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Track your car anytime, anywhere.

Silent Car Alarm allows you to track your vehicle 24hrs a day in Singapore and Malaysia. The system comes with unlimited realtime tracking software. This GPS tracking can be used for both personal or commercial fleets.


Track Vehicles &

Improves operating efficiency, save petrol and manage a geofence


Protect Your Car
From Theft

Stop your car from starting in Singapore and Malaysia

Catch cheat

Catch Cheating

Check the history of the car's whereabouts for 2yrs.


Track Your

Find out if they are speeding with your car.

Tracking History

View the location history of yout car. Track your car whereabouts 24hrs a day.

Receive Alerts

Via SMS or email when vehicle is found near certain hotspots.

2 year data plan

Free 2 year data plan and Free GPS installation in your car.

From $45 monthly

Includes Installation, 2 year warranty, dataplan and unlimited tracking in Singapore.

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