Tei at Raffles City.My first time in the restaurant and I quite like the ambiance.Was given a table on the inside but I requested for counter seat (just to be near the sushi belt).The service crew was nice enough to change the seats for us. My first order was the chawanmushi.I can\'t say that this is the best because I still prefer the one at Sakae Sushi.But it came quite close.The salmon was really fresh!However, the sushi chef sliced it abit too thick.I prefer my salmon probably 1/4 thinner.The rest are other sushi that we had.Wasn\'t too hungry so I didn\'t eat alot.My partner ate more.We found this cover really cute!!
Went there for dinner with friend as we had never tried this before. Surprisingly, the service was good, fast and efficient. They kept refilling our green tea, unlike some other restaurant, which you had to wave to the waiters to refill your water, Well, it might be a little bit pricey, but it is definitely worth it. The proportions are adequate too. Sushi lover out there, you might not want to miss the ootoro, because it melts on the mouth. Also the sashimi was very fresh. My friend and I enjoyed the sushi there. Overall, I enjoyed the sushi here very much and will definitely come again
Sushi Tei never fails my expectations. I enjoy the Japanese food they serve and I am always back for more. I ordered the soft shell crabs sushi with pork floss which costs around $10. The soft shell crabs are soft and crispy wrapped with the fine japanese rice. Tasted great overall.
Visited Sushi Tei at Ngee Ann City 2 weeks ago for dinner, We order quite a number of dishes to share but i order the Floss soft shell crab sushi and the fried tofu for myself. It cost me around $15 for both dishes. but it is worth the money. The pork floss really compliments the soft shell crab sushi. It is crunchy on the outside but tender on the inside. The tofu goes well with the fish floss on top. must try!!!! reasonable pricedSpending: Approximately SGD 15(Dinner)
I would say i have visited almost all the outlets of sushi tei in Singapore. I personally favour Harbourfront the most. Mainly due to its service and its cozy environment. Wanting to have something soupy, i order the udon soup. It is kinda plain but it taste well. it cost me around $10. The noodles is very smooth and chewly. Although there wasnt much ingredients but the soup was great.
Went for a good dinner at Sushi Tei after work on Friday. We ordered quite a number of dishes. We shared some sushi and some side dishes to share. my personal favourite is the Unagi Sushi. It is quite pricey at $15 for 6. but the serving of unagi is huge and it is definitely worth it. actually the unagi dish is sufficient to fill my tummy. Please try it at any sushi tei.
Sushi Tei generally serves good, fresh japanese food and this outlet is no exception.I had their mini dragon roll ($8) which did not disappoint. It\'s sushi with pieces of fried king prawn layered with rice and slices of avocado on top. Sushi here is really fresh and tasty!I also ordered an item from their Spring promotional menu: Asari & Hotate Garlic Shoyu Pasta ($14). I wasn\'t sure how the pasta would turn out since Sushi Tei rarely serves pasta but I was very pleased with the dish. The spaghetti was not overcooked and was still firm. The shoyu pasta sauce was not overly salty, but had the right balance of saltiness, even with a tinge of sweetness from the seafood. The portions of clams and scallops were generous and were very fresh. I quite liked this pasta main dish!
I ordered the cha soba from Sushi Tei, Bedok Point outlet. The soba was served with the ice and topped with seaweed which tasted both refreshing and delicious. These soba are made of buck wheat noodles. They tasted smooth and tangy on the taste buds. It costs $10 for the meal and I enjoyed it.Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Dinner)
Sushi tei is my staple whenever I crave for Jap food especially sushi... Not sure if I am bias but I think taka sushi tei has the best quality in terms of food and service. All the staff is very attentive and happy to help. The sushi is absolutely divine! Prices are reasonable as well Of all the sushi chains, I have always felt that Sushi Tei was above the norm and set the standards. I really love it especially the salmon belly *drool* their grill cod fish is very well done not too over cooked and generous servings... soft shell crab maki is the best of all.that’s the thing I like and appreciate about sushi tei. They always serve generous quantities on top of the good quality food! Give this a try if u is sick of Japanese restaurant with compromised quality or sky high prices. You will not be disappointed! I have tried several Japanese restaurant, high ends and low ends and I always end up back in here. Love it to bits! I think I patronize them on average once a week! Ha-ha...
