Life is the Best !

By: SreeLakshmy


Life is where we win and lose
It is a game!
Life is something that ruins all
It is explosive!
Life helps to earn experiences
It is adventure!
Life makes us realize truths
It is true!
Life teaches unknown things
It is original!
Life creates hurdles and woes
It is tough!
Life accompanies living beings
It is a friend!
Life is given by god with kind
It is a gift!
Life consist of love and happiness
It is beautiful!
Life leads to creations and invention
It is a chain!
Life enables to recover and discover
It is exciting!
Life is amazing and astonishing
It is not new!
Life contains pains and gains
It is to be crossed!
Life is of promise and decisions
It is to be kept!
Life encourages and discourages
It is necessary!
Life meets old, new and modern
It is important!
Life is between a soul and mind
It is a bridge!
Life has comic and tragic sides
It is interesting!
Life has a period of time and
It is valid!
Life attracts and distracts all
It is neutral!
Life is meant for one and all
It is the best!


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