Anniversary Gift - Romance Is The Key

By: Allen Jesson

When searching for an anniversary gift the main thing to remember is to be romantic and sincere, especially if the gift is for your partner or loved one.

Sometimes a material anniversary gift really does not express how deeply you feel, and you may consider sending something more heartfelt and personal such as a poem or a card that contains anniversary verses.

Writing your own poem may not be your forte but do not despair, there are many services available to help.

If you do decide to send an anniversary gift that is a poem it is important to include information that is personal to the receiver

Here's a good example of a creative anniversary gift that was
written especially for a couple's first wedding anniversary:-

Wiggy and Wigster
We had known each other for 13 years,
that was even before we'd started to date,
but despite the best efforts of our mutual friends,
they hadn't accounted for those winds of fate.

You came to my job one hot July 30th,
and you struck up a conversation with me,
that day I happened to be very tanned,
you thought my ripped stomach was a place to be.

You asked what I did to stay in shape,
and asked if sometime we could go together,
I was only 3 minutes away from "more than life itself,
each and every day of my life, forever and ever".

Exactly one month from that first meeting day,
I looked you up in an e-mail address book,
I must admit I'd been driving by your house,
just in the hope I'd get a wave or a look.

Because I'd already turned down one invitation,
and wasn't going to make that same mistake again,
so I asked to take you up on that bike ride,
you were so thrilled, you just said: "When?"

We went out on our first date two days later,
for the record, it was dinner at The Offshore,
then we took a romantic stroll, hand in hand,
and I knew my life had changed (for evermore).

After two weeks of dating,
I asked when would all the sweetness end,
and you said, "Never, why does it have to?",
We both knew then, we'd found a lifelong friend.

It was obvious to our friends and family too,
and I had waited for you to say "I love you" for so long,
so happily, I moved in just a few months later,
and ever since, we've never put one foot wrong.

When we first met I found you disliked cats,
and now Ziggy "your son" gets more kisses than me,
but let me tell you, Wiggy, you're wonderful,
and you've made Wigster's World a great place to be.

Wearing two crowns can be sometimes tiring,
so together, we play, we laugh, love, walk and pray,
hand in hand, we do everything as a couple,
as we did on August 2nd, our "Beautiful" wedding day.

I now know what a husband's love is truly worth,
and we know that there's no "I" in team,
I know you took your time in arriving,
but you were worth waiting for, my dream.

Our relationship is the best I've ever had,
you truly are my soul-mate and the love of my life,
I just wanted to say, "I'm proud of you",
and very proud to be known as your wife.

Now there's Wiggy, Wigster, Ziggy and Pinky,
the newest member to the Italiano clan,
Pinky, is Daddy's favorite baby girl,
but don't worry, you're still my favorite man.

And at the risk of our friends and family gagging,
and this is really what these words are for
Happy First Anniversary, Tommy, my Wiggy,
and you've already guessed it, Wigster loves you more.
(Copyright A Gift of Poetry 2008)


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