One of the most popular Japanese food chains in Singapore, it is definitely worth visiting the branch at Vivo City. Vivo City has ample parking spaces. If you don\'t drive, you can always choose to hop on the train via North-South line or Circle line and alight at HarbourFront Station. My friend and I visited the restaurant at around 4 in the afternoon for tea break. We were brought to the table next to the glass window, where we get to enjoy a magnificent view of the sea in between mainland and Sentosa, and of course, Sentosa itself. The serving time was short, and the quality of food is superb. [The serving time may fluctuate depending on the time you visit the restaurant. We visited during the non-peak hour. Passed by the restaurant once where it was during dinner time, so do be prepared to expect longer queue during peak hours.] We ordered Salmon Belly Misoshiru, Ebi Tempura, Salmon Avocado Temaki and Salmon with Teriyaki sauce. All the food prepared are wonderful and great in taste. The appearance of the dishes are no doubt excellent as well. The crew members are friendly as well, they also know their products well and were able to answer our questions about the menu. Overall, one of the best Japanese food that I\'ve tasted so far as compared to other Japanese restaurants in Singapore.
Craving for Japanese food, I went to Sushi Tei located at Nex for dinner. I ordered the bento with scallops which costs around $12. The portion of the scallops was pathetic, with just a few pieces, while the rice serving was huge. The meal was not fantastic and I feel it was not really worth the money.Spending: Approximately SGD 12(Dinner)
Sushi Tei is one of my favourite lunch out place, as the food here always please me well.Their sushi rolls are fresh, very presentable and appetizing.My favourite is the inari sushi with tuna filling. The sweetness of the inari (beancurd sheet) matches so well with the tuna mayonnaise. Yum!Another awesome dish is the Tamago (omelet) wrap with the eel. The eel is cooked with sweet teriyaki sauce, wrapped in the yummy tamago, this is the dish that you can\'t miss!Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Lunch)
I went for lunch with my cousin and her parents. They are kind enough to pay my share for me to celebrate my belated birthday. I ordered the sukiyaki for myself which consists of fresh lettuce, carrots and other veggies. The sukiyaki soup base is really very sweet tasting as such, the veggies all taste very sweet as well. It is really a comforting and hearty soup to order. Besides the sukiyaki, I also got a plate of tuna and salmon sashimi. The sashimi is sliced very thickly and it is very fresh and just melts in your mouth. This is definitely one of the best plates of sashimi I have ever eaten!
This appetiser is quite nice. A big salad. The food served is quite slow,but nevermind,they also serve us this big and nice salad. Those vegetables are fresh and nice to eat. Especially the tomato,it is very juicy and sweet. It is really good for health and can make me have appetite. It is so great.
It was quite a surprise to actually find that this new outlet as I was heading down for my regular laksa. The place was not really crowded, one of the quieter ones actually. Service was okay, got my food within expectations. Shared a paper steamboat with my colleague. Food was okay too. Love the soup very much! The meat is thin and tender too
Seafood Salad with Sushi Teh\'s Dressing (Love the freshness of the prawns, octopus and crab sticks) My friends and I were really pleased with the food served at Sushi Tei. Their food was excellent, fresh as can be sashimi! We can totally taste the freshness of their sashimi, each individual slices of fish and the unique flavour of each type of fish.
We decided to have tea at Sushi Tei Paragon where we ordered a plate of fried pork wrapped in seaweed sushi. It was a small bite to fill our stomach after shopping. The pork was well-fried which enhances its taste. It was crispy on the outside but tender on the meat inside. It costs around $15 for the meal.
Chawanmushi How can we not eat Chawanmushi when we are at a Japanese Restaurant Though it’s Sushi Tei, I find their Chawanmushi quite “average” for its steep price. But So far this is the best that I have eaten as compared to other Japanese restaurants that I have been to.
