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Cosy comfort reminiscent of casual eateries in Japan

Decor is minimal but effective in creating a clean-cut look

Serves authentic Tonkatsu - the only Tonkatsu Specialty chain restaurant in Singapore.

TONKICHI -Apart from great Japanese animes, pop idols and shows, Japan is also a popular destination for their awesome cuisine! experience excellent-quality Japanese fare at Tonkichi with their Signature Kurobuta (Black Pork Shoulder Loin) Kata Rosu and Hire with Chawanmushi with unlimited fresh cabbage and watermelon. This is one sensational dish that will tickle your taste buds!
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Suntec Tower Five #B1-009, 5 Temasek Boulevard 038985
Tel 6339 4231
Tel 6339 4231
Orchard Gateway 07-06, 277 Orchard Road 238858
Tel 6238 7976
Shaw House #04-00, 350 Orchard Road 238868
Tel 6835 4648
Ngee Ann City Tower A # 04-24, 391A Orchard Road 238873
Tel 6735 7522
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TONKICHI -Apart from great Japanese animes, pop idols and shows, Japan is also a popular destination for their awesome cuisine! experience excellent-quality Japanese fare at Tonkichi with their Signature Kurobuta (Black Pork Shoulder Loin) Kata Rosu and Hire with Chawanmushi with unlimited fresh cabbage and watermelon. This is one sensational dish that will tickle your taste buds!
Apart from great Japanese animes, what else is great about Japan? It definitely has to be their awesome unique cuisine!For $20, experience excellent quality Japanese fare at Tonkichi with a Black Pork Tonkatsu Set!
Tonkichi is a place to go to if you have a craving for good Japanese food. Menu is definitely made to perfection.
Serves authentic tonkatsu from various cuts of high quality pork and seafood :))
must try this rosu katsu ...very nice !! :)
Tonkichi is famous for its Tonkastu. Tonkatsu means pork cutlet ( "ton" - pork , "katsu" - cutlet). There are also 2 types of cuts for katsu. Hire (pork fillet) and Rosu (pork loin). Rosu katsu are fatter than hire. For the first timer, you may wonder why they served you a bowl of sesame. It is for your tonkastu dip. Grind the sesame seeds into powder form then pour the tonkatsu sauce. You can add a bit of yellow karashi (japanese mustard) into the dip if you prefer some spiciness.We ordered the Hire Katsu Set and Oyster & Rosu Katsu Set. The set came with a bowl of miso soup, japanese rice, yellow pickles, cabbage and your katsu. By the way, the cabbage is free flow.
Famous for its breaded deep fried pork, you must definitely try the tonkatsu if you visit this place. In fact, this restaurant serves a variety of tonkatsu (it is stated in the menu the differences between the various types of tonkatsu). For salad lovers, you will be pleased to know that the salad is refillable. I have also ordered the tempura udon which tastes quite good. I like that the egg is served runny, and hence, I can mixed the yolk with the soup. However, I feel that the chef can be more generous with the ingredients.
Food taste awesome. I went there with my sisters, we ordered 1 set for each of us. Initially, we thought that the portions were small therefore we didn\'t expect it to be quite a large portion. Their black pork meat taste soft and tender, it really taste different from those normal pork. Don\'t order a full set if you\'re not a big eater, 1 set would be nice to share among 2 person with some other sides. There are quite limited seats in the restaurant, but it\'s a good place to dine with family and friends. I have dinner a few times in this restaurant and I\'ve seen quite a few groups of Japanese dine there too. Some of the staffs were friendly and nice! Would definitely go again with family and friends.Spending: Approximately SGD 35
I had a $40 Pokka vouchers when I became their member for ordering a Birthday cake from their sister company Rive Gauche. So we decided to try this Restaurant. On top member get further discount when dining or purchases from any of the other sister company.For starter, the silky smooth chawanmushi was served in a Japaneses tea cup decorated with 2 slices of mushroom.We also order a plate of fried salmon skin. It is very crispy,paper thin,lightly salted served with mayo sauce. This is very addictive.The saba bento set comes with agedashi tofu, miso soup, slices of salmon on top of a bowl of rice an grilled saba fish.Thegrilled Teriyaki chicken is yummy. The piping hot udon comes in a miso soup based with pieces of Japaneses fish cake. Included in the set are agedashi tofu and pieces of crispy fried chicken.To end the meal on a sweet note we ordered Black Sesame & Green tea Ice cream to share. The place is simply decorated with a casual Japanese setting. Overall the Japaneses food is not bad and the set are value for money. Will go back if I crave for Japaneses food. Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
I like the idea of making your own sauce here. You are given a bowl of sesame, and a grinder stick. After grinding the sesame to fine powder, you can choose the sauce to pour over it, and this will be the sauce for your pork.Kasane Katsu is made of a whole stalk of finely cut pork, very lean. The texture is so nice to bite on, not hard at all. Good stuff! We have the original one, alternatively, you could choose the cheese Kasane Katsu, should be even better.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
Went there with friend for dinner. I ordered Hire Katsu Curry. I was rather impressed when I received my food. It was deep fried pork fillet with homemade Japanese curry sauce. The pork fillet was fried in golden brown, it was crispy and crunchy. The pork fillet was tender and juicy but a bit oily. However, the homemade curry was good. It was thick and had a tinge of sweetness and got me wanting for more. The salad was not bad too. The vegetables was fresh and it have some sauce inside it. Overall, the food was quite good.
Went to Tonkichi at orchard central during dinner time, crowd was still okay, waited for about 5 mins before getting a 2 person seating in the restaurant. This japanese restaurant is famous for their fried pork cutlet. Had a set that comes with chawamushi (which cost around $6 plus on ala carte) , fresh chewy salmon (really fresh, can be compared to sushi tei salmon), fried platelet (which comes with fried pork, fried prawn, fried kaarage, salad + lemon twist salad dressing or u called it tartar sauce), a bowl of rice, jap pickles, and miso soup. This set is one of the most worth it set you could try if you are on your first visit, because it allows you to try almost a taste of everything that they offer in the ala carte. Besides the ramen and sushi. I added a homemade curry at $6.90 and shared among the two of us. serving size is more than enough for both of us. and as read on the menu they provide free flow of rice and veggie if you order sets, so for people really hungry and not going for small size servings yet expensive restaurant, here is the place.
Head to this tonkichi at orchard central to avoid crowds and queuing on a saturday night. It is one of the famous Pork Cutlet restaurant where served the authentic japanese pork. Pardon me but i am not a fans of rice. i ordered a katsu udon set which comes with a drink, miso and salad price at sgd18.90. Pork Cutlet possessed the perfect golden brown look and it is tender and juicy. It is the nicest pork cutlet so far i ever try. It makes me feels like trying it with rice next round. did i mention they also have free flow veggies?
The succulent pork katsu is what you must try here. The winner from the rest of the pork katsu I\'ve tried, Tonkichi is seriously giving a addictive headache in the golden crisp on the outside and a real soft bite on the inside. Well, do be reminded of this motto forever. Tonkatsu = Tonkichi. Period. Theres\' no best place to try the popular dish from Japan, breaded pork patty and either with cheese, curry, etc. of the restaurant gives and the hot piping rice and miso soup, Tonkichi is simply the best! Don\'t have to elaborate anything, they\'re theeee best.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)