A nice relaxing sofa to lounge on A cosy meeting room for 4-6 people. Premium Window Seating! Have your desk overlooking the MRT exit! You never know what you will see... Dedicated desks for all your barang barang. Comes with an executive chair and phone set! Window Seat tables! So you can watch the passing human traffic when you are bored or need a break. The Office logo! 1 of the many workstations for our clients. Seminar styled seating for those looking to hold talks and previews. A cosy meeting room for private discussions Dedicated desks for all your barang barang. Comes with an executive chair and phone set!
About Us

This section, though named ABOUT US, is actually all ABOUT YOU!

We all want a fully functional office to base our businesses from. Unfortunately, it is just not financially feasible to pay for an entire pantry just to make a cup of coffee every morning, or a state of the art meeting room that we only use once or twice a week.

How about including a receptionist, a secretary, an IT support department and a cleaning lady into your monthly budget?

At The Office, we create THAT kind of a complete office for YOU, at YOUR budget!

We are looking to serve these 4 main groups of people:

  • Those who do not need a physical space to work out of, but would like a sexy mailing address like ours to use as their business address. We recommend our Virtual Office Plans!
  • Those who need a nice, comfy and fully operational office to build their business from, without having to pay the prohibitive set up costs as well as spending precious time setting it up. We recommend our Office Rental Plans!
  • Those who need an enclosed space to hold talks, seminars, product launches etc. for up to 30 people. We recommend our Seminar / Training Space Rentals!
  • Those who need specific Personal Assistant / Secretarial services or need the help of a Secretary to take the mundane tasks off your To Do list. We recommend the Office Concierge Services!

    What We Offer
    We create an office for you, so you do not have to create one yourself.

    The Office, of course, has the basic necessities for YOU:

    • A centrally located office address YOU can be proud of
    • The usual printing & faxing solutions to support YOUR business needs
    • A private meeting room for YOU to close that multi-million dollar deal with YOUR client,
    • A well stocked pantry for YOUR enjoyment,

    On top of that, we also provide the following value added services to YOU:

    • 24/7 office access so YOU can work when YOU want to work
    • 24/7 air-conditioning to keep YOU cool all the time
    • Ergonomic tables and chairs to help sustain YOUR working hours
    • Perpetually friendly Office reps

    How accessible will YOUR office be?

    • An MRT station literally at YOUR doorstep
    • An abundance of bus services all around
    • Plenty of roadside parking for those driving

    Here @ The Office, we want to create YOUR ideal office. Come visit us and tell us what YOU want & need. See if we can make it happen for YOU.

Products & Services

Virtual Offices (from $10)

Just started a business and cashflow is tight? Get a Virtual Office from us and everyone will think you have an office in town! From just $10 a month, you will get to use our Office Address as your officially registered business base, with other add-on services you can use as and when its needed. How cool is that?!

Co-working Space / Hotdesking Space (from $248)

Need a place to work in town? We may have the solution for you! Get a well supported office network working for you so all you need to do is sit down and work on your business.

Dedicated Workstations (call us for the latest quotes!)

A dedicated seat so you can concentrate on doing your work 24/7, with all your amenities within an arm's reach. Telephone numbers and telephone sets are provided as part of the package.

Seminar Space (from $50/hr)

Our seminar space is fully equipped and able to support talks / trainings / sales presentations for up to 30 attendees. We even provide you with freeflow coffee and tea! And air-conditioning too!


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