Appreciation Lunch with Colleagues @ Vivo City\'s Sushi Tei Shown in pictures; Hanasaki Ika Tempura - Tempura Squids (Crispy outside, soft n tender inside, better if there is beer to go along with it which we did not order since we have to go back to office to work) Hokkaido Special Collagen with Half-cooked Salmon Sushi Roll (First attempt of such collagen slice, tasteless and with texture like agar agar, but good for the skin! Lol) Seafood Salad with Sushi Teh\'s Dressing (Love the freshness of the prawns, octopus and crab sticks) Hokkaido Special Hot Pot - Shoyu base, pot filled with Hokkaido Crab, Scallop, Salmon, Shiitake & Enoki Mushroom, Cabbage, Carrot and Tofu (First attempt with Hokkaido Crab, crab meat is sweet, but meat is most stick to the shell maybe means not fresh enough) Salmon Sashimi ♥ ♥ ♥ Freshness! BBQ Squid stuffed with Japanese rice (not bad, but the rice was not very tasty) Raw Scallop Sushi topped with Wasabi Mayo (Didn\'t know that raw scallop is so soft, a bit tasteless though, guess that\'s why they have the wasabi mayo on top of it) Strawberry Ice Cream with Rice Balls and Azuki Red Beans (Strawberry Ice Cream taste great, one of the best ones) Not in pictures; Bowl of Salmon Roe (Smaller than I thought and not so popping too) Service was kinda lousy, they certainly they dunno what they are doing sometimes.
My son bought me here for lunch to one weekday afternoon and we ordered quite a few plates of sashimi and some fried tempura. The fried ebi is very sweet and crispy and is quite hot meaning that it is freshly fried. For the sashimi, this is the platter which has tuna, salmon and one other fish which I forgot the name. Each type has three slices so it is best if there are three people so that there is no need to ‘snatch’ over the last piece. I really love the sashimi here. It is very fresh and each slice of sashimi is very thick and sweet. It is one of the best sashimis that I have ever had so far. I didn’t even have to dip it in any soy sauce or wasabi. Just placing the whole slice into my mouth is enough to savour the taste.
Salmon salad I love Sushi Tei. They dish out consistently good and fresh Japanese food. There is something about their Tamago dons that I really like. It’s like the ultimate comfort food for me. The chewy polished white Japanese rice, drenched in runny egg, teriyaki sauce, served with caramelized onions and topped with your desired meat. For their autumn promotion, there were serving this:
Ordered a Sukiyaki with sliced beef, beancurd and vegetable cooked with sweet soy-base soup and it comes with an egg. This set costs $15. Their beef slices taste delicious. With the lightly blanched in the savoury sukiyaki soup, the rich beef meat taste and the lightly mixed soup make the whole dish superb.
The whole dish was a mess. It consists of prawn, scallop, zuwai crab and salmon and simply everything wasn’t cooked and they were served raw! I did not enjoy the food as I wasn’t even sure if the foods are cooked or not. Even the prawn takes ages to be cooked. I will definitely not patronize this shop ever. Moreover, i am quitedisgusted with the miso soup base. Spending: Approximately SGD 15(Dinner)
I have ordered Kaisen Kaminabe($15) The dish is actually an assorted seafood paper hotpot, with generous amount of prawn, scallop, zuwai crab and salmon. The soup is refillable, you can choose for the spicy soup base, or normal one. The seafood taste is so great! Quite filling too.Colleague ordered a sashimi as well as a tuna sashimi rice. Looks very tempting, and the sashimi are very fresh too!To end the meal, we ordered a waffle ice-cream to share. The vanilla ice-cream, with some chocolate crunches in between, is wrapped in the crispy waffles..it\'s a perfect ending for the saisfying japanese meal, before getting back to work.Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Lunch)
I lurve Sushi Tei. They dish out consistently good and fresh Japanese food. There is something about their Tamago dons that I really like. It’s like the ultimate comfort food for me. The chewy polished white Japanese rice, drenched in runny egg, teriyaki sauce, served with caramelized onions and topped with your desired meat. For their autumn promotion, there were serving this:Kaki Tamago Don ($11), which is essentially deep fried breaded oyster topped with egg on rice. The oysters served were HUGE AND FRESH. And they were at least 4 huge pieces to be savoured in this dish. Somehow big oysters give me much more satisfaction than those puny little ones served in your usual oyster omelette.Kani Mentai Mayo Roll ($8), is a special kind of sushi churned out for the autumn promo. The deep fried crab meat inside the sushi goes very well with the mentai mayo sauce slathered in generous portions on top of each sushi. YUMMY!
