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To Pixie Nail Spa customers that going, please think twice.
I visited Chinatown branch using Fave for 1st timer, service is super lousy, all the whole session is all hard selling and pushy. When you not going to pay more for the extra treatment, they will give you the not happy look. Terrible, poor customer experience.
They will say until your skin is super bad, and with using their product, your skin will change to like new one. Cant make it. So please dun even think twice when you wanted to visit them.
20 Jan 2020 23:24:28
Durable Air-con is not recommended.
I have 4 nos. of unit just installed, because one of the air-con malfunctioned and since the air con in my house were quite old (but they could still operate properly).
However after the installation done by Durable air-con, all the 4 units always tripped but this Durable Air-con is not able to fix them and they keep denying it's the problem with my own. I am very upset with their service.
2 Jan 2020 15:23:07
From Pasir Ris to kebun baru cc Wat bus
28 Dec 2019 13:17:31
Coast Dental - Singapore
As firm believers of preventative dentistry our treatments will focus on early intervention and prevention of dental diseases
General Check ups and Scaling & Polishings
Composite Fillings and CEREC Restorations
Gum Treatments
Root Canal Treatments
Valplast Flexible and Chrome Dentures
Teeth Whitening & Aesthetic Composite Bondings
Extractions, Minor Surgery and Wisdom tooth surgery *Medisave Claimable

Contact Name: Dr Nijam
Mobile No: +65 6440 4605
Email ID: info@coastdental.com.sg
Address: 479/481 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427684
Website: https://www.coastdental.com.sg/

16 Dec 2019 17:52:09
Coast Dental is a modern state-of-the art dental practice situated in Singapore’s heritage neighbourhood of Katong and Joo Chiat. We understand a dental visit can be surrounded by feelings of anxiety. We created Coast Dental to create a unique dental experience for you and your family. Call at +65 6440 4605
Visit: https://www.coastdental.com.sg/
16 Dec 2019 17:50:11
Owner is very kind & friendly, Item as described ! Pleasant Transaction .will definitely come back
8 Dec 2019 02:11:35
Bad experience.Really regret buying marble tiles from Polybuilding. Before buying, the salesperson promised me that they can replace/change certain pieces during dry lay inspection if their condition is bad, & their Invoice stated warranty- they promised me free replacement of any tiles broken or damaged within 48 hours after delivery. The salesperson Kenny Gan's service attitude is terrible like shit after i paid for marble. Firstly, they do not provide on site measurement or draw marble layout plans for customers, & totally unapologetic abt this lack of service. This is drastically different from my previous Marble tile supplier, Weilun from Yuen Feng marble, who offered all these services willingly & FOC during my previous property reno. I really regretted letting my husband choose Polybuilding this time. Secondly, during dry lay inspection, when i spotted many marbles with long cracklines that ran all the way to their edges & asked Kenny Gan to replace them, he turned down my requests flatly, saying these can be easily polished away later. Contractor advised that these cracklines will weaken the marbles & posed difficulty during installation, so i asked for replacements. Then Kenny gave me a black face & claimed that he did not have any tiles left to replace those. When i explained that it's better he helps to find replacement tiles now rather than waiting later till delivery; if those marble tiles crack upon delivery, i still have to claim their warranty. Then Kenny retorted very rudely, "What warranty?!" , which could meant he was trying to go back on their promise about free replacement of broken tiles within 48hrs. I had to get Masie to help me take over the dry lay inspection. Only then miraculously the workers showed me that there were actually some more tiles inside a crate which can replace the cracked tiles.It turned out that Kenny lied. In the end, this guy still delivered poor quality marble tiles to me (u can refer to my picture attached in google). It was pretty obvious they tried to patch up long cracks with some epoxy glue, which had whitish colour tone because the marble tiles were beige. They r totally different from the beautiful sample tile that they showed me during my first visit of their showroom. this is a Dishonest supplier trying to push poor quality cracked marble tiles to me. Alot have cracks across the edges and some were broken but Kenny claimed that he had only 4 marble tiles available to replace, which were not enough to replace all the cracked ones. I will never ever recommend anyone to buy marble from this supplier.These salespeople never give honest disclosure to customers before buying that this particular characteristic long fissures cracklines of Anatolia Beige requires patching with epoxy polishing, that is actually more expensive than normal polishing, if they want to patch those cracklines. If they had been more honest with me abt this, i would have chosen other type of marble. I pray there will be fewer customers getting cheated by them. If u want to deal with these guys, u got to b careful.
3 Dec 2019 02:39:00
9 Psychological Tricks Our Brain Is Constantly Playing on Us That Put Us in Awkward Situations
Cognitive bias describes the typical mistakes we make while thinking. These mistakes can convince us of things that don’t really exist. If you know about these popular mistakes, it will be easier for you to predict situations that will happen to you and you can also stay safe from the tricks that marketers and salesmen use. Their strategies are also based on these psychological effects.

We at woman universe have read a ton of literature and we want you to know about the tricks our brain can play on us.
12 Nov 2019 22:32:04
4 Things That Happen to Your Body If You Start to Eat Almonds Every Day
Eating almonds could literally save your life. In a study, the American Heart Association found that low nut consumption increases the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Among nuts, almonds are the favorites not just for their taste, but for their benefits too.

Today at woman universe we’d like to present 4 changes your body experiences when eating almonds on a daily basis, all of which are backed by science.
12 Nov 2019 21:11:18
Can i know wat bus nos to there???tks
11 Nov 2019 17:07:26
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