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Find traditional kue here... The cakes n kue is real traditional taste
at 11 Aug 2012 01:10:15
This 'thousand layers' cake is one of my favourite choice of goodie when i want to hold a party or office meeting.The sponge cake is full of the fragrant from the quality butter used in making this cake.It is not too sweet and the price is consider quite reasonable as per whole cake is good to serve at least twelve to sixteen people.The packaging is also quite presentationand hygiene too.
at 2 Jul 2012 11:39:43
Food was terrible. Staff were totally unhelpful. Had lunch there one day. Never again.

If I saw a BMW in a picture and showed it to the salesperson and said I wanted what's in the picture, and I paid the price stated next to the picture, I expect to get what's in the picture! If they delivered a Hyundai instead of the BMW which I paid for according to the picture, I would be pissed off!

And this is what happened at this store. We saw the pictures in the menu and said we wanted this and that according to the pictures. The food came out looking nothing like the pictures and we asked the staff to get us what we ordered and they said "it's just pictures". Basically false advertising and total dishonesty!

Luckily the portions were stingy and small. The rice was dry and cracked, the brown deep fried whatever were coarse and dry, and we were so shocked at the bad quality we didn't know what to say. The bad service really rounded it all off.

How can a food city like Singapore serve up such crap? We're never going here again. Ridiculous service and food...
at 5 Dec 2011 18:13:13
Have been craving for nice pandan chiffon cake all the time and last month I just happened to stumble on this small counter selling different kue kue, cookies and cakes. I was welcomed by the fragrant pandan when the packaging was removed and the texture was moist and really fluffy and lesser colouring flavour. It caught me by surprise that it really tasted nice and already bought a few of the chiffon cakes since then.Currently they have a promotion for this month(August) with a dollar off the usual price of $6.80. Worth trying.Spending: Approximately SGD 6.80
at 11 Aug 2011 08:29:17
I was craving my ultimate dessert piece, the cream puff or kue sus in Indonesian. And Kedai kue kue is an Indonesian joint that sells all things indo from the cakes, cookies to main course foods.

So I thought it was authentic and it would taste like the ones back home.

Only $1 each, but it saddens me on how unsatisfying it was. The skin was hard, the custard cream was not smooth but tasteless and hard. Totally unsatisfying and never going to come back to try.Spending: Approximately SGD 1(Other)
at 3 Mar 2011 17:50:31
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