we had jap food at this place we ordered the salmon sashimi... fish eggs.. tomago roll with unagi.. the sea food was fresh.. no fishy smell at all.. the eggs were slight salt and it melts in your mouth.. really good =) we had green tea.. good for cleansing after meal..
time for lunch.. i ordered a Oyakodon its chicken slimmer in egg.. onions and spring onions.. and served on top of the japanese rice.. with their sauce.. well it taste yummy.. mild sweet.. i love to put lots of the spice chili powder.. ~~~!! i also ordered a plate of bbq sotong.. quite big.. soft in texture not over cooked.. taste good with their sauce.. really fresh
Went there with colleagues for dinner. After reading the menu, I decided to order Soft Shell Crab, Salmon Don and Hotate Miso Mayo. The soft shell crab was averge. It not really hot and a bit oily. It quite crispy and the crab was very fresh. The salmon don was not bad too. I was impressed by the freshness of the ingredients, thick, firm slices of salmon and salmon roe that goes \'pop\' at your bite. The grilled scallop was fresh and it goes well with miso and mayonnaise sauce. To me, the sauce was pretty salty but I still like it. Overall, the food here was average but the price was quite expensive.
I really like the renovation done for this outlet. You have to pass through a walkway before you enter the restaurant. The walkway also provide a good waiting place for customers ,long enough to hold the crowds. So you won\'t get to see people blocking the doorway of other stores near theirs. Service staff was really kind to give me the seats at the back ( with less disturbance) when she saw me carrying my sleeping baby. We ordered the usual dishes that we usually eat at Sushi Tei .. things like fried rice , fried squid. Everything taste great as usual, and I really love their fried squid. So far this is the best that I have eaten as compared to other Japanese restaurants that I have been to. The beef roll was also another item that I strongly recommend. The mushroom is wrapped with a thin slice of beef , and the juice simply just explodes in your mouth when you chew on it. Nice!
Venue: Great convenience, great window seats to look at the world go by. Value: Slightly ridiculous after all the +++ and what nots. But it\'s worth it. Service: Professional. Reminds me of Crystal Jade\'s private rooms. Food: Excellent! Fresh as can be sashimi! You can totally taste the freshness, the individual pieces of fish, the unique flavour of each fish. Everything we ordered (about 10 different things - I forgot all the names as we ordered by pictures) was perfect! Raw or cooked, every single dish was amazing! True Japanese cuisine at it\'s best. With reasonable pricing to boot. Cannot get enough of this place. It\'s so good, we want to go there every day. Highly recommended! Except for the gree tea. They need better green tea. Or just better water filter.
went to sushi tei for dinner to celebrate the end of presentation with my lab mates. I like this outlet design cause there is a U shape sofa which is a great place for a small group of friends to eat together. their menu has quite a large variety of food to choose from and of cause the set meals are the most value for money. among their side dishes I like the bake hotate with cheese, is very creamy and niceSpending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
Craving for some vinegar-laden sushi rice, I met Ms Flexi-Bone for lunch at Sushi Tei (Raffles City).We arrived around 12:10pm (before the crowd gathered) and were happy to get our usual table.After a quick perusal of the menu, I decided on 3 sushi (salmon, aburi nama hotate, ika) + 2 temaki (softshell crab, salmon avocado).Flexi-Bone went for 2 sushi (salmon, ishimochi) + ebi tempura. The food arrived pretty quickly.The 2 temaki (handrolls) were delightful, especially the softshell crab.The crab was still piping hot & crispy when I ate it, thus enjoying my every crunchy bite with vigour.Salmon avocado was equally palatable.Sushi wise, the salmon was pretty normal.I enjoyed the aburi nama hotate with its slightly seared taste at the scallop\'s surface.Flexi-Bone commented that while the ishimochi (croacker) was fresh, the chef seems to have slice the fish in the wrong direction - resulting in a tougher, more chewy cut - due to the presence of "tendons" (? not sure if this was the right term).We also suspected that the sushi size had shrunk.They all seems much "slimmer" now.My regular must-have: the ika sushi, was unfortunately not fresh.I put one into my mouth and started chewing on the rubbery squid.Whilst I\'ve swallowed most of the sushi rice, the squid remained "indestructible".To make things worse, it also gave forth a slight fishy taste in my mouth.I had no choice but to discreetly spit the whole mess out of my mouth into a piece of tissue.And viola!The innocent-looking ika was still in 1 wholesome piece... (When we informed the waitress that the squid wasn\'t fresh, she apologised and got the restaurant manager to waive the cost of the ika sushi.) The ebi tempura arrived last.The 5 medium size prawns ($10) in golden yellow batter looked yummy!Flexi-Bone was enjoying her dish so much that she only had time tomumble "oishii!" "crispy!" in between the bites.Overall, the experience wasn\'t too bad.We found the restaurant to be understaffed (especially during peak lunch hours) as we had difficulties locating any staff at times (and we sat pretty near to the entrance).The prices seem to have increase slightly too, making it less value-for-money.But still, the price & quality had remained at a reasonable level, and I most probably would continue to come back whenever I have sushi-craving attacks!Spending: Approximately SGD 18.50(Lunch)
Beef has always been my favourite meat so I was eager to try out this bento set. I was not disappointed as the they were generous with the serving of the beef. The beef was tender, smooth and not dry. In addition, the beef was also well-flavoured with terriyaki sauce. There were quite a lot of onions used to stir fry the beef and they taste sweet actually.
