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Dear Team Annalaxmi,

We are first time customers hear'd about your good service, came to Annalaxmi chennai to book on 28th Oct but Site manager insisted it is a tentative date will confirm you,he asked me to book next available slot which is on 31st oct 2018 and booked 150 pack of banquet. So went home believing that 28th will be available as it is tentative, We followed the hotel for 2 weeks no update and we got disappointed went on to cancel the booked date.

Cancel and refund was initiated 30 th August 2018 given our bank account details

Still we did'nt get our refund of booking amount 10000 till dec 5 2018 and still we are waiting!

They keep on giving lame excuses like bank leave, amount transfer reversed, people not there, manager no here, site work etc...

Very Very Very poor customer service..........DISAPPOINTED!
at 5 Dec 2018 11:26:22
Pay according to your satisfaction of the food is a SHAM. We were told my the cashier that we should pay according to the price of a restaurant. Disappointed and feel being cheated.
at 18 May 2017 17:27:27
Tasty and delicious Indian cuisine food with surely will satisfy your stomach. Most importantly, it is a vegetarian style.
at 13 Dec 2013 18:20:31
Vegetarian Indian Buffet. I like to eat here. the buffet has many different type of dishes. They also provide dessert. The taste is real indian cuisine. They also have ala carte menus for your cravings. You have to try it.
at 11 Oct 2013 18:43:42
This restaurant serve Indian cuisine food. The most importantly it is all vegetarian style. For vegetarian you have more option now.
at 11 Oct 2013 17:45:24
Nice and yummy. Would love to try it again. Thumbs up. Went with my india friends. Lick fingers:)
at 6 Sep 2013 22:56:40

Annalakshmi observes a Swayamvara concept, where guest of the restaurant pay as they wish for the food consumed, it is the philosophies of Swami Shantananda Saraswati.

Food is prepared by volunteers. The buffet includes all types of Indian vegetarian dishes like veg biryani, veg korma, aloo mater, cauliflower curry, curry dal, bean curd and more.

Operating hours:

Buffet Lunch: 12pm till 3pm
Buffet Dinner: 6pm till 10pm

Close on Monday.
at 10 May 2013 16:38:20
Indian vegetarian buffet restaurant supports the cultural organisation, you can pay as much as you want for your meal. Nice!
at 16 Feb 2013 22:57:40
Great Indian food! Especially their curry flavour.
at 15 Feb 2013 22:25:45
they have some very tasty vege food here.
at 5 Dec 2012 22:21:21
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