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It all started in 1960s at Killiney Road where Dong Loc Wee Cake House which was owned by Jenny's father was established serving western confectioneries and cakes. Due to land re-development, the shop had no choice but to close down.

As Jenny and Y.S. Tan felt it would be pity that traditional western confectioners were not passed down, they re-opened another shop in 1998 at Tiong Bahru Road named it Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry . The shop started off with selling old-school pastries and Nonya kuehs taught by Y.S. Tan's Peranakan grandmother were added into the menu.

Ensuring that good quality and freshness of the cakes and kuehs, they are all handmade in the shop and served freshly daily.

Best for Nyonya kuehs and butterfly cake, sell a good variety of nonya kuehs freshly made in the morning and noon time. Most popular and recommended must try items are traditional Nyonya delights - ondeh-ondeh, kueh dadars, Mango Cake Kueh Lapis, Huat Kueh.
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23 May 2013 10:47:58
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