being recommended by my classmates, my friends and i went to have a try at Sushi Tei. The gyoza tastes… normal. Not bad for taste, but not what I expected that it should be. for the tempure also cost about $10 or $11. the prawn was very fresh & crispy,i love it. Ramen was so so only,chashu very hard.
The first time I visited a sushi restaurant was Sushi Tei. I absolutely love the counter seats as it is always such a joy to see many many variteies and delicioussushi going by on the conveyor belt. Enjoying your food is one thing. It is also another form of entertainment to watch your chefs prepare your dish right in front of you! I was really amazed as a child. Nowadays, I would always frequent sushi tei to relieve the childhood joy I experiencedat Sushi Tei Spending: Approximately SGD 22
After finishing my church, my stomach was growling and my friends suggested Sushi Tei as our lunch destination. We went for the Ngee Ann City Branch, as usual they are doing a good business. The queue was quite long when we reached there. After waiting for about half an hour, we were directed inside but sadly we couldn\'t get the next to the bar seats. As usual we ordered mostly sushi and each of us also ordered the main dish. For me, I ordered Gindara Teriyaki with rice. It is my favourite as the sweet sauce really enters the inside of the gindara. Overall, this is my best na most favourite sushi restaurant. The price is also considerable.
Simply love the beef sukiyaki at Sushi Tei! The beef is so fresh and well cut (thickness is just right). As the serving is quite huge, I would recommend this for sharing so that you can try other food items. However, if you choose to have it on your own, you may like to order a bowl of rice to go with it as you may find that the soup is too sweet. I have also ordered the sushi platter which I think is something worth trying, especially if you are a sushi and sashimi lover.Spending: Approximately SGD 25
Imagine yourself walking through a restaurant, filled with posh furnishing, adequate service, gorgeous looking food... BAM! You\'ve landed yourself in - no, not hot soup, but rather, SUSHI TEI! The way they designed the place is really good, as you will have privacy I love their Dragon/Phoenix roll! I forgot which one was it, but one has avocado slices on top of the sushi that\'s already packed with goodness! LOVES. & do order their matcha, it\'s real awesome~
As the Aji is in season and on promotion,i ordered a whole fish (medium at $15)large at $18. As i\'m a sashimi lover, i ordered the large at $18 and as expected it wasn\'t that big a fish. Nevertheless,it was fresh and the chefs were skillful in cutting the fish to nice sashimi slices.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
In season right now is one of my favourite shell dish called Tsubagai (i think in English call Whelk) It\'s selling here at Medium $28 and Large $32 and i of course ordered the large and even though it\'s still not enough for me. The chef slice it into tiny cubes and it\'s very chewy and fresh just as i expected. The feelings is like eating fresh abalones sashimi but just that there\'s no abalones aftertaste and smellSpending: Approximately SGD 35(Dinner)
i went sushi tei for dinner with my girlfriend. we ordered quite alot of food and the bill came up to about $60 plus. it was kind of pricey. the nicest was the saba fish, the fish was very fresh, sweet too. the meat was not mushy. it was really delicious!
