Dabble in Poetry? Your Chance to Let Your Virtual Ink Flow!

By: C. Bailey-lloyd / Lady Camelot

Fellow Poets

Holistic Junction is excited to cordially invite you to our Poetry Challenge Forum! Each week, we will offer a new literary venture in which you may participate!

Our Current Poetry Challenge will begin on Sunday, June 20th, 2004.
Winners will be announced the following Saturday, June 26th, 2004.

All poetry challenges are sponsored each week beginning on Sunday, with entries being judged and announced the following Saturday.

A Weekly "Blue Ribbon" Winner will be critiqued and chosen from all Poetry Challenge Entries. Winners will have the honor of being displayed for the ensuing week on our "Weekly Winner's Page.

Additionally, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners will receive HolisticJunction.com's premiere "Certificates of Honor; which you may download and print for personal and public display.


To ENTER this weeks' Poetry Challenge, please submit your poetry through normal submission protocol. *In addition to your own, unique title, please label your submissions with the word "Challenge," so as to be included in the weekly judging.

*The Poetry Challenge THEME for Week Beginning June 20th is:


Please have your entries submitted by 06:00pm EST on June 25th, 2004.

*Entries do NOT have to be titled with the theme, however they must relate to it in some form or fashion.

I look forward to reviewing your Poetry Challenge submissions, as I am positive they will all be fantastic! Be sure to subscribe to the Poetry Challenge Forum Thread so you will be automatically notified of new, weekly challenges!

Good Luck!


We would like to extend our THANKS to every poet who entered our poetry challenge. Judging was very difficult as we had several, competitive entries that were very well written!

We wish to Congratulate our A FATHER'S LOVE Challenge WINNERS!

Greg Doyle's "The Dad He Never Had"
To View "The Dad He Never Had," click here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1744

Andrew Byrne's "A Father's Love"
To View "A Father's Love," Click here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1757

June Summer's "Dad"
To View "Dad," Click here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1747

Again, thanks to ALL of our Challenge Participants! You did a GREAT job!

Honorable Mention listing of ALL of our other fine entrants!


Cecil Hickman's "A Father's Love"
View it here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1759

Carol Keeler's "A Father's Love"
View it here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1753

Just Marie's "Looking Up"
View it here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1756


Burton Danet's"Journey to Say, Good-Bye"
View it here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1742

Faith Mairee's "Daddy"
View it here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1743

Faith Mairee's "He Read to Me"
View it here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1631

Carol Dee Meeks' "My Dad on Earth"
View it here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1762

C Bailey-Lloyd/Lady Camelot's "Have You Seen the Hero?"
View it here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1638

C Bailey-Lloyd/Lady Camelot's "In the By and By"
View it here: http://www.holisticjunction.com/displaypoem.cfm?ID=1058

Come and be aspired to greater heights!

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