i went with my hubby to sushi tei for dinner. we ordered a couple of sushi and their special soft shell crab. the meal came up to about $60, a little pricey. my favourite sushi of the day is the phoenix roll. it is something you cannot find at other sushi outlet. a sumptuous dinner!
i went to sushi tei for dinner the other day. ordered their lobster. it was so delicious. the lobster was so fresh, it was not overcook. the flesh was crunchy and it was grilled to perfection. i love the seasonings they used to grilled with the lobster, it really gives it added flavour. it was indeed a pleasure eating it!
i simply love the yakitori at sushi tei. it is grilled to prefection and the grilled chicken still remains so quicy and tender. the terriyaki sauce they marinated the skewers with are so delicious. sweetish and salty, a mix in flavours but not too overpowering. absolutely yummy!
went there 2 weeks ago for lunch for 3 person,total damage around $90 tried the chef recommend egg yolk soft shell crab $10 or $11 the crab was soft,sweet,jus that for mei find that it doesn\'t match with egg yolk it will be nicer without the eggyolk for the tempure also cost about $10 or $11 the prawn was very fresh & crispy,i love it ramen was so so only,chashu very hard was quite disappointed for the fried salmon skin & grill salmon waited for about 40mins fried salmon skin doesn\'t taste as nice as last time not crispy,hard,too salty After i tried the salmon from aji no mori i really fall in love with salmon & go around to try this salmon i waited for 40mins,salmon was over cooked,very hard, teriyaki sauce just so so,not as thick as aji no mori overall i would give 5/10 but the only thing i don\'t like at NEX outlet was the service,i hope they improve their serviceSpending: Approximately SGD 30(Lunch)
We had a group dinner at sushi tei. it was not crowded but they still did not let us sit at the second floor which was more spacious. we had 6people and the seats were not big enough as it was suited for 4 people. so we had to squeeze and were quite unhappy that we couldnot go up but the food made up for it. i especially loved the mayo scallops. they were to die for.
My family and I were really pleased with the food served at Sushi Tei. Their food was excellent, fresh as can be sashimi! We can totally taste the freshness of their sashimi, each individual slices of fish and the unique flavour of each type of fish. Their chicken was good too! Very flavourful and nicely marinated. Cant wait to visit Sushi Tei soon again!
Ordered a Golden Roll at this outlet on a lazy afternoon. It\'s the only mall in the neighbourhood so do not be surprised when you actually have to queue up similar to Vivocity\'s during peak hours. The mango\'s sweetness and sourness adds a subtle taste to the soft rice and crispy fried prawn. The only drawback is the prawn which has a strong smell of overcooked oil. The mayo plays a part in avoiding a dry meal.
The curry cutlet rice at sushi tei is a delicious treat you should order when you\'re at sushi tei on a budget! At just $10++, you get a large plate of rice, and a generous serving of fried chicken (or pork) cutlet with loads of curry gravy! I liked how the curry had a indian twist to it, and it tasted fantastic with the nicely fried chicken cutlet! I also liked how the crispy batter coats the juicy flesh without tasting too oily.
Sushi tei have been my fav Japanese restaurant, went to most of the outlet and this is 1 of the outlet i like. Order afew dish and everything is served fast and hot. the sushi is tasty and the scallop with cheese i order taste good, the cheese is not too salty and the scallop is fresh. The staff there are all very polite and friendly too, the place is design like japanese restaurant we saw on tv. Very jap look alike restaurant,
I tried their salmon sashimi as I heard they serve good ones here. It is only $6.00 for a plate of sashimi, we can add some wasabi or soya sauce at the side according to our taste, or even mayo is available upon request too. Very unique desserts, including cakes. Cheaper than the designer Jap fusion eateries here.
This is one of the quietest or at least not as famous like in malls so its here to skip the Q and immediately get your sushi fix! I ordered the awesome dragon roll with avocado with shrimp and unagi. Ohmygoodness its melting licking good once you have started to chew a piece of sushi. I don\'t think thatthis franchise joint needs any more explanation in terms of food. Service here was also more efficient - since it\'s not a full house, and so it\'s easier to call them for assistance. It\'s a good hideout to quiet away from the Orchard crowd more or less~
I totally love the sushi tei soft shell crab roll! The soft shell crab is deep fried till very crispy and the batter is very fragrant! The crab still retains its moisture and remains very juicy. The seaweed that wraps it is very crispy. I love the generous amount of fish eggs they added in, it goes really well with the soft shell crab! Really yummy!
This sushi tei is alittle different from the other sushi tei i visited, the interior design of this sushi tei is really like a village type of feeling and kinda romantic if you are going with your gf/bf during valentine. The waiting for seat is kinda long for sat and sunday and sometime fridays after office hours as there\'s alot people que-ing for it. If you are thinking of going after your work please do make an reservation before going down else you will need to wait for quite a long time. The food wise is great as i like their sashimi, the sashimi is fresh and their staff is super friendly they really give you their best service and they put in their passion in helping you out as i can see a real big smile on their face from every one of the staff in there. 4/5 star is what i give and i like this sushi tei ! i rate it 1 of the best sushi tei in my list
This mall is a new mall and the sushi tei is a new choice in this new mall. The place is nice and also very clean, the waitress is helpful when i asked her what she would recommend me and she recommend me tuna don. For sashimi lovers this is a place you will want to try their sashimi as it is super fresh and i\'m loving it till now! pricing wise still alright about $6 a plate of salmon sashimi =)
We\'ve been to the Sushi Tei at Paragon and were astounded by the quality and variety of food. And the service and setting there was excellent, so we were expecting the same here. And we were happy that Sushi Tei lives up to its name. The prices are amazingly reasonable for such good quality, variety and service. It is a very convienet location if you work in this area. You can\'t miss it! The food is always fresh and thatmakes the value great. Definitely worth it to join their membership. Hopefully they will not increase their prices due to popularity! It is because they are reasonably priced that we patronise them. And their excellent standards of course. As the CBD is very quiet during the weekends, this a really good place to go, because at other Sushi Tei places, they are usually packed during the weekends. Everything on their menu is perfect, well-thought of, well-balanced in taste and beautifully presented! And fresh! We would eat here every day but that would be an expensive exercise since we order A LOT each time. Not much photos of the inside, since it\'s rather dark at night and using flash makes everyone look at you. And then management comes over to tell you "no photos\'. Service at Sushi Tei is always fast, efficient and courteous. Recommended! It\'s such a classy joint without the ridiculously huge price tag. Could still be cheaper - hence the membership card...
Dinner for 4 at Holland Village. It was my first dining in this area. Love the environment in the evening as it\'s pretty cozy at 7pm We had a great time with our food and Sake But when we place additional order for Sake since we love it and we\'re in the mood for more drinks, the staff drop down the printed order without our drinks Decided to ask for the original server about our drinks and we are served with room temperature Sake. With the long waiting and luke warm served Sake we decided to end our chilling session by 9pm. Bill was predictable at $202.00 Spending: Approximately SGD 50.00(Dinner)
While the other outlets are always filled with customers and irritating long queue, this sushi tei outlet has all the great food minus the problems. And it\'s near to school! I would recommend the Sashimi salad with chunks of different type of sashimi and large servings of fresh veggies. It\'s a great to have while waiting for the other orders to come. It comes with 3 different types of dressing to choose from. I tried sushi tei dressing before so i went with the sesame one. It goes well with the salad and the fragrance from the sesame is really obvious. The only problem with the dressing would be the layer of oil on top. I had Salmon ikura oyako don for my main. And it\'s fantastic as always, with salmon sashimi and salmon roe. And the best part is, the servers were very attentive in comparison to my other dining experiences at other outlets. Maybe due to the lack of customers as compared. The moment our green tea finishes, they will come and refill.Spending: Approximately SGD 25
Had ala-carte sushi . Picked a few of them, pretty nice and fresh as compared to other outlets. So far the best branch with regards to the ambience, service and food quality. High end place serves high end food? Probably! Had tuna roll , it was sweet and yummy! Their roe was fresh and salty! Love it..
Just a simple gathering with some friends at Sushi Tei. Sashimi was fresh, but would prefer it to be slightly more chilled. Service was kinda slow - can\'t seem to locate the waiter/ess when needed.. Ambience was great, ideal to hang around and chill after dinner.
A high end Japanese restaurant that serves food with very good quality in a nice ambience.